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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the names of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
Your support by helping us increase, update or correct information is welcome and can easily be made via this form.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.

Sabine Morell
Sacret James Stanley
Saddington Simon Henry
Sadler Cornelius
Sadler James
Sadler James Leslie
Sadler John George
Sadler Mark
Sage F. R.
Sage Frederick Robert
Sage William
Sainsbury Edward Walter
Sainty Valentine
Sait William John
Saker Sidney Thomas
Sale Ernest
Salisbury Charles
Salisbury William Henry
Sallaway Frederick Kimber
Salmon Edmund Richardson
Salmon Leonard
Salmons William Allen
Salter Arthur James
Salter C. H.
Salter E. H.
Salter Edward H.
Salter F.
Salter P.
Salter Reuben Lancelot
Salthouse Albert
Salthouse Ernest
Salthouse James
Salthouse Wilfred
Salvesen Ingyard Eugen
Samms Alphonso
Samms Arthur Henry
Samms Ernest Wilfred
Samms Frederick William
Sampson A.
Sampson Elye/Ellis
Sampson Fred
Sampson George
Sampson Henry Symonds
Sampson J. W.
Sampson James C.
Samuel D.
Samuelson M.
Sanctuary Fred
Sanctuary Norman
Sandall W.
Sanders A. P.
Sanders Alick Kenneth
Sanders Arthur Ernest
Sanders Irwin Claude
Sanders J. W.
Sanders John
Sanders Montague W.
Sanders Randolph E.
Sanders Reginald H.
Sanders Robert
Sanders W. H.
Sanders Walter Roland
Sanderson Albert Bertram
Sanderson H. C.
Sanderson Jonas Harold
Sanderson R. N.
Sanderson T. R.
Sanderson W. E.
Sandford Arthur
Sandles William
Sandon Frank
Sandon Harold
Sands Ernest Stephen
Sands M.
Sands Percy
Sands Thomas
Sands William John
Sandwith Bertram Ralph
Sandwith Rowland
Sandy Robert
Sangood Richard
Sangster James Ednie
Sapsed William Charles
Sara Henry Thomas William
Sarah Henry Gordon
Sarfas Eric Walter
Sargeant David Walter
Sargent Amos
Sargent Henry James
Sargent L.
Sargood Richard
Satchwell Charles
Sault Fredric Smith
Sault Joseph William
Saunders Allin George
Saunders Arthur Maxwell
Saunders B. L.
Saunders E. Frank
Saunders H. L.
Saunders Harry Thomas
Saunders Herbert William
Saunders J.
Saunders J. B.
Saunders James Baldry
Saunders John Bridgeman
Saunders Percy Douglas
Saunders S. W.
Saunders Thomas Homer
Saunders William Henry
Saunders William John
Saunders William Stanley
Saunderson S. A.
Savage E. J.
Savage Eric Wallis
Savage Francis F.
Savage Sidney J.
Savary Peter J.
Saville Charles Rishworth
Sawyer Arthur Samuel Charles
Sawyer G. H.
Sawyer J. J.
Sawyer Thomas
Sawyers Charlie
Saxby Henry George
Saxby Sidney Charles
Saxelby Ernest
Sayer A.
Sayer Ebenezer
Sayer J.
Sayer William George
Sayers A. M.
Sayers Alfred Mannington
Sayers Edmund
Sayers Stanley Herbert
Sayers Stanley Thomas
Scales Sydney Geof
Scanes Charles
Scanlan George Henry
Scanlan Hugh Patrick
Scanlan John William
Scanlon J.
Scarret Benjamin
Scarret David
Scase Maurice Pechford
Schafer J. A.
Schafer Karl Emil
Schartau Edward Brett
Schildknecht Albert William
Schnacke John Bertram
Schneider August Louis
Schofield Ernest Bertram
Schofield Levi
Schofield R.
Schofield Reuben
Schofield Robert
Schofield Thomas Arnold
Scholefield Richard B.
Scholes Wilfred
Scholfield A. L.
Schoolden Alfred R.
Schwabe A. L.
Schweitzer John Peter
Schwindt Carl Philip
Scobie James
Scotson Robert
Scott A.
