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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the names of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.

Cable Bert
Cable John Richard
Cadbury J. Hotham
Cadbury Lawrence John
Cadbury Paul S.
Cadman F. H.
Cadogan S.
Cadoux C. J.
Cahill William Philip
Cahn/Kahn Alfred
Cainey Thomas
Cairncross John
Cairns Andrew G.
Cairns Arthur Reid
Cairns D.
Cairns David
Cairns David William
Cairns John T.
Cairns M.
Cairns William R.
Calderwood Robert
Caldwell Allan
Caldwell Daniel
Caley A.
Caley Edgar Herbert
Calin S.
Callaghan Michael
Callen W. W.
Callister John
Callow Victor Allan
Calow Alfred Edwin
Calpin George Harold
Calvert Eric Roy
Cambridge Frederick Royston
Cameron Donald Barclay
Cameron James
Cameron P. J.
Cameron Peter A.
Cameron William Drummond
Cammidge John William
Cammidge Sam
Campbell A. Sutherland
Campbell Alex
Campbell Alex
Campbell Alex. W.
Campbell Alexander Neil
Campbell Bert. A.
Campbell G. S.
Campbell George
Campbell George
Campbell George
Campbell J.
Campbell James
Campbell James S.
Campbell John
Campbell John
Campbell John
Campbell John
Campbell John Lennox
Campbell K. G. C.
Campbell Peter
Campbell Robert
Campbell S.
Campbell Stewart
Campbell T.
Campbell Thomas
Campbell William
Campbell William
Campbell William B.
Campbell William Bett
Campion Samuel Horace
Candelatt W.
Candlin Robert David
Cane Ernest Alexander
Cann Richard John
Cann William
Cannan Gilbert Eric
Cannan T. H.
Cannell George Spink
Cannell John Griffin
Cannell Sidney Thatcher
Cannon Bertram
Cansfield Walter
Cant Ernest Walter
Cant William Henry
Cantor A.
Cape John Moordaff
Capel William J.
Capon S. R.
Capstick John William
Cardall W. V. A.
Cardy Daniel
Carey A. Trek
Carey Charles
Carey H.
Carey James
Carey William Gray
Carfood R.
Carline William
Carman T. H.
Carmeson H.
Carne George Arthur Cyril
Carne Norman Redvers
Carnegie Oswald Lumsden
Carnell E.
Carney James
Carnochan M. G.
Carpenter Alfred James H.
Carpenter R. F.
Carr D.
Carr E. H.
Carr Ewan Geddes
Carr Henry Sidney
Carr J.
Carr James Stanley
Carr R. S.
Carr T.
Carr Theodore Wilfred
Carr Thomas W.
Carr W. H.
Carr W. R.
Carr William
Carradice Daniel
Carradice Harrison Crabtree
Carradice Percy
Carradice Richard
Carradice William
Carrick T.
Carrier James Bradfield C.
Carrodus G. W.
Carrodus J. T.
Carrol Alexander Ramage
Carroll Charles Francis
Carson A. J.
Carson I.
Carson N. B.
Carson Thomas
Carson Thomas
Carson W.
Carswell Joseph
Carter A. E.
Carter A. F.
Carter Albert J.
Carter Alfred Howard
Carter Bill C.
Carter Charles
Carter Charles Frederick
Carter Charles Richard
Carter D. M.
Carter E. F.
Carter G. T.
Carter H. B.
Carter H. H.
Carter Harry Alfred
Carter Herbert
Carter Herbert Alfred
Carter I.
Carter J.
Carter J. E.
Carter J. H.
Carter James
Carter James Nichol
Carter John William
Carter Moses
Carter Percival Charles
Carter R. C.
Carter Roger Prescott
Carter S. W.
Carter Walter Henry
Carter Walter John
Carter Wilfrid Thomas
Carter William
Carter William A.
Carton Peter
Cartwright A. H.
Cartwright Clifford
Cartwright Harold Edwin
Cartwright J.
