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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the names of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.

Abdul Sijil Ali
Abt F
Adams L J
Aitken John Ernest


Aron Benjamin
Aarons B.
Aarons Percy
Aaronson R.
Abba Frederick
Abbatt Charles Bayliss
Abbatt Cyril Paull
Abberly Arthur
Abbott Bertie Edwin
Abbott Charles A.
Abbott George Edward
Abbott George Stevens
Abbott Harvey
Abbott Percy Richard
Abbott Robert
Abbott Samuel
Abbott T. R.
Abbott Thomas 
Abbott William Thomas
Abbotts A. T.
Abdul Sijil Ali
Abel Walter John
Abercrombie Ralph
Abigail Wilfred
Ablethorpe Bertram Charles
Abnett Walter
Abraham William H.
Abrahams Joseph
Abraham Solomon
Absalom C. A. or G. A.
Absalom George Thompson
Absalom John Knight
Absolum John William
Acaster Joseph
Ackerman A. H.
Ackeroyd William
Ackroyd Fredrick
Ackroyd Harold
Ackroyd Harry
Ackroyd W. H.
Acomb H. W.
Acton Waltere
Adair G. S.
Adair William
Adam Ebenezer
Adams A. L.
Adams Alfred Edward
Adams Ernest
Adams F. M.
Adams H. G.
Adams Harry
Adams Harry
Adams Henry Packwood
Adams J. R.
Adams John C.
Adams Joseph H.
Adams L. W.
Adams Leslie James
Adams Philip H.
Adams Stanley
Adams Walter
Adams WilliamThomas
Adams V. G.
Adams W J
Adams William
Adams William Herbert
Adams. H. E.
Adams W J
Adamson Arthur
Adamson William
Adamtheait Charles
Addison Edward
Addison J.
Addison John William
Addison Joseph
Addison R.
Addison R.
Addison Robert
Addison Thomas
Addison Walter
Ade Frank Charles
Ade Percival William
Adey John C.
Adey M. J.
Adkins Harry
Adkins Reginald
Adler Hyman
Adshead G.
Adshead H.
Agambar George C.
Aggiss Joseph
Agnew J. James
Ahlquist A F Arthur Frederick
Ahlquist Eric F Eric Fredolin
Ahlquist William M.
Ainley Arthur
Ainley Philip
Ainsworth A.
Ainsworth F.
Ainsworth Harry
Ainsworth Leon
Aird William
Airlie W T William Thomas
Aisbitt Thomas
Aitchison Alexander

Aitchison Henry Arthur
Aitchison Richard D.
Aitken Francis B.
Aitken J. B
Akerman Albert
Akers Bonfield
Akers John William
Akroyd Edward
Albery Reginald Wyvil
Albery R Wyndham James
Albeston Samuel
Albeston Sidney
Albinson William
Albon Arthur Edward
Albon George E
Albrow Henry Rivett
Albury Ernest G.
Albury P
Alcock Ernest Walter
Alcock W. H.
Alderson D. E.
Alderson Edwin Lister
Alderson F
Alderson Henry
Alderson Thomas
Alderton Charles Walter
Aldous Thomas
Aldred Alexander Benjamin
Aldred Guy Alfred
Alexander Arthur.
Alexander Ernest Rolling
Alexander George
Alexander Gilbert Crosfield
Alexander H. A. D.
Alexander Henry Oswald
Alexander Horace Gunnery
Alexander Hubert Edward
Alexander John
Alexander James
Alexander James Jamieson
Alexander John Bright
Alexander John Henry
Alexander John William
Alexander Paul
Alexander Paul George
Alexander Raymond Evans
Alexander Robert Stanley
Alexander Robert
Alexander S. A.
Alexander Thomas Peter
Alexander Victor William
Alexander W. E.
Alexander W. J.
Alexander W. R.
Algar Frank
Alison Robert Henderson
Alison S. H.
Allan George
Allan Reuben
Allan Thomas
Allan William M.
Allanson John William
Allardyce Alexander
Allaway W.
Allbutt J. A.
