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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the names of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
Your support by helping us increase, update or correct information is welcome and can easily be made via this form.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.

Gabbott Bernard Lee
Gabbott Cecil Parr
Gabrielson Ernest Louis
Gadd Henry
Gadney A. J.
Gadsby Fred
Gadsby Harry
Gaffee William C.
Gaffney Patrick Septimus
Gaffney Richard
Gage Arthur Spurgeon
Gage Victor Hugo
Gahagan James
Gaitens Edward
Galbraith James H.
Gale R.
Gale, T. H. 'Henry'
Galey John George
Galin S.
Gallimore Ernest Spencer
Gallon Arthur
Gallop Cecil S.
Galloway E.
Galloway George T. P.
Galtry William Henry
Gamble Charles
Gamble Charles
Gamble Edward A.
Gamble James Leighton
Gamble Raymond
Gamble Teddie
Game Charles T.
Game Ernest D.
Game S. W.
Gammer Henry Burnett
Gammer Philip Norman
Gammon Anthony Thomas
Gammon W. A.
Gamwells Laurence
Gandy Harold W.
Gane Crofton E.
Garbett William
Gard Henry
Gard Thomas
Garden W.
Gardener Benjamin Walter
Gardener Bruce Alexander
Gardener H. J.
Gardener Reginald William
Gardiner Alan H
Gardiner Arthur
Gardiner Frank B.
Gardiner Fred
Gardiner James
Gardiner Sylvanus
Gardiner William
Gardner-Hunter William
Gardner A. W.
Gardner Albert John
Gardner Alexander Hunter
Gardner Arthur Evan
Gardner Edgar Ronald
Gardner Edgar Walter
Gardner Ernest Isaac
Gardner George Anthony
Gardner Herbert Thomas
Gardner J. Lesley
Gardner James Patrick
Gardner Sidney William
Garland James Bowen
Garlick G. T.
Garmeson Harold
Garner Henry
Garner J.
Garner John
Garner M. J.
Garner O. W.
Garner William
Garnett Charles Edward
Garnett David
Garnett Davis
Garnett Ewart
Garnett J. Benbow
Garratt Herbert Victor
Garrett A. A.
Garrett Harold Ernest
Garrett J.
Garrett John Andrew
Garrey John
Garside Fred
Garside George
Garside J.
Garside Joe
Garside John
Garstang Frank
Garstang Joseph
Garton Alfred Henry
Garton Walter Frederick
Gartside Harold
Garvey Frederick William
Garwood Charles David
Garwood R. T.
Gascoigne George Edward
Gascoyne Tom
Gaskell Richard
Gasking D. C.
Gasser Hunter Frank
Gasser Oswald
Gasson William
Gaston George Peter
Gaston Thomas George
Gates C.
Gates Henry C. B.
Gates Horace C.
Gathercole Bert
Gathergood Richard
Gathergood Wilson
Gatsby Fred
Gaudie Norman
Gaul Robert
Gaunt Charles William
Gaunt Ernest
Gaunt Henry
Gauron Alfred
Gavin Hugh
Gavin Thomas
Gawith Samuel Henry
Gawler Frederick George
Gawn Arthur W.
Gawthorpe George S.
Gay Albert
Gay Frank
Gay M. J. also M. H.
Gay Stanley
Gayner W. Heydon C.
Gayton E. J.
Geal Albert Edward
Geale Alan
Gear Oscar William
Geary Alfred
Geates J.
Geddes Arthur A. F.
Geddie William
Gee D. H. F.
Gee Fred
Gee George
Gee J.
Gee James
Gee Luther G.
Gee Samuel
Gee Stephen John
Gee Thomas Henry
Geering Francis Lionel
Geering William Thomas
Gell Alfred George
Gemmell Hugh
Genders C. Herbert
Genders J. A.
Geno H. P.
Gentry Percy Kemp
George Arthur William
George B. P.