Cartwright Joseph Ewart
Cartwright Rupert
Cartwright Samuel
Cartwright Wallace
Carver Henry Harris
Carver L.
Carver R.
Case Wilfred Reginald
Casey A.
Cass J. A.
Cass William
Casseretto Daniel
Casseretto Francis G.
Casson Leonard
Casson T.
Castello Charles William
Castle Horace Faulkner
Castle James R.
Castles N.
Castree Alfred Ernest
Catchpole G.
Catchpool Egerton St.John Pettifor
Catchpool Henry Guy Pettifor
Catchpool Thomas Corder Pettifor
Cater H. R.
Cates Arthur Herbert
Catford Cecil Ernest
Catherall Alfred P.
Cato E. S.
Caton E. A.
Caton Leonard Henry
Cattell Frederick Charles
Cattle J.
Catto Alexander
Catton Arthur
Catton John Johnson
Catton John Thomas
Cattran Francis
Cattran James Hodge
Caudwell Roland
Caulfield Austin
Caurse James Reginald
Causton William
Cavan J. T. or Caven
Cavanagh C.
Cave Albert
Cave John
Caven Samuel
Cawley Harold
Cawood Clifford
Caws Geoffrey Tulloh
Caws Maxwell
Chad Jesse Rolstone
Chadburn Frederick
Chadwick Albert
Chadwick Fred
Chadwick H.
Chadwick I.
Chadwick J.
Chadwick Walter
Chadwick William
Chadwick William
Chalk P.
Chalkley H. J.
Challinor Reuben K.
Challis Frank
Challis Leonard Arthur
Chalmers Humphrey
Chamberlain Alfred G.
Chamberlain W.
Chamberlain W. H.
Chamberlain William George
Chamberlain William Joseph
Chambers Charles Edward
Chambers Charles F.
Chambers George
Chambers James
Chambers Thomas
Champ Percy
Champion Harold Walter
Champion William Alexander
Champness Ernest H.
Chandler A.
Chandler A. W.
Chandler Charles Henry
Chandler G. A.
Chandler George
Chandler J. T.
Chandler Stephen A.
Channell Alfred Drury T.
Chaplin Henry W.
Chapman Arthur
Chapman Charles Willoughby H.
Chapman E. A.
Chapman E. H.
Chapman Ernest
Chapman F.
Chapman F. J.
Chapman F. J.
Chapman George
Chapman George Austin
Chapman H. W.
Chapman Henry
Chapman John
Chapman John Milson
Chapman John William
Chapman Percival James
Chapman Percy Reginald
Chapman S.
Chapman Thomas H.
Chapman Thomas J.
Chapman Timothy
Chapman W.
Chapman Walter C.
Chapman Walter Sydney
Chapman William Frank
Chappell Albert Edward
Chappell Horatio J. C. C.
Chappell William George
Chappelow Eric Barry Wilfred
Chard Henry John
Charles Albert V.
Charles Meyrick
Charles William
Charlesworth A. C.
Charlesworth Alfred
Charlesworth Ernest
Charlish John
Charlson E.
Charlson Edward
Charlson Ernest
Charlson H.
Charlton Frank
Charlwood W. E.
Charman Albert
Charman Joseph
Charnley Robert
Chase W. A.
Chatsworth E.
Chattaway Arthur T.
Chattell James
Chatwin H. H.
Chatwin H. J.
Chawner W. H.
Chaytor Joseph Stott
Cheal Arthur
Cheal Ernest
Cheesewright Leslie
Cheetham Charles
Cheetham Harry
Cheetham Robert Henry
Cheetham William Milton
Cheffins Archibald A.
Cheney A. M.
Cheney Harold Leslie
Cherry Arthur H.
Cheshire Henry
Cheshire N.
Cheshire R. A.
Chessell Albert Hugh
Chesswas Victor T.
Chester F.
Chester J.
Chester R. C.
Chesterman Arnold de.M.
Chesterman P. G.
Chesterman Stephen
Chettle George Hilbert
Chidgey Alfred Gilbert
Chilcott Arthur James
Chilcott Reginald Walter
Chilcott William Augustus
Child A.
