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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the names of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
Your support by helping us increase, update or correct information is welcome and can easily be made via this form.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.

Fabin N. H.
Faddell J. T. A. W.
Fagan F.
Fair Walter Stanley
Fairbairn G. F.
Fairbairn George H.
Fairbairn Robert Chisholm
Fairbanks Henry Frankland
Fairbourn F.
Fairchild Edwin Charles
Fairest Ronald Victor
Fairgrieve James
Fairhead J. W.
Fairlie Alexander
Fairlie G.
Fairweather James
Faithfull Christopher
Falconer C. S.
Falk Frank
Falkner C. A.
Fallas Vincent
Fallon D. H.
Fardon Albert Henry
Fardon Harold Joseph
Fareday George
Farish Frederick Peter
Farish Henry James
Farjeon Herbert
Farley Percy William
Farley Philip
Farley Wilfred
Farmer Ben Alan
Farmer H. H.
Farmer Henry Charles Francis
Farmer James
Farmer John
Farmer Lawrence James
Farmer Richard George
Farmery A.
Farnham Harold
Farnlund Eric George Honour
Farnworth Thomas
Farquhar Andrew
Farr Albert Percy Roy
Farragher Joseph Stanley
Farrant Erroll
Farrar Ernest H.
Farrar J. H.
Farrar John
Farrell Ernest
Farrell James William
Farrell John
Farrell John E.
Farrell Thomas Edgar
Farrer Edward
Farrington David
Farrington George Howard
Farrow Cyril A. R.
Farrow George D.
Farrow Reuben W.
Farthing Richard Albert
Faskin Alexander R.
Fasnacht G. E.
Fassam Thomas H.
Faulkner Arthur Stanley
Faulkner Christopher
Faulkner Ernest A.
Faulkner John William
Faulkner William Sydney
Faunch Percy William
Faux E. P.
Fawcett Chris E.
Fawcett F. B.
Fawcett Frederick
Fawke Thomas
Fay W.
Fayers Frederick L.
Fayle Alfred William
Fayter W. H.
Fearn Edward
Fearnsides James Charles
Feast Arthur Henry
Feather Robinson
Feather William Thomas
Featherstone J. F.
Featherstone W.
Feaver H.
Fell Harold Norton
Fell James
Felton Thomas
Felts Herbert
Fender Joseph Ridgway
Fenn John Eric
Fenn Louis Anderson
Fenn Reginald Ernest
Fenna A. E.
Fennell William
Fenner George Frederick
Fenner Harold W.
Fenton Harry
Fenton Henry
Fenton Nicholas Robert
Fereday George J. B.
Fereday George W.
Ferguson Alex C.
Ferguson George
Ferguson Harry
Ferguson John Albert
Ferguson Joseph
Ferguson S. P.
Fern Stanley Augustus
Ferris Herbert George
Ferris Thomas Howard
Fettes John T.
Feugard Harold W.
Fewster Albert Stanley Buckeridge
Fiddler F. W.
Fidler G. E.
Field Albert Isaac
Field H. A. McDonald
Field Leonard
Field Malcolm W.
Field Phillip Edward
Field W. E.
Fielden A.
Fielden C.
Fielden James
Fielder E. B.
Fielding Alpha
Fielding Fred
Fields Arthur
Fienburgh Harry
Fife J. W.
Fifield Edward Charles
Filby Samuel
Fildes F.
File John Augustus
Filmer Arthur E.
Filmore A. E.
Finch Alfred P.
Finch Arthur
Fincham Archibald H.
Fincham Robert
Finchett Percy
Fincken Burleigh Wilson
Findlater Alexander
Findlater Robert
Findlay Gilbert
Findlay John Addison
Findlay William Watt
Fineberg Abram
Finegan W. C.
Fingland Samuel Gunn
Finkelstein M. J.
Finlay Andrew
Finlay James
Finney F.
Firmin James A.
Firth C. L.
Firth Henry William
Firth Herbert George
Fish Charles A.
Fish James Fyfe
Fish Robert
Fishel Max
Fisher Alfred William
Fisher D. E.
Fisher Ernest
Fisher H. C.
Fisher H. K.
Fisher J. A.
Fisher James H.
Fisher Judah Levi
Fisher T.
Fisher W.
Fisher Walter H.
Fisher William
Fisher William Alfred
Fisher William Henry
Fishpool Walter William
Fishwick Herbert
Fishwick J.