George Charles Richard
George Clarence Edwin
George Fred Fitch
George H. C.
George Herbert
George Richard James
George S. E.
George Sidney
George Stanley Stevens
George W. D.
George William Frederick
George William Herbert
Germany Herbert
Gerrard Harry Hignett
Gerrard John
Gerrard John
Gershon L.
Gertler Mark
Gethin Ernest
Gethin Richard
Ghinn Ernest
Ghinn Frank
Gibb Edward Beavon Tench
Gibb R.
Gibbings Francis Samuel
Gibbins A.
Gibbins David
Gibbins Francis
Gibbins Hugh
Gibbins John
Gibbins Joseph W.
Gibbins Roger
Gibbins W.
Gibbons A. H.
Gibbons H. B.
Gibbons Henry Gregg
Gibbons R.
Gibbons Sidney
Gibbons William George Money
Gibbs A.
Gibbs Arthur James
Gibbs Ernest Victor
Gibbs Harold
Gibbs Herbert Gladstone
Gibbs William J. or G.
Gibson Charles William
Gibson H.
Gibson John J.
Gibson John William
Gibson W.
Gibson William Walker
Gifford Richard William (Dick)
Gifford Robert J.
Gilbert A.
Gilbert A. J.
Gilbert Abraham
Gilbert E.
Gilbert Ernest James
Gilbert F. W.
Gilbert Frederick
Gilbert Leslie Howard
Gilbert P.
Gilbert Tom
Gilbert William
Gilbraith Kenneth
Gilchrist Arthur George Daniel
Gilchrist John
Gilchrist Matthew
Gilchrist Robert William
Gilchrist Thomas Charles
Gilchrist William
Gilder Albion
Gilderdale Wilfred
Gildersdale H. A.
Giles Frederick
Giles R. J.
Giles Thomas Henry Owen
Giles W. G. V.
Giles W. H.
Giles William
Giles William Harry
Gilkes John Henry William
Gill Edwin Leonard
Gill Henry Raymond
Gill Hubert Alexander
Gill John Arthur
Gill P.
Gill Percy William
Gill Sydney Charles
Gill Theodore E.
Gill Willie
Gillan Paul Leo
Gillard F. E.
Gillatt Clement
Giller Sydney Pryce
Gillespie John
Gillett Arthur Bevington
Gillett Charles E.
Gillett George
Gillett H. T.
Gillett Joseph Rowntree
Gillett Richenda
Gillham John Harold
Gillian Arthur James
Gillian Paul L.
Gillies James
Gillies William George
Gilliland William
Gillingham Donald Jesse
Gillingham Frederick Charles
Gillingham Richard Charles
Gillingham W. E.
Gillman Frederick Charles
Gillmore Alfred Ernest
Gillson David
Gilman J.
Gilman Stanley
Gilmore Fred
Gilmore Fred Albert
Gilmore J. H.
Gilpin C. J.
Gilpin Ernest
Gingell Edward
Girdwood William
Girling Frank
Girling Ishmael
Gisby Arthur C.
Gisby Harold Ernest
Gissing A. C.
Gitsham Ernest
Gittings Lancelot
Gittins Henry
Givens Thomas
Givens Willie
Glading R. A.
Gladwell Elijah
Glanfield S. J.
Glanfield William Ernest
Glasscock George Herbert
Glazebrook George Alexander
Glazebrook Leonard Alfred
Glazebrook William Thomas
Gleadhill Roland
Gledhill Harry
Gledhill William
Gledsdale Henry Diaper
Gleed S. G.
Glen J.
Glendining J. E.
Glenister Archie
Glenister George
Gliddon Cuthbert Paul
Gliddon George
Glover A.
Glover Arthur
Glover Harry Cecil
Glover J. F.
Glover William
Gloyne Stephen Roodhouse
Glucksman Morris
Glyde Charles Augustus
Goaman Frederick William Cornish
Goatley William E.