Childs Arthur
Childs Frederick
Chiles Leonard
Chilton Walter Ernest
Chilvers G. E. or C. E.
Chilvers John James
Chinn Leonard Benjamin
Chinnery John R.
Chipchase Charles Edward
Chippendale J. H.
Chipperfield A. P.
Chipperfield L.
Chisholm Cecil
Chisholm Duncan Hugh
Chitham Robert William
Chiverton W. W.
Cholerton Francis
Chorley John
Chrimes Albert Edward
Chrimes Arthur
Chrimes Harold
Chrimes Herbert Winfield
Christensen Christopher Clarence
Christie Alexander
Christie J.
Christison John
Christmas R. W.
Church Harry
Church Reginald Wilfred P.
Church W. S.
Church William Wesley
Churcher Arthur Frederic
Churcher R. A.
Churcher S. A.
Churcher William Wood
Churchward E. H.
Ciani A.
Civale Tomaso
Clack James or Clark James
Clamp Percy
Clapham Frederick James
Clapham Willie Brooke
Clapson F. E.
Clapson J. E.
Clare H. R.
Clare Harry E.
Clare Howard Thomas
Clare Joseph
Claridge Henry Lea
Claringbull William Horace
Clark A.
Clark A. E.
Clark Andrew E.
Clark Archibald Edward
Clark B. J.
Clark C. B.
Clark Charles Henry
Clark David
Clark Denis S.
Clark Edwin George
Clark Ernest Edward
Clark F. G.
Clark G. S.
Clark George Lewis
Clark H.
Clark H. W.
Clark Harold
Clark Harold Goudry
Clark Harry
Clark Henry George
Clark Horace B.
Clark Hugh Bryan
Clark J.
Clark J.
Clark J. S.
Clark James
Clark James
Clark John
Clark John W.
Clark Joseph W. Henry
Clark Lawrence Albert
Clark Leonard
Clark Lewis
Clark Luther
Clark N.
Clark Oswald
Clark P.
Clark P. J.
Clark Roderic Kendall
Clark S. A.
Clark T. B.
Clark Thomas
Clark Thomas
Clark W.
Clark W. E.
Clark Wallace Frederick
Clark William Harry
Clark William N.
Clark William Thomas
Clarke Alfred
Clarke C. D.
Clarke Camden
Clarke Charles
Clarke D. N.
Clarke E.
Clarke E. G.
Clarke E. G.
Clarke E. J.
Clarke Edward
Clarke Edwin
Clarke Ernest
Clarke Ernest F.
Clarke Ernest William
Clarke F. J.
Clarke Frank
Clarke Frank
Clarke Fred
Clarke Frederick Ernest
Clarke Frederick Joseph
Clarke George
Clarke Herbert Bransby
Clarke Hugh
Clarke J. E. F.
Clarke J. S.
Clarke James
Clarke James H. R.
Clarke John Frederick
Clarke John G.
Clarke John Herbert
Clarke John Joseph
Clarke John S.
Clarke John S.
Clarke Joseph
Clarke Oliver Thomas
Clarke P.
Clarke R. W.
Clarke Samuel Enoch
Clarke T.
Clarke W.
Clarke W. E.
Clarke Walter Herbert
Clarke Walter S.
Clarke William George
Clarke William Thomas
Clarkson Charles
Clarkson Ernest William
Clarkson James Gordon
Clarkson Ralph
Clatworthy Albert
Clatworthy Alfred E.
Clatworthy Ralph H.
Clatworthy Walter Henry
Clay Albert
Clay Arthur
Clay Edgar Allan
Clay Edward
Clay Ernest
Clay Harold E.
Clay Herbert
Clay Hubert
Clay Joseph Henry
Claydon Edward Willis
Claydon Harold Stephen
Claydon Jesse
Claydon Robert William
Claydon William Menry
Clayfield Wilfred Robert
Clayton Arthur
Clayton Cuthbert
Clayton Ernest L.
Clayton G. P.