Scott A. C.
Scott A. G.
Scott Albert
Scott Alexander
Scott Augustus Frederick
Scott C. R.
Scott Ernest
Scott F.
Scott F.
Scott Frank
Scott Frederick William
Scott G. B.
Scott George
Scott George B.
Scott Gilbert S.
Scott H. E.
Scott H. W.
Scott Hubert
Scott J.
Scott James
Scott John
Scott John Wrangham
Scott P.
Scott P.
Scott P. H.
Scott R. B.
Scott R. G.
Scott Robert James
Scott Samuel Herd
Scott Sydney Bonner
Scott T.
Scott T. W.
Scott Thomas
Scott Tom
Scott Tom
Scott W.
Scott W.
Scott W.
Scott W. G.
Scott Walter Albert
Scott Walter Reginald
Scott Walter Vernon
Scottorn Arthur
Scoular Alexander
Scrace Frank
Scrace George William
Scraggs A. J.
Scrimgeour R. W.
Scrivener Edward George
Scrivener Frank
Scrivener Henry Edward
Scrivens Percy George
Scroggie Alexander
Scroggie James
Scull George Henry
Scullard Harry W
Scully E. J.
Scurr John
Scurrah Maurice
Seabrook Frank Edgar
Seabrook William
Seals Alfred William
Seaman Arthur Percy
Seaman Francis George
Sear George Joseph
Sear Lawrence Cecil
Searle Alfred Broadhead
Searle Arthur F.
Searle Ernest
Searle J.
Sears Frederick James
Sears Harold  G.
Sears Herbert Alfred
Seaton Frederick Whybro
Seaton Robert
Seber George Frederick William
Secret Robert
Sedgewick Herbert
Sedgwick E.
Sedgwick John Francis
Sedman Ernest Hazlehurst
Seed Henry Roger
Seedhouse William
Seehahn Ludwig
Seel F.
Seel Harry
Seery Albert
Segal Harry
Segon Alfred Arthur
Segon Arthur David
Selby H. W.
Selby William A.
Seldon Bertie John
Self Alfred Charles
Sellar Frederick Hill
Sellar James
Sellar W.
Sellars Harry
Sellek Sydney T.
Seller Sid
Sellers Fred
Sellers Frederick
Selwood Albert
Selwood Robert Henry
Selwyn Ferdinand Alexander Arnold
Selwyn Theodore Harold William
Selwyn Walter F. R.
Senior Oliver
Senior Bernard Wilkinson
Senior Charles
Senior Charles Herbert
Senior Frank
Senior Harold Albert
Senior Horace
Senior James
Senior James P.
Senior Willie
Sentance George
Senter George Herbert
Senter James Arthur
Sercombe Charlie
Sercombe David
Sercombe John
Sercombe Percy
Sergeant James
Serle William George
Sermon Clifford John
Serpell Alfred George R.
Sessions William Houghton
Severn Ernest Harold
Seward L. C.
Sewell Archibald
Sewell Herbert
Sewell Joseph King
Sewell Robert
Sewell William G.
Sewell William Hobart
Sewter Albert William Montague
Sexton James Henry
Sexton W. G.
Seymour C. L.
Seymour Charles Richard
Seymour E.

Seymour M.
Shackleton Frank
Shackleton H. C.
Shackleton James A.
Shackleton John William
Shackleton Richard Dent
Shakeshaft George
Shakeshaft William
Shakespeare Edward
Shakespeare Harold
Shallard George
Shallcross Ethan
Shallow Patrick F.
Shand Alec
Shand John Harvey
Shannahan M.
Shannon Charles
Shapland H. P.
Shapland John Richard
Shapland Theodore Stephen
Shapley Francis Charles
Shapley Henry George
Shard G. E.
Sharland Edward William
Sharland Walter Ayre
Sharman John
Sharman Joseph Harlow
Sharp Alfred
Sharp Archibald Tertius
Sharp Arthur John
Sharp Bernard G.
Sharp Edgar F.
Sharp Frederick James
Sharp George Ernest
Sharp H. R.
Sharp J.
Sharp J. A.
