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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the namse of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
Your support by helping us increase, update or correct information is welcome and can easily be made via this form.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.


Raab Reginald Ernest
Rabbage Ernest
Rabin L.
Rabinowich Woolf
Rabson Harold
Rackham William
Radcliffe Frederick George P.
Radcliffe James Ernest
Radini William F.
Radley David
Radley Francis E.
Radley George W.
Radley Philip
Radwell John Charles
Rae A.
Railton A. W. M.
Rainbow Alfred
Rainbow Sidney Walton
Raine Alfred Holgate
Rainey William H.
Raistrick Arthur
Raistrick William
Raitt Arthur Edwin
Raitt Frederick James
Raitt William Robert
Ralph Hubert Lionel Gervace
Ralph James
Ralston Robert
Ramsay Alexander
Ramsay Cameron Wilson
Ramsay D. S.
Ramsay Ferguson
Ramsay George Hegarty
Ramsay J.
Ramsay James
Ramsay John J.
Ramsay Robert
Ramsay William Anderson
Ramsbottom John
Ramsden C. G.
Ramsden Edmund Strangways
Ramsden Edward Fielden
Ramsden James
Ramsden S. H.
Ramsey Arthur Henry William
Ramsey E. G.
Ramus Alfred Walter
Ramus Russell Arthur
Ramus Sydney Ralph
Randall Cecil George
Randall Charles E.
Randall Clarence Norman Knight
Randall J. H.
Randell Colin
Randell J. L. or T.
Randell Oliver
Randolph Stanley Roger
Ranger Ernest
Ranger Harold
Rankin Albert Owen
Rankin David Octavius
Rankin Ewen
Rankin Harold Murray
Rankin Wilfred James
Ranklin E.
Ransford Lionel G.
Ransome Edwin Oakes
Ransome John Alfred
Raphe F. Harris
Rapley Harry
Rastall William
Ratcliffe Herbert Edward
Ratcliffe J. J.
Ratter Magnus Cluness
Rattray J. W.
Rattray Melvin Henderson
Ravenscroft H.
Ravensdale Arthur Granville
Ravitt William
Rawle Reginald
Rawlings Edward
Rawlings George Arthur
Rawlings Sidney
Rawlings Thomas Richard
Rawlings Vale William
Rawlings William
Rawlings William Henry
Rawlinson Charles
RayDouglas Norman
Ray George Henry
Ray Richard
Rayman Woolfe
Raymerd Frank Cecil
Rayne A. H.
Rayner Albert
Rayner Sydney
Raynor Arthur
Raynor Arthur Percy
Raynor Oscar William
Raywood Thomas L.
Read-Andrews T. M.
Read Arthur
Read Charles Stanley
Read F. S.
Read G. L.
Read G. W.
Read R. W.
Read U.
Read W.
Read W. R.
Read William Whitaker
Reader B. T. F.
Reader William Frederick
Readett Alfred John
Readett Robert Charles
Reading H.
Reading Thomas Joseph
Readyhough David Brearley
Rease E.
Reay John Robert
Rebindaine Peter Francis
Reckitt Albert Leopold
Record Charles
Record Frederick Charles
Record Samuel Robert
Reddall William Ernest
Redding Albert Mayo
Redfearn Henry Frank
Redfern Frederick John
Redfern Lawrence
Redfern Percy
Redgers Enoch
Redgrave Cripps, Lionel Jack
Redhouse Frederick Walter
Redman Albert Henry
Redman George
Redmill Clarence Claud
Redwood Charles Collins
Reece Christopher J.
Reece Ernest Walter
Reece Henry George
Reed Andrew
Reed David Wilson
Reed F.
Reed Fred
Reed Frederick W.
Reed H. W. B.
Reed Sydney Levet
Reed W. W.
Rees Abraham
Rees Abraham
Rees David Henry
Rees David Perronet
Rees G.
Rees Griffith Owen
Rees Harding
Rees Herbert
Rees Idwal Gwynne
Rees J. L.