Gobbett Charles Ernest
Gobell Arthur George
Godbold Ernest
Goddard A.
Goddard Albert
Goddard Charles V.
Goddard E.
Goddard F.
Goddard Harold W.
Goddard J. J.
Goddard Scott
Goddard W. E.
Godden E. W.
Godfrey E. H.
Godfrey F. W.
Godfrey Herbert Frederick
Godfrey William C.
Godley Robert Norman
Godman Oswald
Godsall Robert Albert
Godsave Thomas Edward
Godwin Arthur Stone
Goldberg A.
Goldberg Abraham Isaac
Goldberg David
Goldberg J.
Goldberg M.
Goldberg Mordecai
Goldberg S.
Goldberg Simon
Goldbloom Abraham
Goldbloom Isaac
Golden William Mason
Goldenberg George
Goldenberg Leo
Golder Herbert George
Golder John Daniel
Goldey G. Henry
Goldfine J
Goldie J. S. B.
Golding L.
Golding E.
Golding L.
Goldman Harry
Goldman J.
Goldring Douglas
Goldsack George Prebble
Goldsborough Harry
Goldsbrough Percy Fawcett
Goldsmith Francis Arthur
Goldsmith Robert
Goldsmith Robert Charles
Goldsmith Stanley T.
Goldstein Isaac
Goll John Charles
Golowner B. P.
Golton Robert Gustavus
Gomersall Harry S.
Gompertz Aaron Ernest
Gooch Ernest Frank
Gooch Fred
Gooch S. J.
Good Herbert Walter
Good William Richard
Goodall Alfred Henry
Goodall Arthur H.
Goodall Edward W.
Goodall Ernest Herbert
Goodall P. D.
Goodall W.
Gooday Arthur Frederick
Gooday Thomas Arthur
Goodbody J. G.
Goodchild James Wood
Goodchild Percy Chichester
Goodchild William Henry Percy
Goode A.
Goodenough Harry
Gooderham James Burwood
Gooderham Thomas G.
Goodfellow Alfred George
Goodhall Fred
Goodier J.
Gooding Charles William
Gooding Frederick
Goodliffe W. E. F.
Goodman D. A.
Goodman Peter
Goodman Stanley Vincent
Goodman Sydney James
Goodwill Charles H.
Goodwill John Johnson
Goodwin Alfred W.
Goodwin Arthur
Goodwin Cecil
Goodwin Colin Cooper
Goodwin G.
Goodwin J. G.
Goodwin J. H.
Goodwin Leslie
Goodwin S. A.
Goodwin S. H.
Goodwin Sidney
Goodwin W.
Goodwin Walter
Goodyear Charles
Goodyear Irving
Goold H.
Goosey Frederick Berwyn
Gorbould Frederick Birkett
Gordon B.
Gordon H. R.
Gordon J.
Gordon James
Gordon Louis Grant
Gordon M.
Gordon W. G.
Gordon William
Gornall William
Gornall William Henry
Gorrett J. H.
Gorringe Rowland
Gortein Hirsch
Gosling J. H.
Goss F. W.
Goss Frank
Goss Frederick John
Goss George J.
Goss Isaac
Goss Joseph
Goss Lionel John
Goss Ralph R.
Gott Alfred John
Gott Watson
Gotts Leslie
Gough A.
Gough Benjamin
Gough Harold Thomas William
Gough Lionel
Gould Arthur Owen
Gould Douglas C. C.
Gould Ernest Cecil
Gould Fred
Gould L. G.
Gould Thomas R.
Gould William Francis
Goulding Frank
Gouldsbrough Harry
Goult T. Sidney
Gourlay A. R.
Gourlay David
Gourlay Robert
Gourley J.
Grace E. G.
Grace Joseph Henry
Grace Stephenson
Gracedock George
Gracie James
Grades H. B.
Graham C.