Sharp John
Sharp John A.
Sharp Joseph
Sharp Joseph Albert
Sharp Reginald Thomas
Sharpe Arthur
Sharpe B. C.
Sharpe Charles
Sharpe George
Sharpe George William
Sharpe J.
Sharpe J.
Sharpe John
Sharpe John William
Sharpe Percy Neumier
Sharpe Walter H.
Sharples Albert
Sharples William
Sharratt Harold
Shaw A. C.
Shaw A. M.
Shaw A. V.
Shaw Albert
Shaw Arthur
Shaw Arthur
Shaw Bertram
Shaw C.
Shaw Charles
Shaw Clement Victor
Shaw E. E.
Shaw Edgar
Shaw Ernest W.
Shaw Frank
Shaw Fred
Shaw Frederick
Shaw G.
Shaw George
Shaw Henry McAlpine
Shaw J.
Shaw James Ramsay
Shaw John
Shaw John
Shaw John
Shaw John G.
Shaw John L.
Shaw Leonard
Shaw Noel Boak
Shaw Raymond
Shaw Thomas
Shaw W. A.
Shaw William
Shaw William A.
Shaw William C.
Shaw William Henry
Shayler Sydney Henry Charles
Shearer Alex Murdoch
Shearer Archibald
Shears Henry Charles
Sheasby J. W.
Sheddon H. S.
Sheffield Albert Francis
Sheffield J. W.
Sheldon Frank
Sheldon John
Sheldon Robert A.
Sheldon Stephen
Sheldrake Cecil George
Shellbourne T. W.
Shelton Frank
Sheltzer M.
Shemeld H. W.
Shepeard E. A.
Shephard Edward
Shephard J.
Shepheard Frederick George
Shepherd George Robert
Shepherd H. J.
Shepherd Isaac
Shepherd Joseph
Shepherd Solomon
Shepherd Walter Edward
Shepherd William Lancelot
Shepley Frank Norman
Sheppard J.
Sheppard S.
Sheppard Thomas J.
Sheppeard Ernest
Sherburn J.
Shereston Thomas Charles
Sheridan A. E.
Sheridan Hedley John
Sheriff David
Sherratt Harold D.
Sherratt John
Sherriff Joseph Edward
Sherwell Theodore
Sherwood A. H.
Sherwood Ernest Harry
Sherwood Frederick
Sherwood George
Sherwood Thomas William
Sherwood W. S.
Shew William Ernest
Shewell Theodore
Shewell Wilfred
Shield George Robert
Shields James Cree
Shiers W.
Shillingford Henry
Shindler H. J.
Shinwell Emmanuel
Shipley C. E. G.
Shipley William Thomas
Shipp Horace
Shippey Allen Thornton
Shipstone James William
Shipton William Henry
Shirley Frederick John
Shirley Richard Thomas
Shirt William Thomas
Shirtliffe Arthur
Shirtliffe George
Shlosberg Jacob or Joseph
Shorey Alec Dudley
Shorley Herbert Alfred
Shorley W. J.
Short Edward James
Short Ernest Daniel
Short Frank
Short H.
Short John
Shorter Ernest James
Shorter Harold Charles
Shortland Arthur
Shortland John S.
Shoults Alan F.
Shoults Edward Geoffrey
Shrigley Bertram Robert
Shrigley Donald Herbert Biltcliffe
Shrigley Edwin Ralph Horace
Shrigley Norman Kennith
Shrimpton Arthur Havelock
Shuel Thomas
Shurmer Albert
Shute Montague A.
Shutt Sidney
Shuttleworth Cyril
Shuttleworth H. F.
Shuttleworth H. R.
Sibbald James Cochrane
Sibley Frederick George
Sibley William G.
Sibson George Richard
Sibson Maurice Daniel
Sibson R. D.
Sibthorpe William Earl
Siddaway Frank T. R.
Siddle Charles Henry
Sidebottom James Henry
Sidebottom Laurence Israel
Sidebottom Norman
Sidebottom Sydney Herbert
Siderfin Frank Percival
Sidney Alex M.
Sidney Hyman
Sidwell Benjamin Whalley
Sidwell John Willie
Sidwell Rennie
Sidwell S.