Rees J. P.
Rees J. R.
Rees John
Rees M
Rees Merlin E.
Rees Morgan
Rees R. D.
Rees Robert
Rees S.
Rees Stanley
Rees T. S.
Rees W. H.
Rees William
Rees William

Rees William Watkin
Reeve Braham or Bertram
Reeve E.
Reeves Arthur
Reeves John K.
Reeves Stanley
Reeves William George
Regan William
Reid Alexander
Reid Alexander Aitkenhead
Reid Alfred Gordon
Reid Andrew
Reid David Torrance
Reid George
Reid Gilbert
Reid James
Reid James Bathgate
Reid James McCosh
Reilly John
Reiner Samuel Bernard
Reinge Baden Powell
Reinge Roland Joseph
Reinge Sydney George
Remmington T.
Rendall A.
Rendall Fred
Rendell Ernest Charles
Rendell Percy
Rendle Thomas
Renfrew Allan
Rennard Fred
Renner Nigel
Rennie David Taylor
Rennie J.
Rennie Stephen
Rennie William
Renshaw John Astle
Renshaw T.
Renton Ernest Yeoman
Renton Leonard
Rest A.
Restell Colin Henry
Retkin William
Reuben J.
Reuthe Harold Gustavus
Revie Neil
Revill Ernest
Revitt J. W.
Rew David
Rex Percival Francis
Reynard Ernest
Reynolds Albert
Reynolds Alfred Player
Reynolds Arthur
Reynolds C.
Reynolds C. H.
Reynolds Charles A.
Reynolds Daniel
Reynolds Edward S.
Reynolds Ernest E.
Reynolds George
Reynolds George Wilfred
Reynolds H. G.
Reynolds Harry
Reynolds Harry Edward
Reynolds Herbert William
Reynolds J.
Reynolds J.
Reynolds J.
Reynolds J. E.
Reynolds J. E.
Reynolds James
Reynolds John William
Reynolds Leonard
Reynolds Leonard
Reynolds R. W.
Reynolds Thomas
Reynolds Thomas
Reynolds Thomas George
Reynolds W. J.
Reynolds Walter Ernest
Reynolds Walter George
Reynolds Wilfred George Louis
Rhodes Charles Henry
Rhodes Frank H. W.
Rhodes George Albert
Rhodes Harry
Rhodes Henry
Rhodes N.
Rhodes William
Rhodes Wilson
Ribiero Emmanuel
Rice Alfred
Rice Ernest
Rice H.
Rice R.
Rice Thomas A. H.
Rice William John
Rich A. J.
Richards Abel
Richards Archibald Samuel Davie
Richards Arthur Fenwick
Richards Augustus
Richards Charles
Richards Charles D.
Richards Charles Granston
Richards Charles Henry
Richards Charles Mann
Richards D. J.
Richards E. H. F.
Richards Edgar L.
Richards Ernest Melville
Richards Evan
Richards George Edwin
Richards Gwilym
Richards Henry Burnleigh
Richards J. S.
Richards John Harvey
Richards John Jasper
Richards John Wilfred Douglas
Richards L.
Richards Leyton
Richards Norman Leslie
Richards Richard Benjamin
Richards Tom
Richards W. H.
Richards W. S.
Richardson A.
Richardson Alfred B.
Richardson Archibald Harcourt
Richardson Arthur W.
Richardson Cedric T.
Richardson Colin
Richardson Donald Henry
Richardson Eric Henry
Richardson George Charles
Richardson H.
Richardson Herbert
Richardson J. J.
Richardson Leslie
Richardson Lewis Fry
Richardson Norman
Richardson Osborn
Richardson S.
Richardson Stephen E.
Richardson Timothy
Richardson Walker G.
Richardson William
Richardson William
Richardson William
Richardson William Horace
Riches James F.
Richford Arthur
Richmond R.
Richmond Reginald V.
Richmond Royle  A.