Graham Edward
Graham Frank
Graham Herbert William Miall
Graham J
Graham J. Ivon
Graham James
Graham Richard Brockbank
Graham Samuel
Graham Walter Arthur Latham Miall
Graham Wilfred Henry Latham
Graham William
Graham William
Graham William H.
Graham William Kirkwood
Grainger Robert
Granelli Carlo
Granger A. H.
Grant A.
Grant Alexander Thomas
Grant Alfred
Grant Arthur Edmund Druce
Grant Charles Henry
Grant Donald
Grant Donald Alistair
Grant Duncan James Corrowr
Grant Frank
Grant G. H. or C. H.
Grant Gilbert
Grant James A.
Grant John
Grant Robert
Grant Simon Peter
Grant Sydney George
Grant Wilfrid G.
Grant William George
Grant William H.
Grantham Sydney
Grattan H.
Gravely Arthur Bruce
Gravely Cyril Hutchinson
Gravenstede James William
Graves E.
Graves Edwin
Graves H. B.
Graves James
Graves James
Graveson Arthur William
Gray Alexander
Gray Arthur
Gray Arthur
Gray Arthur
Gray Charles
Gray Cuthbert Arthur
Gray David
Gray Donald
Gray Frank William
Gray Gerald
Gray Harold
Gray Harvey Milburn
Gray J.
Gray J. G.
Gray J. H.
Gray James
Gray James Henry
Gray John
Gray John
Gray John McFarlane
Gray John Thomas
Gray Laurence John A.
Gray Robert Thorburn
Gray S. H.
Gray T. R.
Gray W. G.
Gray William W.
Gray William Watson
Grayer Gilbert John
Grayland Albert Edward
Gready John Price
Greathead W.
Greaves H.
Greaves H.
Greaves Hayden
Greaves Hubert
Greaves Hudson
Greaves John E.
Greaves S.
Greaves Stanley
Greaves William
Greedy W. B.
Green A.
Green Albert
Green Arthur
Green Bertram Frank
Green Charles
Green Charles
Green Charles Henry
Green Cyril James
Green E.
Green Edgar J. H.
Green Edward George
Green Ernest
Green Ernest A.
Green Francis Luther
Green Frederick George
Green George
Green George Samuel
Green Gurnell Crafton
Green H. W.
Green Henry James
Green Herbert
Green Herbert W.
Green Hubert
Green J.
Green J. D.
Green J. J.
Green J. J.or J. T.
Green James
Green James William
Green John
Green John
Green John B.
Green John Herbert
Green John Richard
Green John Thomas
Green Kenneth H.
Green Percy
Green Robert
Green Rudolph
Green S. G.
Green Sidney Charles
Green Stanley Barker
Green T. W.
Green Thomas J.
Green V. H.
Green W.
Green W.
Green W.
Green Walter
Green Wilfred M.
Green Wilfrid Arnold
Greenacre Frank
Greenall J. H.
Greenaway A. T.
Greenbank John Allen
Greenberg Jewlies/Julius
Greenberg Joseph Benjamin
Greenburgh Abraham
Greenburgh Solomon
Greene William J.
Greenep T.
Greener Henry P.
Greenfield Frederick Charles
Greenhalgh Alfred Allan
Greenhalgh Harold R.
Greenhalgh Joshua
Greenhalgh R.
Greenhorn Charles W.
Greenhow John Henry
Greenlees Alfred Mitchell
Greenlees James
Greenoff Arthur
Greenough F. G. McM.
Greenstreet W. T.
Greenwood Albert
Greenwood D.
Greenwood D.
Greenwood George Arthur.
Greenwood Herbert
Greenwood James Whittles
Greenwood John
Greenwood John Danforth Herman
Greenwood John James
Greenwood John William
Greenwood L. H. G.
Greenwood Lees
Greenwood Mark R.
Greenwood Milton
Greenwood R.
Greenwood R.
Greenwood T.
Greenwood Thomas
Greenwood Walter
Greest A. G.
Greeves Thomas Malcolmson
Greg W. W.