Allchin Arthur
Alchin Alfred William
Allcott Edward
Allen A.
Allen A. J.
Allen Albert Edward
Allen Albert George
Allen Arthur A. J.
Allen C. S.
Allen Charles
Allen Donald Ransome
Allen E. H.
Allen Francis Maurice
Allen Frederick
Allen George Edwin
Allen Harry
Allen Horace
Allen Horace Edwin Francis
Allen J. A.
Allen James
Allen James
Allen James
Allen Joseph
Allen Joseph Edward
Allen Percy Edward
Allen Peter
Allen R. H.
Allen Reginald Clifford
Allen Reginald William James
Allen Robert William
Allen Sidney Rigg
Allen Thomas
Allen W.
Allen Walter Charles
Allen William Norman
Allen William Samuel
Allerton Sidney
Alletson Leslie George
Allinson Adrian
Allison A.
Allison John
Allison William
Allman G. or J.
Allonby Stephen Clarke
Allsop F.
Allsop Thomas Jonah
Allsopp T. W.
Allwood A.
Allwood N.
Allwood W. T.
Allwright O.
Alsford B.
Alsford George Thomas
Alsop Harold Fawcett
Alston Herbert
Altham William Ronald
Alty Henry
Alvey Edgar Ridge
Alway Sidney William
Ambrose A. E.
Amery John H.
Ames Thomas William
Amey John
Amey Samuel
Amis H. C.
Ammon Charles George
Amos H. J.
Amos Hermann C.
Anderson A.
Anderson Alexander
Anderson Andrew
Anderson C. G.
Anderson D.
Anderson D.
Anderson Douglas
Anderson E. S.
Anderson Frank
Anderson G. A.
Anderson H.
Anderson H. J. D. or H. J. V.
Anderson H. V.
Anderson Hugh Alexander
Anderson James
Anderson John
Anderson John Joseph
Anderson Peter
Anderson R. E.
Anderson Robert A.
Anderson Theodore James
Anderson Thomas Tindle
Anderson W. C.
Anderson William George
Anderson William James
Anderson William Oliver
Anderton Arthur
Anderton F.
Anderton Herbert
Anderton Isaac
Anderton James E.
Anderton William
Andow James
Andrew Cecil Henry Langdon
Andrew Clifford Gilmore Langdon
Andrew Ernest Walker
Andrew J. A.
Andrew William Martin
Andrews A. J.
Andrews A. V.
Andrews C. B.
Andrews Charles William
Andrews Frank E.
Andrews Henry B.
Andrews J.
Andrews J. J.
Andrews John
Andrews John Percy Griffiths
Andrews Leopold Edward
Andrews Maurice H.
Andrews Percy Charles
Andrews Percy Thanta
Andrews Philip
Andrews R. A.
Andrews Sidney Morris
Andrews Stanley
Andrews Sydney James
Andrews Thomas M. R.
Andrews W. T.
Andrews William
Anforth Harry
Anforth James
Anforth Thomas
Anger Frank Boyer
Angerson Alfred Claud
Angove Herbert
Angrave Thomas William
Angrave William John
Angus Kenneth Mortimer
Angus Laurence M.
Ann Robert Leonard Colstrope
Anns T.
Anstee W. J.
Anthony Andrew
Anthony Edwin Robert
Anthony Thomas
Apperley Ebor
Applebaum Maurice
Appleby David
Appleby H. W.
Appleby Wilfrid Morrison
Appleton H. V.
Appleton Horace
Appleton Reginald
Appleton W.
Appleton William Robinson
Appleyard Arnold H.
Appleyard Thomas
Aram Edwin
Arblaster Jesse
Arbon J. F.
Archard Ernest Ambrose
Archer Henry
Archer Henry
Archer Joseph Frederick
Archer S. W. T.
Archer Thomas James Walter
Archer William Henry
Archibald George
Archibald James
Arculus Lionel E. J.
Ardley Alan Frederick
Ardley Basil
Ardley Francis John
Ardran Alfred Ennerson
Argent Samuel Henry
Argent Sydney William
Aris Algernon Pollock
Aris Douglas Heath
Aris W. G. J.