Rickett Henry George
Ricketts Oscar Griswood
Rickman John
Ricks Albert William
Riddell W. H.
Riddell William
Riddick William
Riddle C. T.
Riddle Edwin Thomas
Riddle William
Rider R. A.
Rider Russell Herbert

Rider Stephen
Ridge G. H.
Ridge James William
Ridges John Rendel
Ridgeway Edward
Ridgeway William S. G.
Ridgway Edward
Riding Henry J.
Riding Henry M.
Riding John
Riding Wilfrid
Ridley Bertram
Ridley Robert William
Ridley W. J. H.
Ridley William
Rifkind Lewis
Rigby John
Rigby Joseph Banks
Rigg E. E. A. Thompson
Rigg J.
Rigg James Arthur
Rigg T. Theodore
Riley Alfred John
Riley Arthur
Riley Arthur
Riley Ben
Riley Geoffrey Walton
Riley George William
Riley Howard Reginald
Riley J.
Riley John J.
Riley Jonathan
Riley Norman George
Riley Thomas
Riley William
Riley William G.
Rilley W.
Rimmington Frank
Ring G. R.
Ring John  R.
Rinton Charles
Riocreux Leo Ernest
Ripley P.
Ripley W.
Ripley W. G.
Ripper Thomas Arthur
Ripper William  James
Rippin Frederick Ambrose
Rippin John Bertie
Rippon Charles
Rist Victor George
Ritchie George
Ritchie George Alexander
Riva Francis Edward Martin
Rivelle Walter Frederick Blake
Rivers Albert A.
Rivers Francis John
Rivers J.
Rix F. D.
Rix Percy William
Roach Charles Leslie
Roan Henry Cecil
Roan William
Robb Henry Morris
Robb Robert Birclay
Robb W. I.
Robbins Bernard T.
Robbins Edward Leslie
Robbins George Norman
Robert George Basil
Roberts A.
Roberts A.
Roberts A. W.
Roberts Albert
Roberts Albert Edward
Roberts Albert H.
Roberts Alfred Llewellyn
Roberts Arthur Brinley
Roberts B.
Roberts B.
Roberts B.
Roberts Cameron
Roberts Charles D.
Roberts Christopher
Roberts David
Roberts E. A.
Roberts E. H.
Roberts E. Weston
Roberts Edgar
Roberts Edward G.
Roberts Edward George
Roberts Edward John
Roberts Elvet
Roberts Eric W.
Roberts Evan
Roberts Evan P.
Roberts F.
Roberts Fred
Roberts Harold
Roberts Henry
Roberts Idwal
Roberts J. S.
Roberts James
Roberts James Oliver
Roberts John
Roberts John Jones
Roberts John Morris
Roberts John Thomas
Roberts Joseph
Roberts Joseph William
Roberts Joseph William
Roberts L.
Roberts Laurence Albert
Roberts M.
Roberts N.
Roberts Nathan Harrison
Roberts O.
Roberts O. W.
Roberts Percival
Roberts R. F.
Roberts R. F.
Roberts Robert
Roberts Robert Louis
Roberts Robert William
Roberts S. E.
Roberts T. F.
Roberts T. J.
Roberts Thomas
Roberts Thomas
Roberts Thomas Henry
Roberts Vere
Roberts W. H.
Roberts Walter Leslie
Roberts Walter Morrell
Roberts William Hugh
Roberts William John
Robertshaw Arthur
Robertshaw Thomas Alfred
Robertshaw Walter
Robertson Andrew Hailstones
Robertson Charles
Robertson David Fyfe
Robertson E. C.
Robertson E. H. M.
Robertson George
Robertson George Alexander
Robertson Henry Elliott
Robertson J.
Robertson J. B.
Robertson James
Robertson James
Robertson John
Robertson Joseph S.
Robertson N. B.
Robertson Robert
Robertson William Bell
Robertson William Jack
Robins George William
Robinson A.
Robinson A. A.
Robinson Archibald
Robinson Arthur James Wood
Robinson Bertram
Robinson C.