Siebel Edward Henry
Siffleet Percy Archibald
Sigley Oswald or 'Sibley'
Silcock J.
Sillis John Thomas
Silliter Wallace Frederic
Silverman Morris
Silverman O.
Silverman Samuel Sydney
Silvermore W.
Silverthorne Gilbert
Silverthorne Gilbert
Sim Alexander
Sim Alexander
Sim G. R.
Sim George
Sim Peter
Simberg Maurice
Simcox Jesse Harold
Simkins Samuel
Simkins William Henry
Simm P.
Simmonds A.
Simmonds Austin Gundry
Simmonds Francis Albert H.
Simmonds H. R.
Simmonds John
Simmonds John
Simmons A.
Simmons Arthur Francis
Simmons E. R.
Simmons Edgar J.
Simmons Edward
Simmons George
Simmons H. R.
Simmons J. A.
Simmons Samuel D.
Simmons William John
Simms A. J.
Simms H. H.
Simms Reginald William
Simon Abram
Simonds Hubert Frank
Simons H.
Simons Leonard John
Simpson A. C.
Simpson Alfred Henry
Simpson Arthur Noel
Simpson Arthur Stephen
Simpson Charles Robert
Simpson F. H.
Simpson George
Simpson George William
Simpson Gerald
Simpson Henry
Simpson Hubert
Simpson Leonard
Simpson Mark
Simpson R. C.
Simpson R. H.
Simpson Ronald Davidson
Simpson T. M.
Simpson V. H.
Sims George Henry
Sims Hubert Stuart
Sims J. W.
Sims Percy
Sims Robert Henry
Sims W.
Sims W. O.
Sims Will
Sinclair Alexander
Sinclair Alexander
Sinclair William
Sinclair William
Singer Ernest Harold
Singer Gershon
Singer Harry
Singer Samuel
Singleton Norman
Singleton William Joseph
Sinkinson Eric
Sinovitch Israel
Sinton John Lawrence
Sinyard John James
Sirrell W. J.
Sisson Marshall Arnott
Sissons Ernest Dawson
Sizmur C. L.
Skedd Alexander Ferguson
Skeet Robert
Skeet T.
Skeldon David
Skellern Clarence
Skellon Lewis Owen
Skellorn Robert Henry
Skelton Horace
Skelton James Stephenson
Skelton Joseph  Arthur
Skelton Thomas Henry
Skerlock W. E.

Skibben Samuel
Skidd A.
Skinner A. G.
Skinner Albert E.
Skinner E. J.
Skinner Edward Albert
Skinner Frank Alfred
Skinner James Allen
Skinner Lionel L.
Skinner S. J.
Skinner Sidney Arthur
Skinner Ted John Clark Venn
Skinner W. E.
Skipp J. R.
Skipper William
Slade Frank
Sladen Edward
Slaney Victor Charles
Slarke James Samuel
Slater Alfred
Slater Arthur
Slater Arthur J.
Slater Collinson
Slater E.
Slater G. W.
Slater H.
Slater Harold Charles
Slater Henry
Slater J. M.
Slater Nun
Slater S. M.
Slater Walter
Slattery Cornelius Henry
Slaughter John William
Slaven James
Sleath George E.
Sleath William A.
Slee Herbert George
Sleep Philip Henry
Slegg Frederick H.
Sleith William James
Sless Benjamin
Slevins W.
Slifield Charles
Sloan Alexander
Sloan J.
Sloat Alfred George
Sloper Frank
Slott H. B.
Slow Charles Henry
Sly Charles Edward
Smail Thomas
Smailes F. A.
Smailes George
Smaldon William James
Small Albert Walter
Small Jesse Flockton
Smalley Albert
Smallwood Philip
Smart A. H. J.
Smart Alfred Leslie
Smart Archibald Harold
Smart Frank Brightwell
Smart H.
Smart John
Smart W. J.
Smart William Whyte
Smeal Glenny
Smeal J. T. W.
Smeal R. W.
Smedley A. J.
Smerdon E. W.
Smiley John
Smillie Alexander France
Smillie J.