Clayton Gerald Patrick
Clayton H.
Clayton Herbert
Clayton Joseph
Clayton Thurston Thomas
Clayton Tom
Clayton Walter
Clayton William
Clayton William A.
Clear Charles Clayton
Cleary Arthur A. A.
Cleaver Charles
Clee E. G.
Clee Sidney Harold
Cleg S. E.
Clegg D. B.
Clegg E.
Clegg Edwin Hoskin
Clegg Ernest
Clegg I. or T.
Clegg J.
Clegg Thomas
Clemence Henry Edward
Clemenson Percy Croysdale
Clement G. Crowden
Clement Henry Herbert
Clement John J.
Clements Albert K.
Clements G. M.
Clements Harry
Clements John
Clements Richard
Clements Robert
Clements Thomas C.
Clements William
Clements William F.
Clements William John
Clementson George E.
Clemes A. W.
Cleobury Frank H.
Cleobury J.
Cleobury William Thomas
Clerk Robert
Clery Arthur Agar
Cleveley Frederick
Clewley Albert Henry
Clibborn Arnold S.
Clibborn Ronald
Cliff Fred Cartwright
Cliff John
Clifford Francis George
Clifford Jesse
Climie Robert
Clinch Caleb
Clinch John Arthur
Clinch William H.
Clinnie Bob
Clinton John
Clissold George
Clissold Samuel
Clissold William
Cloney J.
Clothier Edwin George
Clothier James Henry
Clough Herbert
Clough J. B.
Clough Mark
Clowe Joseph
Clowes Thomas
Clulow Joseph M.
Clulow Walter Horace
Clunie James
Clutson E.
Clutterbuck Sydney Herring
Clutterbuck Walter
Clyma Frederick Plimsoll
Coafe W. F.
Coan Francis Joseph
Coates Alfred Irwin
Coates S.
Cobb Charles John
Cobbett William
Cobley T.
Coburn Walter Spencer
Cochrane John
Cochrane John
Cochrane Thomas
Cock Frank William
Cockerill Harold
Cockerill Robert W.
Cockett William H.
Cockhill Harry
Cocking David
Cocking Fred
Cocking William Ernest
Cockroft Harold
Cockroft Joseph Edward
Cockroft William
Cocks Albert Henry
Cocks E. H.
Cocks S. W.
Coe Percy
Coe Walter
Coffey J. J.
Cogger George
Coggin Maurice Edward Henry
Cohan S
Cohen A.
Cohen A.
Cohen Emanuel
Cohen H.
Cohen Hyman
Cohen Maurice
Cohen Michael
Cohen N.
Cohen Pizer
Cohen Reuben
Cohen S.
Cohen S.
Cohen Samuel
Cohen Samuel
Cohen Samuel
Coker Henry James
Coker Herbert John Colston
Colborne Herbert Charles S.
Colborne Lawrence M. E.
Colbourne F.
Colclough Arthur
Coldrick Charles F.
Cole A. C.
Cole Albert
Cole Albert
Cole Albert Edward
Cole Charles Edward
Cole Ernest James
Cole Ernest Theodore
Cole F. G.
Cole George Augustus Albert
Cole H. G.
Cole Harold Long
Cole Henry Lawrence
Cole Philip
Cole R.
Cole R. D.
Cole Will
Coleman A. E.
Coleman C. E.
Coleman Cyril
Coleman E. E.
Coleman G. G.
Coleman G. H.
Coleman Joseph
Coleman S. G.
Coleman Walter William
Coles Charles
Coles Horace Edward
Coles John Cary
Collard Charles Frederick
Collard Charles William Ernest
Collard Harold
Coller Henry
Colles Charles
Collier D. W.
Collier G.
Collier H.
Collier J.
Collier J.
Collier William Henry
Collinge J. W.
Collinge Joseph
Collings S.
Collins-Williams A. C.
Collins C. A.
Collins C. S.
Collins Cuthbert C.
Collins D. H.
Collins Ernest
Collins Frederick A.