Robinson Charles H.
Robinson Ernest
Robinson Frank
Robinson Fred
Robinson G. S.
Robinson George

Robinson George
Robinson George Copeland
Robinson George Hedley
Robinson H.
Robinson H. H.
Robinson H. S.
Robinson Haldane M.
Robinson Harry J.
Robinson Harry Lockwood
Robinson Herbert
Robinson Herbert T.
Robinson Herbert Thomas
Robinson Hugh Wilson
Robinson J.
Robinson J. A.
Robinson J. B.
Robinson J. H.
Robinson J. W.
Robinson James
Robinson James
Robinson John
Robinson Joseph
Robinson Kenneth Gordon
Robinson K. S.
Robinson L.
Robinson P. J.
Robinson Peter
Robinson Ralph B.
Robinson Robert Henry
Robinson T. A.
Robinson T. R.
Robinson Thomas
Robinson Thomas
Robinson Thomas
Robinson Tom
Robinson W.
Robinson W.
Robinson W.
Robinson Walter
Robinson Walter E.
Robinson Wilfrid
Robinson William Alexander
Robinson William Arthur
Robinson William Edwin
Robinson William Henry
Robjohns Sydney
Robson Arthur Stevenson
Robson Edward
Robson John E.
Robson John H.
Rochell Richard
Rock A.
Rockingham Frank
Roderwald Gerald
Rodger Robert
Rodgers Charles
Rodgers Frank
Rodgers Laurence
Rodker John
Rodway Edwin
Rodway Ernest George
Rodway James
Rodwell Ernest
Rodwell John Porter
Rodwell William. E. G.
Roe Ernest William
Roe Foss
Roe J. C.
Roebuck George Thomas
Roebuck John
Roff Burleigh Sidney
Roff Herbert Downs
Roff Oscar Allan
Roffey A. E.
Roffey William Henry
Rogacki Anthony
Rogers A. C.
Rogers A. L.
Rogers Alfred
Rogers Charles Russell
Rogers E. V.
Rogers Ebenezer William
Rogers F. J.
Rogers F. R.
Rogers Frederick James
Rogers Herbert Ernest
Rogers Herbert Henry
Rogers Herbert Norman
Rogers J.
Rogers John
Rogers John Alfred
Rogers L.
Rogers Mark
Rogers R. W.
Rogers Reginald Percy
Rogers S. J.
Rogers Tom
Rogers Walter
Rogers Walter
Rogers William
Rogers William Herbert
Rogerson David Alexander
Rogerson G. T.
Rogerson G. T.
Rogerson John
Rollason George Gibons
Rollison William Joseph
Rolph Herbert
Rolph Percy John L.
Rome Philip
Ron W.
Ronaldson Peter H.
Ronnebeck Edward H.
Rood J. S.
Roodhouse Cyril
Rooke Arthur John
Rooks Josiah
Rooksby Arthur
Rooney C.
Rooper Ralph Bonfoy
Roos Philip Allan
Root Frank Augustus
Roper A.
Roper A. C.
Roper Charles William
Roper Harry
Roper Harry Walton
Roper Joseph
Roper Reginald E.
Roper Robert L.
Rose or Rise E.
Rose Alan Warner
Rose Albert
Rose Albert Frank
Rose Aylmer R. M.
Rose Cecil Raymond
Rose D. J.
Rose Donald Barclay
Rose Edwin Arthur
Rose Ernest Edwin
Rose G.
Rose G.
Rose Hubert Stephen
Rose Ivor F.
Rose Louis
Rose R. W.
Rose Sydney William
Rose William
Rose William
Rosebottom Alfred S.
Rosenberg H.
Rosenberg Hyman
Rosenberg P.
Rosenbloom Cyril
Rosenfield Ernest
Rosenthal Daniel
Rosenthal John
Rosevear Arthur Tuckwell
Rosewarne Percy
Rosher John G.
Rosie William
Roskell Peter P.