Gregg Eli
Gregory A. H.
Gregory Albert
Gregory Ashworth
Gregory C. E.
Gregory Clifford Charles
Gregory Edward William
Gregory G. B.
Gregory H. D.
Gregory H. I.
Gregory Harold Stephen
Gregory Henry
Gregory Herbert Charles
Gregory J.
Gregory Orlando Edward Huntley
Gregory T. R.
Gregory Thomas Edmund
Gregory William John
Gregson Arthur
Gregson Harry
Gregson James
Gregson William
Greig James
Greig John
Greig John H.
Grenfell Mansel
Gresham H. G.
Gresham Walter Leonard
Grewcock William
Grey John
Grice Reuben
Grier William
Griffen Caleb
Griffin H. T. W.
Griffin John
Griffin S. H.
Griffin Walter George
Griffin Walter James
Griffin William
Griffiths A. E.
Griffiths Albert
Griffiths Albert
Griffiths Albert W.
Griffiths Alexander
Griffiths Bransby
Griffiths Brindley
Griffiths C.
Griffiths D. J.
Griffiths D. T.
Griffiths Daniel Frederick
Griffiths E. Ross
Griffiths Ellis Richard
Griffiths Frank
Griffiths John Herbert
Griffiths Joseph
Griffiths Llewellyn Parry
Griffiths Owen
Griffiths Ralph P.
Griffiths Thomas
Griffiths Thomas Henry
Griffiths Thomas Herbert
Griffiths Thomas Roland
Griffiths Trevor Clifford
Griffiths W. J.
Griffiths William
Griffiths William
Griffiths William D. A.
Griggs Victor C.
Grimble Wilfred Robert
Grime Albert
Grime Joseph
Grime Joseph
Grimes William Ebenezer
Grimley Sidney Carl
Grimley W. T.
Grimmer William H.
Grimmond Robert
Grimsey H. B.
Grimshaw Bert
Grimshaw John
Grimshaw William
Grimwade Frederick
Grimwade Norman Francis
Grimwood Walter Charles
Grindall Joseph Henry
Grint A. B. or R.
Grint W. J.
Gripper Francis Hugh
Gripper Laurence Albert
Gripper Norman Edward
Grocott Fred T.
Gronbach F.
Gronow J. L.
Groocock F. I.
Groom Edwin
Groom Ernest Robert
Groom Fred
Groom John
Groombridge Alfred Thomas
Groombridge H. J. J.
Grooms Eli
Grooms George
Grosvenor Robert Samuel
Grosvenor Thomas
Ground Arthur Frank
Grounds John L.
Grout Frank
Grove Frank Wilson
Grover Edgar William
Groves Arthur
Groves Frederick Walter
Groves George
Growcott Gilbert
Growcott T.
Grubb Norman Henr
Gruber William Pau
Gruberman A.
Grummitt A. Smith
Grundland H.
Grundy G. E.
Grundy T.
Guard Frederick Henry
Guard James
Gudgin Frederick William
Guest Cyril
Guest Edwin Percival Stanley
Guest Frank Bailey
Guest J. L.
Guest W.
Guild John
Guilford Herbert Sydney
Guillaume Theodore
Guille Harry
Guisley Arthur M.
Gule W. A.
Gulliford Frederick George
Gulpin Herbert William John
Gunby William Thomas
Gunn J. A.
Gunn John Alexander
Gunn Robert
Guns W. Gordon
Gunston W.
Gunstone William
Gunton Herbert
Gunton Thomas Isaac
Gurney A. W.
Gurney F.
Gutmann Paul
Gutteridge Arthur
Guy A.
Guy G.
Guy Harry
Guy James
Guy Maurice Redvers
Guy R. H. H.
Guy William
Guy William J.
Guyatt George Herbert
Guyatt Redenham
Gwilliam Arthur Leslie
Gwilym Thomas John
Gwynne G. E.
Gwynne William M.
Gyoury Albert E.