Fiske Arthur J.
Fiske Ernest Richard
Fitch Charles Harold
Fitch J. A.
Fitch James
Fitter G.
Fitzgerald Frederick Douglas
Fitzpatrick F. H.
Fitzpatrick Robert R.
Fitzpatrick William Henry
Flack A. W.
Flanders J. B.
Flann S.
Flavell William Edward
Flax Israel
Flegg Percy John
Fleming Archibald R.
Fleming F. W.
Fleming George
Fleming James
Fleming John Boyd
Fleming R.
Fleming Robert
Fleming Roger
Fleming T.
Fleming W.
Fleming Walter Reginald
Flemming William Herbert
Fletcher Albert Theodore
Fletcher Alexander John Thomas
Fletcher Archibald
Fletcher Archibald Michael
Fletcher Arthur John
Fletcher Basil A.
Fletcher C. F.
Fletcher Claude
Fletcher E. S.
Fletcher Edwin
Fletcher Ernest Henry
Fletcher Gilbert Thomas
Fletcher H.
Fletcher H. J.
Fletcher Herbert
Fletcher J. Edmund
Fletcher John
Fletcher John Eli
Fletcher John Frederick
Fletcher Mark
Fletcher Victor David
Fletcher W.
Fletcher W.
Fletcher W.
Fletcher Walter
Flett George also Flitt
Flett James A.
Flexman Walter
Flinn E. C.
Flint Ernest
Flint Richard Percival
Flint Thomas
Flintoff Hardwick E.
Flockhart James
Flockhart William James
Flood H. W. T.
Flower Fred
Flowers S. N.
Flude Frederick Walter
Flynn Charles Richard
Foan Gilbert Arthur
Foden James W.
Foister Jack
Foley T. C.
Follett C. S.
Folwell Samuel George
Foord Herbert Henry
Foote F. G.
Foote Francis George
Forbes D.
Forbes Donald
Forbes Duncan
Forbes James
Ford Alfred Thomas
Ford E.
Ford Edmund Joseph
Ford F. L.
Ford G. A.
Ford G. L.
Ford J.
Ford James
Ford James Conroy
Ford John Stanley
Ford Lawrence Dunscombe
Ford Percy
Ford Philip Gordon
Ford Rawlinson Charles
Ford S. J.
Fordham Percy John
Fordham Robert Ross
Fordy Allan
Forecast Harold Thomas
Forecast Thomas Walton
Foreman A. E.
Foreman Frank
Forgan John C.
Forman Alfred
Forrest D.
Forrest Frank
Forrest Frederick Sherwood
Forrest J.
Forrest Robert H.
Forrester C. R.
Forrester Paton J.
Forrester R. W.
Forrester Robert William
Forrester Stephen Frederick
Forshaw Henry
Forster Alfred W.
Forster George
Forster Hubert S.
Forster Robert R.
Forsyth J.
Forsyth Jeff McPherson
Fortescue R. N.
Forth Louis John
Fortune Abraham B.
Forty Cyril Charles
Forward Arthur George
Forward Stanley
Foskett William
Foster Cecil
Foster Clarence Herbert Morrell
Foster Edward S.
Foster Ernest R.
Foster Fred
Foster Henry
Foster Herbert Basil
Foster John
Foster L.
Foster L. C.
Foster Percival
Foster Rennie
Foster S. F.
Fotheringham A.
Fouchard Charles
Foulds Edward James
Foulds George Richard
Foulds Robinson Percy
Foulds Stanley
Foulds Thomas
Fountain Arthur
Fountain Frank
Fountain James
Fountain Sidney G.
Fountain Sydney
Fowden Walter
Fowke Walter
Fowkes Michael Satterthwaite
Fowler Alfred
Fowler Alfred James
Fowler F. T.
Fowler Frederick George
Fowler G. F.
Fowler H. E.
Fowler Henry T.
Fowler Montague Reginald
Fowler Ronald
Fowler Sydney Fred
Fowler Thomas
Fowler William James
Fowlie John William
Fox Bertram
Fox Cecil Barke
Fox E. Bonvile
Fox Eric Lionel
Fox Francis William
Fox Frank Willie
Fox G. C.
Fox George
Fox George Alexander
Fox George Charles
Fox George R.
Fox George Romney
Fox H. H.