Ross Alex.
Ross Alexander
Ross Alexander
Ross Alexander
Ross Archibald Sidney
Ross Charles
Ross Charles Stuart
Ross D

Ross David
Ross Donald
Ross Francis Hugh
Ross George
Ross George
Ross J.
Ross John Izzett
Ross John W.
Ross William
Ross William
Ross William Campbell
Ross William Corbett
Rossiter Albert Price
Rosson H.
Rosson Victor
Rostowski Hyman L.
Roth Charles R.
Rothery Mark Pickersgill
Rothnie Herbert
Rothnie John
Rothwell William
Roughton Henry Leigh
Roughton Robert H.
Roughton William F.
Rouse Alfred H.
Rouse Arthur Edward
Rouse Charles Thomas
Rouse George
Rouse H. H.
Rouse James Ernest
Rouse James Ernest
Rouse W. H.
Routledge John William
Routley A. J.
Rowbottom Amos
Rowden Stanley C.
Rowe Alf
Rowe Archer
Rowe F. G.
Rowe John Clifford
Rowland Gilbert
Rowland William
Rowlands A.
Rowlands Charles
Rowlands H.
Rowlands Oliver
Rowlands T. H.
Rowlands W. J.
Rowlatt William Henry
Rowles Stanley Charles
Rowley C. E.
Rowley William
Rowntree Allan Claude
Rowntree Colin
Rowntree Ernest William
Rowntree Harold
Rowntree Herbert
Rowntree Howard Doncaster
Rowntree Joseph Dell
Rowntree Joseph Seebohm
Rowntree Joseph Stephenson
Rowntree Maurice Lotherington
Rowntree S.
Rowntree W. Ernest
Rowntree William
Rowoldt August A. W.
Rowsell Henry John
Rowson Robert Harvey
Roxburgh J.
Roy Gladstone
Roy William
Royce Norman Benjamin
Roylance A.
Roylance W.
Royle George Harry
Royle Joseph Leonard
Rubie Leslie Paul
Rubottom David
Ruchnan A. E.
Ruckwood Arthur C.
Rudall Albert E.
Rudd A. L.
Rudd Albert Victor Clifford
Rudd Frederick
Ruderman William
Rudge Frank
Rudge Frank Ernest
Rudge Harry
Rudland Richard
Rudland William
Rudman Ernest
Ruff Harry Albert
Ruff Tom Lionel
Rugg John Herbert
Rumball Herbert George
Rumbold Harry Waugh
Runacres Herbert Frank
Runcie John
Rundle Maurice
Ruscoe James
Rush Edgar Alcock
Rush W. A.
Rush William Bertram
Rushton Ernest
Rushton F.
Rushton George
Rushworth Lambert
Russ Henry William
Russell A.
Russell Andrew
Russell C. B.
Russell Charles
Russell Charles
Russell Clement Edward
Russell E. A.
Russell Ernest Christopher
Russell Frank James
Russell George
Russell George
Russell George Alexander
Russell H. G.
Russell Herbert
Russell J. L.
Russell John Salisbury
Russell M.
Russell Stanley
Russell T.
Russell Thomas Hanfield
Russell Walter Cyril
Russin Abraham
Russles A. McG.
Russom John A.
Rusted Harold
Rutherford George
Rutherford J.
Rutland Herbert Conrad
Rutson Arthur
Rutt David Thomas Stanley
Rutter Arthur Kingsley
Rutter Clarence Leslie
Rutter George Donald Armstrong
Rutter John Beavon
Rutter William Farley
Ryall Alfred
Ryall Ernest
Ryan L. B.
Rycraft H. E.
Rycroft Harold
Ryde W. H.
Rydell W. H.
Ryder A.
Ryder Aldred Stephen
Ryder Bertram Sydney
Ryder Giles H. G.
Ryder Herbert James
Ryder John W.
Ryder N.
Ryecroft H.
Rylance Thomas R.
Rylance William Leonard
Ryland H.
Ryman John William