Smith A.
Smith A.
Smith A.
Smith A. G.
Smith A. H.
Smith A. J.
Smith A. T.
Smith A.
Smith Adam
Smith Adelbert Fred
Smith Albert
Smith Albert Edward
Smith Albert Henry
Smith Albert
Smith Alfred
Smith Alfred Gower
Smith Allen Henry James
Smith Andrew
Smith Archibald G.
Smith Arthur
Smith Arthur C.
Smith Arthur Crouch
Smith Arthur George
Smith Ashley
Smith Augustus William
Smith B. V.
Smith Bertram
Smith C.
Smith C. A.
Smith C. F.
Smith C. F.
Smith C. J.
Smith Cecil
Smith Cedric Robert Hamilton
Smith Charles
Smith Charles H.
Smith Charles Taylor
Smith Charles William
Smith Charles William
Smith Clarence Edmund
Smith Clement Philip Edwell
Smith Clifford
Smith Colin Percival
Smith Cyril F. Spencer
Smith D.
Smith D. W.
Smith David Howard
Smith Douglas B.
Smith E. A.
Smith E. B.
Smith E. H.
Smith E. J.
Smith E. W.
Smith Edgar Morley
Smith Edward Bertram
Smith Edwin Hartley
Smith Eric W.
Smith Ernest
Smith Ernest Tarrant
Smith F.
Smith F.
Smith F.
Smith F. A. C.
Smith F. C.
Smith F. H. Carlton
Smith F. J.
Smith F. M.
Smith Francis Hartley
Smith Frank
Smith Frank
Smith Frank
Smith Frank Ernest
Smith Fred
Smith Fred
Smith Frederick
Smith Frederick C.
Smith Frederick Stanley
Smith Frederick Stanley
Smith G. A.
Smith G. F.
Smith G. F.
Smith G. H.
Smith G. J.
Smith George
Smith George
Smith George
Smith George
Smith George Abraham
Smith George Edward
Smith George Foster
Smith George Frederick
Smith George Frederick
Smith George H.
Smith George Henry
Smith George Henry
Smith George Leonard
Smith George Lester
Smith George William
Smith George William
Smith George
Smith Gerald Robert
Smith Gwylim Idris
Smith H.
Smith H.
Smith H.
Smith H.
Smith H.
Smith H. A.
Smith H. E. T.
Smith H. Ivor
Smith H. R.
Smith H. R.
Smith H. W.
Smith Harold
Smith Harold
Smith Harold T.
Smith Harry
Smith Harry
Smith Harry
Smith Harry Cameron
Smith Henry
Smith Henry
Smith Henry
Smith Henry
Smith Henry James
Smith Henry/Harry George
Smith Herbert
Smith Herbert Stanley
Smith Herbert Woolfall
Smith Horace
Smith Horace
Smith Horace
Smith Howard Reckitt
Smith Hugh Vanderwall
Smith J.
Smith J.
Smith J.
Smith J.
Smith J.
Smith J. P.
Smith J. W.
Smith James
Smith James
Smith James Austin
Smith James William
Smith John
Smith John
Smith John
Smith John
Smith John
Smith John
Smith John Cuthbert
Smith John Ernest
Smith John P.
Smith John P.
Smith John Quartus
Smith John Robert
Smith John W.
Smith Joseph Owen
Smith K.
Smith K. P.
Smith Kenneth
Smith L.
Smith L.
Smith L. J.
Smith L. V.
Smith Laurence
Smith Lawrence Beaumont
Smith Leonard Percival
Smith Leonard Samuel
Smith Luther J.
Smith M.
Smith Matthew
Smith N.
Smith N.
Smith N. E.
Smith Norman
Smith Oliver
Smith Onslow William
Smith Owen Warren
Smith Patrick
Smith Percy A. D.
Smith Percy Guy
Smith Percy J.
Smith R.
Smith R. R.
Smith Ralph Ernest
Smith Rennie
Smith Richard Ford
Smith Robert
Smith Robert
Smith Robert William
Smith Roland
Smith Ronald Crosby
Smith S. B.
Smith S. C.
Smith S. H.