Collins George Vernon
Collins Henry
Collins Herbert Henry
Collins Jack
Collins John
Collins Joseph H.
Collins Mark
Collins P.
Collins Peter Fawcett
Collins S. F.
Collins Sidney William
Collins Stephen
Collins Thomas John
Collins Thrust
Collins Tom H.
Collins W.
Collinson E. W.
Collinson F.
Collinson Frank
Collinson J. E.
Collinson J. G.
Collinson William Cecil
Collis David
Collis F. J.
Collis P. A.
Collison Edward George
Colliver Vincent Alfred
Colls Wilfred Payne
Collyer George
Collyer L. O.
Collyer W. J.
Colman Ernest Herbert
Colman Ernest William
Colman Fred
Colman Frederick Charles
Coltman Claud Marshall
Colton Harry
Colwell E. G.
Colyer Albert E.
Comaish J. Henry
Comber John Henry
Comber Joseph
Comer C. F.
Compton Charles Henry
Compton Herbert George
Conde Louis
Condor Phillip
Coney James Albert
Coney William Stanley
Congdon William G.
Coning Albert
Coning John
Connor William John
Conolly William A.
Conquest Ernest Frederick
Cons George Joseph
Constable Alexander
Constable Eric Arthur
Constance Arthur
Convery Richard Henry
Convery William John
Conway Godfry James
Conybeare Reuben
Cook A. E.
Cook A. S.
Cook Albert James
Cook Albert Joseph
Cook Alexander Robert
Cook David
Cook Edward Gibbons
Cook Edward
Cook Frank
Cook Frederick W.
Cook George D.
Cook George
Cook Gerald A.
Cook Harry Charles
Cook Howard
Cook J.
Cook J. F.
Cook J.
Cook John
Cook John
Cook John Bastia
Cook John R.
Cook Percy Frederick
Cook Sidney
Cook W. F.
Cook W. G. H.
Cook William
Cook William Herbert
Cooke Alfred
Cooke Bernard Samuel Jackson
Cooke Charles Frederick
Cooke Charles William
Cooke Ernest Albert
Cooke Frank
Cooke G. E.
Cooke George
Cooke George James
Cooke Gilbert Nathaniel
Cooke H. J.
Cooke Harold
Cooke J.
Cooke Percival John
Cooke Richard G.
Cooksey Seth P.
Cookson H.
Cookson Leonard
Cookson Samuel John
Cooley Victor George
Cooling Frederick
Coombe R. J.
Coombe Tom H.
Coomber George Benjamin
Coombs Charles Edwin Brand
Coop Francis Dickinson
Coop John
Coope Robert
Cooper A.
Cooper Albert
Cooper Alfred
Cooper Archibald
Cooper D. T.
Cooper E. W.
Cooper Edmund
Cooper Ernest William
Cooper F. W.
Cooper Frank
Cooper Frederick George
Cooper G. A.
Cooper H. C. or B.
Cooper J.
Cooper J.
Cooper John
Cooper John Peter
Cooper Laurence Parsons
Cooper Norman C.
Cooper Robert
Cooper S.
Cooper S. E.
Cooper Samuel
Cooper Sidney
Cooper Thomas G.
Cooper William
Cooper William
Cooper William Arthur
Cooper William Thomas
Cooper William
Coote C.
Coote Harry
Copas Edward Alfred Charles
Cope Charles R.
Cope Joseph
Copeland Robert
Copeman Harry
Copeman Tom D.
Copleston Alfred
Copleston Cyril
Copleston Leslie
Copp Thomas
Coppock Frederick William
Coppuck George
Corall J.
Corbet P. H.
Corbet William
Cordell A. E.
Corder Herbert
Corder Philip
Corder Stephen
Cordey Arthur
Cording Christopher
Cork A.
Cork E.
Cork William E.
Corke Frank
Corke Herbert E.
Corke J. C.
Corke William George
Corker Percy
Corkhill George Sandsbury
Corkhill Stephen Douglas
Corkill T. E.