Fox Harry
Fox Henry Charles Herbert
Fox Joseph Tylor
Fox Julian Pease
Fox Leonard
Fox Lloyd Howard
Fox P. E.
Fox R.
Fox Ralph Winston
Fox Richard Michael
Fox Theodore F.
Fox Victor
Fox W.
Fox William Edward
Foy Mark Henry
Foyle Alfred George
Foyle Ernest Edwin
Foyle Frederick
Foyle Leonard Smith
Foyle Wilfrid Victor
Fradin Marks
Fradley John George
France Arthur P.
France Benjamin
France J.
Francis Albert
Francis Arthur
Francis D.
Francis F. J.
Francis George
Francis George*
Francis H. G.
Francis H. H.
Francis James
Francis John Henry
Francis Leonard
Francis Maurice J.
Francis Richard Henry
Francis Thomas
Francomb Wallace
Frank V.
Frankford Phillip
Franklin Edward
Franklin Geoffrey Montague Ernest
Franklin Percy
Franklin Percy Arthur
Franklin S.
Franklin Thomas
Franz H. J. W.
Fraser Alexander Francis
Fraser Arthur
Fraser Arthur Smith
Fraser Bertram Turner
Fraser Charles
Fraser Colin
Fraser Donald Green
Fraser G.
Fraser George Garvie
Fraser Hugh
Fraser William
Frayling Walter Russell
Frayter W. H.
Frazer Alexander S.
Freakes J.
Freakley C.
Freakley Robert William
Frear Frank
Frear Wilfred Thomas
Frederick Edwin
Fredman Henry Arthur
Freedman D.
Freedman Hyman Isaac
Freeland W.
Freem Alfred T.
Freem John A.
Freem Thomas S.
Freeman Abel Bernard
Freeman Albert Henry
Freeman Arnold James

Freeman George F.
Freeman Harry J.
Freeman Henry C.
Freeman Herbert
Freeman Isaac
Freeman J. G.
Freeman John
Freeman Raymond George Henry
Freeman Reginald Richard K.
Freeman Stephen W.
Freeman T. H.
Freeman T. W.
Freeman Walter H.
Freeman William
Freen J. A.
Freer A. C.
Freer Ernest Howard
Freer Frank
Freer George A.
Freer James Walter
Freer W. G.
French Arthur
French Bertie
French Edward John
French Ernest William
French George
French J. W.
French James Jesson
French Samuel
French Sidney Henry
French T.
French T. H.
French Tom
Freshwater Arthur Thomas
Frew John
Frew W.
Frew William F.
Freyberger Frederick A.
Fricker Harold
Friday Archie Edward
Frieberg A.
Friend Samuel
Frieser Abraham
Frieser Saul
Frith Alfred Lawrence
Frith Arthur E.
Frith E. A.
Frith F. E.
Frith R. or Firth
Frith W. J.
Frith William
Fritton Charles
Frizzell L. T.
Froggatt Albert E.
Fromow Ernest William
Frost Albert
Frost Bernard
Frost Murray Cecil
Frost Sydney William
Frostick Harry
Fry Albert E.
Fry C. E.
Fry Ernest W.
Fry Frederick T.
Fry Henry E.
Fry Herbert
Fry Horace D.
Fry John Nicholas Pease
Fryatt F. G.
Fryer Alexander Stewart
Fryer Alfred H.
Fryer Charles Herbert
Fryer F. T.
Fryer G. T.
Fryer Joseph Bigland
Fryers Robert Henry
Fuge Thomas Dixon
Fulcher Alan Charles
Fulcher T. E.
Fulford Stanley Martin
Fuller Archie
Fuller E. G.
Fuller Edward
Fuller Ernest G.
Fuller F. H.
Fuller George Robert
Fuller Gordon W.
Fuller H.
Fuller Horace Valentine
Fuller R. J.
Fuller Reginald John Riches
Fuller Robert W.
Fuller Walter John
Fuller Wilfred Leonard
Fullwood J. H.
Fulton Robert
Fulton W. A.
Funck J. F.
Funnell Benjamin
Funnell John
Funnell Leslie Stuart
Furber F. W.
Furby John Christopher
Furmston James
Furness A.
Furness John
Fursland W. C.
Furst H. F.
Furze Bramwell Keniston
Furze Lewis Sylvester
Futcher Walter
Futerman David
Fyfe Charles
Fyfe George
Fyffe James