Smith Samuel William
Smith Stanley Thomas
Smith Sydney
Smith Sydney
Smith Sydney Clarence
Smith T. H.
Smith T. J.
Smith T. J.
Smith Thomas
Smith Thomas Albert Verney
Smith Thomas Alfred
Smith Thomas Desmond Harmer
Smith Thomas George
Smith Thomas H.
Smith Thomas Henry
Smith Thomas Sidney
Smith Thorley
Smith Urban Jesse
Smith Vincent
Smith Vivian
Smith W.
Smith W.
Smith W.
Smith W. D.
Smith W. G.
Smith W. J.
Smith W. L.
Smith W. L.
Smith W. R.
Smith W. T.
Smith W. V.
Smith Walter Charles
Smith Walter Herbert
Smith Walter Raymond
Smith Walter Willis
Smith Wilfred Joseph

Smith William
Smith William
Smith William
Smith William Alfred
Smith William Arthur
Smith William Edward
Smith William Edward
Smith William H.
Smith William Henry
Smith William Humphrey
Smith William Kenneth
Smith William Thomas
Smith William Thomson
Smithers Arthur Edwin
Smithers Maurice Marshall
Smithson F.
Smithson M. S.
Smithson N. A.
Smurthwaite J. S.
Smurthwaite Sydney John
Smyth J. G.
Sneddon A.
Snell Arthur Blackshields
Snell Arthur Frank
Snell H. S. R.
Sneller Stanley David
Snelling Bruce Stafford
Snelling Stanley Wilson
Sneyd John L.Thomas
Snicker M. E.
Snook L. J.
Snow A.
Snow Herbert William
Snow Percy Frederick Thomas
Snow Thomas L.
Snow William Charles
Snowden Irwin
Snowden Smith S.
Snowdon Ernest Frederick
Snowdon V.
Snowling David Allen
Soar Arthur George
Soar Stanley James
Soar William Josiah
Softley James
Sogon Nathan
Sokell L. A.
Sole William
Solomon Abraham Levi
Solomon Henry
Solomon Isaac
Solomon Israel
Solomon Sidney
Soltau Roger Henry
Somerville John
Somner Bertram Leonard
Somner Ernest William
Sones Victor Downing
Sonnex Charles William
Soper E. G.
Sorenson Reginald William
Soulsby H. F.
Soulsby Timothy
South Charles Joseph
South J.
South Walter Hugh
Southall Colin L.
Southall Eric Pritchard
Southall Kenneth H.
Southern Ernest
Southern John
Southgate George
Southgate Harold
Southgate Henry Oscar
Southgate John
Southgate Walter C.
Southwell H. H.
Southwell Harold
Southwell James Walter
Southwood Henry W.
Southwood W.
Sowerby Francis Henry
Sowerby Percy Thomas
Sowerby Philip Francis
Spademan C.
Spalding John Adams
Spalding R. H.
Spark J. B.
Sparke Cuthbert Clarence
Sparkes Brian
Sparkes Edwin
Sparkes Gordon
Sparkes Malcolm J.
Sparks Franklin Baverstock
Sparks Hector Scott
Sparrow John George
Spaull Barnard R. H.
Speak Johnny
Speak William
Speak Willie
Speak Wilson
Speake J.
Speakman Edwin George
Spear William
Spedding Herbert
Speight S.
Speirs Robert
Spence Kenneth Graham L. B.
Spencer-Smith C. F.
Spencer Albert
Spencer Albert Charles
Spencer Arthur Elliot
Spencer Ben
Spencer Bertrand Thomas
Spencer E. S.
Spencer Edward
Spencer Ernest Shillito
Spencer Frederick William
Spencer George
Spencer George Barnard
Spencer H.
Spencer Herbert
Spencer James
Spencer Joseph Edgar
Spencer Leo George
Spencer R.
Spencer Reginald Ackland
Spencer Richard
Spencer Wilson
Sperring George Archibald
Spicer John
Spiegelhalter Alfred Francis
Spiers George
Spiers John
Spiers William James
Spiller Christopher Woodroffe
Spinks Arthur H. C. A.
Spir Frederick Charles
Spivey F.