Arkinstall Clifford
Arkless F
Armfield J. M.
Armfield Leonard Maxwell
Armistead Sidney C
Armitage George
Armitage Harold
Armitage Harold Adair
Armitage J.
Armitage J.
Armitage James Watson
Armitage Joe
Armitage Norman Hartas
Armitage William Alfred
Armitt Samuel Wallace
Armour A. D.
Armstrong A. H.
Armstrong Archibald
Armstrong Aubrey Eugene
Armstrong Cyril Victor
Armstrong Edward N.
Armstrong F. E.
Armstrong J. C.
Armstrong J. W.
Armstrong R. A.
Armstrong Ronald Edgar
Armstrong Ronald George
Armstrong Walter Worsley
Arney John
Arnold Alfred Ernest
Arnold Algernon Victor
Arnold C. H.
Arnold Charles
Arnold Edwin Albert
Arnold G. William
Arnold Harold Arthur
Arnold Joseph Sykes
Arnold L. G.
Arnold P.
Arnold Ralph Edgar Teina
Arnols S. Arthur
Arnot Robin Page
Arnsby-Wilson Robert Edward
Arrow-Smith G. E.
Arrowsmith Cecil L.
Arrowsmith G. H.
Arrowsmith R.
Arrowsmith Wilfred Gilbert
Arthur E. J.
Arthur George Theo
Arthur H. H. C.
Arthur Thomas
Arthurs Thomas James
Artis Robert Edmund
Artiss Joseph Thomas
Arundel Hugh Rivers
Arundel Philip Walter Rivers
Ashby Charles
Ashby Charles Lucas
Ashby E. H.
Ashby G. Douglas
Ashby G. F.
Ashby H. J. or G. H.
Ashby J.
Ashby James
Ashby W. A.
Ashcroft Thomas
Ashelford Herbert William
Ashfield T. D.
Ashlee John
Ashley Austen Wright
Ashley Charles Wilfred
Ashley Donald Horace
Ashley E. R.
Ashley George Frank
Ashley John Leonard
Ashley Louis
Ashley Richard A.
Ashman G.
Ashman Stanley
Ashmore Albert
Ashmore Harold
Ashton B.
Ashton C. F.
Ashton James
Ashton John
Ashton John
Ashton Thomas
Ashurst W
Ashwell Fred
Ashworth Albert Tatham
Ashworth D.
Ashworth George
Ashworth Harold Tabiner
Ashworth Harry
Ashworth Herbert
Ashworth J.
Ashworth Lawrence
Ashworth W.
Askew Leslie
Asman Arthur George
Aspin Arthur
Aspin Clement
Aspin Edward
Aspin I. W.
Aspin Norman
Aspinall Charles
Assiter F. J.
Astill J
Astle George Frederick
Astley George
Astley Horace Alfred
Aston Garnet Round
Aston Gordon Osborne
Aston J. H.
Atack Harold
Atherton A.
Atherton Albert Henry
Atherton James
Atherton John Henry
Atkin Charles Henry
Atkin Ernest
Atkin William
Atkins A. J.
Atkins Aubrey George Harry
Atkins Harry
Atkins J. T.
Atkins John W.
Atkins Reginald Sidney Arthur
Atkinson Basil Ferris Campbell
Atkinson Edgar
Atkinson Henley
Atkinson J. W.
Atkinson William Crompton
Attfield George William
Attlee Hugh Guthrie
Attlee Thomas Simons
Attrill A. J.
Attwell Charles A.
Atwood Ernest George
Auckland Gilbert
Aucott William
Audaer Laurence Ernest
Audrey C. C.
Austin Albert Victor
Austin Frederick William
Austin Henry
Austin J.
Austin John
Austin P.
Austin Reginald
Austin W.
Auty E.
Avery H. A.
Awmack Ernest
Awmack Henry Frank
Ayers Harry Salisbury
Ayles Walter Henry
Aylott J. E.
Ayres Ernest Charles
Ayres F. J. Barrett
Ayres Herbert Victor
Ayrton Lloyd
Aytoun Robert Alexander