Corkindale Sidney
Cormack John
Cormack O'Connell Sydney
Cormack Septimus
Cormack William Sloan
Cornelius F. W.
Cornell Ernest
Cornner Arthur George
Cornwell Ernest James
Cornwell John Joseph
Corrett John H.
Corrin William
Corson G.
Corstophine G.
Cort Edward
Corum Alfred
Corvin W.
Cosgrove Leo
Cosier Henry T.
Cossey Uriah
Cossham Philip Raymond
Cossham Stephen
Costello Jim
Coster J.
Costigan J. W.
Costley William
Cotes V. G. S.
Cottage Walter Lionel
Cottam Richard
Cotterell Albert Player
Cotterell Arthur Naish
Cotterell Bernard Henry
Cotterell Godfrey Sturge
Cotterell W. H.
Cotterill Charles
Cotterill H.
Cotterill Henry Frank
Cotterill Leslie Gordon
Cotton E. R.
Cottrell A. C.
Cottrell F. S.
Cottrell Harry
Cottrell W. G.
Couch B.
Couchman William George
Coudray J. G. T.
Couldrey H. R.
Coulles Benjamin
Coulles Ernest William
Coulson W. F.
Coult T. S.
Counsell Thomas C.
Coupe Turner
Coupe William
Coupland Alfred Ernest
Coupland Frank
Coupland Herbert
Coupland Walter
Coursier Alexander Simpson
Cousins A. B.
Cousins C. H.
Cousins Charles William
Cousins H. E.
Cousins H. G.
Couston F. Brown
Couston R.
Coutts Allan
Coutts Robert M.
Coutts W. T.
Coventon Walter Albert
Coventry Roy
Cover Ernest
Coverdale G. P.
Cowell C.
Cowen Thomas
Cowie James
Cowie James
Cowley Arthur
Cowley J. W.
Cowley Thomas Stanley
Cowling Fred
Cowlishaw Frank
Cowlishaw Robert
Cowton William
Cox A.
Cox Alfred
Cox Arthur John
Cox Daniel
Cox De Barri
Cox E. G.
Cox E. Neville
Cox Edward Herbert
Cox Ernest William
Cox Ernest
Cox F. J.
Cox Frank Bamforth
Cox Frank Everard
Cox Frederick John
Cox George
Cox Harry
Cox Henry
Cox Henry J.
Cox Henry Wigster/Wigston
Cox Herbert Sydney
Cox Leonard Percy
Cox Oswald William
Cox P.
Cox Reginald Robert Samuel
Cox Rivett Johnson
Cox Robert Gemmel
Cox Sidney Edward
Cox Thomas C.
Cox W. E.
Cox William Hart
Coysh A. C.
Coysh Kennard
Coysh Sydney G.
Cozens Arthur Ernest
Crabtree Harold
Crabtree Leslie Thomas
Crabtree Tom
Crabtree W. W.
Crabtree Wilfred
Crabtree William
Cracknell Albert Victor Augustus
Cracknell Alfred John G.
Cracknell Henry James
Cracknell James Stuart
Cracknell K. I.
Cracknell Percy A.
Cracknell Royal Albert E. D.
Cracknell W. Reginald
Cracknell Wilfred Theodore S.
Cracknell William
Craddock George
Craddock Harold Edward
Craddock Hubert Wyatt
Craig Daniel
Craig David
Craig James
Craig Walter
Craig William Nathan
Crammer Ralph Woolfe
Crane Albert
Crankshaw Tom
Crashaw James
Craske Frank
Craskwell H.
Craven Arthur Asquith
Craven Gilbert Norman
Craven John
Craven Norman
Crawford I.
Crawford L.
Crawford R.
Crawford Robert
Crawford Robert
Crawley A. C.
Crawley C. R.
Crawley George William
Crawshaw Richard Thomas
Creaser Percy C.
Creasey Richard Hayward
Creasy W. K.
Credgington James Howard
Cree H. R.
Cree Joseph Raymond
Creed Ernest
Creed Ernest Alfred
Creed H. E.
Creed Stanley George
Creed W. H.
Creed W. T.
Creest A. G.
Cresswell E.
Cresswell L. Frederick
Cresswell O. J.
Creswick Thomas William
Crew F. J.
Cribbett Albert John
Cribbett Arthur Evelyn
Crichton-Helme J.
Crichton Matthew Reid
Crick Boaz
Crick E.
Crick Henry Arthur
Crick Joseph
Crick Walter G.
Crick Walter Percival
Crick William T.
Crinigan James
Cripps Lionel Jack Redgrave
Crisfield Sydney Edgar
Crisp Adam
Crisp G. D.
Crisp Leonard
Crispin Thomas
Critchley Frederick Charles
Critchley W.
Critchley Walter
Critoph Basil Dennis B.
Croall James Egg
Crockart Frank B.
Crocker Bertie
Crocker Francis O.
Crocker H. E.
Croft E.
Croft E.
Croft Harold
Croft Herbert
Crofts M. P.
Crome Frank John
Crompton Edward S.
Crompton Eric Alwyn
Crompton James
Crompton John William
Crook Herbert Victor
Crooke Henry
Crookes E.
Croote William Henry
Cropper George Edwin
Crosby Ernest H.
Crosfield Bertram Fothergill
Crosfield Hugh Theodore
Crosland J. E.
Crosland James Herbert
Crosland R. Wilfred
Crosland Walter
Cross A. P.
Cross Alfred C.
Cross Archibald
Cross C. H.
Cross Harry
Cross J.
Cross Kenneth Mervyn B.
Cross William
Cross William
Cross William
Cross William Anderson
Crosskey W. S.
Crossley Alexander
Crossley Cuthbert
Crossley Frank
Crossley Fred
Crossley Herbert
Crossley J. W.
Croucher Ernest Allen
Croucher Leslie
Crow R. C.
Crow T. L.
Crowder Frederick
Crowe Arthur B.
Crowe G.
Crowe Reginald Minton
Crowhurst H. G.
Crowhurst Kenneth John
Crowley J.
Crownenberg Maurice
Crowsley Frederick
Crowther Edward Mortimer
Crowther George
Crowther George
Crowther J. A.
Crowther N.
Crowther Tom
Cruickshank William
Crum William
Crutchlow William
Cruttenden W. T.
Cryer Charles Ernest
Cryer F.
Cubley John William
Cuckney Henry Thomas
Cudbird Bernard Henry
Cudbird Horace Richard
Cuer Alfred Lanham
Cuer Edwin Wedge
Cullen Arthur Cyril
Cullen Arthur Ernest
Cullen Augustus Pountney
Culley Alexander
Culliford Harold J.
Cullingford Bert
Culls W. F.
Cullum George W.
Cullwick J. H.
Culshaw Harry
Cumber Percival C.
Cumberland George
Cumberland S.
Cumberland William
Cumming Alexander
Cumming John
Cumming Robert
Cummings George
Cunningham Benjamin J.
Cunningham Charles
Cunningham Charles Horace
Cunningham John Bernard
Cunningham Joseph
Cunningham Mark
Cunningham Percy James
Cunningham Walter Joseph
Cunnington Claude
Cunnison James
Curd Oliver
Curnock D. R.
Curr Thomas
Curr Thomas
Currell W. E.
Currie Samuel
Curry F.
Curry William Henry
Curtis Albert
Curtis Andrew Steven
Curtis C. H.
Curtis Charles Wesley
Curtis Frederick Charles
Curtis G.
Curtis George
Curtis Henry
Curtis Henry
Curtis J. C.
Curtis T. B.
Curtis Thomas Henry
Curtis William Edwin
Curtis William Horace
Curwen Eliot Cecil
Curzon Alfred
Curzon Percy J. P.
Cuss A.
Cuthbert Ernest
Cuthbertson J. H.
Cuthbertson James R. E.
Cuthbertson William D.
Cutler Arnold Arthur
Cutmore George W.
Cutting George Edward
Cutts Thomas
Cymbalist Mark