Splett Alfred Ernest
Splett Arthur Edward
Splett Wilhelm Emil
Spokes Elliott Reginald White
Spokes William John Thomas Samuel
Spradbery Walter Ernest
Spratley Augustus Frank
Spriggs Francis William
Sproston Ernest Proudman
Spurgeon Albert Edward
Spurgeon George F. R.
Squire Frederick William
Squire Robert B.
Squire W. H.
Squires John
Stables James
Stacey A. J.
Stacey William John
Stackhouse Frederick Norman
Stackhouse T. Petchell
Stacy William Edward
Stafford Alfred M.
Stafford John
Stafford John Ernest
Stafford Norman Harris
Stafford W. H.
Stafford Wilfred Malins
Stainer Thomas
Staines Frederick S.
Stallworthy Frank
Stalman Herbert Phipps
Stambridge William Job
Stamford Thomas W.
Stamp Albert Reginald
Stamp. W. A.
Stamp. W. E.
Stamper H.
Stampfer John Claude
Standcliffe Irvine
Standen D. J.
Standeven Percy
Standeven Samuel Ewart
Standeven Thomas Whiteley
Standeven Verney
Standing W.
Standring Thomas
Stanford J. W.
Stanford E.
Stanford Harold Edward
Stanford Stanley W.
Stanford T. W.
Stanger Percy William
Stanislas William J.
Stanithorpe A.
Stanley Arthur Wilkins
Stanley F. H.
Stanley George Victor
Stanley Horace Cecil
Stanley James
Stanley James Albert
Stanley Leonard J.
Stanley Leslie Stuart
Stanley Percy Herbert
Stanley Thomas Henry
Stanley W. C.
Stanley W. G.
Stanley William George
Stanley William John
Stannard Alfred Walter
Stannard Percy Ewart
Stanners James
Stansbie Lewis Clarence
Stansell Henry Goldsmith
Stansfield D.
Stansfield Frank
Stansfield Maurice
Stanton Alfred E.
Stanton Harry Edward
Stanton Richard Amyas
Stanton William
Stanyon Alfred John
Stanyon Charles Robert
Stanyon Herbert
Stanyon William
Stapledon W. O.
Staples Frederick Arthur
Stapleton Arthur Leonard
Stapleton George William
Stapley Arthur Henry
Stapley Frederick Silas
Starke-Jones C. P.
Starkey Herbert Walton
Starkey William
Starkie Bertie
Starkie Christopher
Starkie T.
Starling Edward W.
Starling William George Frank
Starr E.
Starr Mark
Starr William Henry
Starsmore Jesse
Start E. C.
Start William Henry
Statham Arthur James
Statton Alfred Ernest
Stavin J.
Staynes J. L.
Stead Edward William
Stead Eric
Stebbings William Henry
Steed James Ernest
Steed Thomas Scudder
Steed William A.
Steel Frederick
Steel Leonard Richard
Steel Willie
Steele Arthur
Steele D. E.
Steele Frank
Steele H.
Steele H. R. S.
Steele Harold Westley
Steele J. C.
Steele James McC.
Steele John Parker
Steele L.
Steele Leonard Otho
Steer Harry Victor
Steffens William D.
Steinberg Abe
Stell L. R.
Stenhouse John A.
Stenner Thomas
Stenning H. J.
Stepanian Walter George der
Stephen A. L.
Stephen Alexander
Stephen Noel Shaw
Stephens A. E.
Stephens Albert Theodore
Stephens Christopher
Stephens Gilbert George
Stephens H.
Stephens H. N.
Stephens J.
Stephens Jack
Stephens John
Stephens John Sturge
Stephens Reginald Horace
Stephens T.
Stephens Thomas Hugh
Stephens W. H.
Stephens William John
Stephenson A. J.
Stephenson Charles Eborall
Stephenson Daniel Fleming
Stephenson George Harold
Stephenson Kendall
Stephenson Norman
Stephenson Stephen
Stephenson T. W.
Stephenson Tom Criddle
Stephenson William
Sternberg Isaac
Sterne W. K.
Stevens Albert Powell
Stevens Andrew
Stevens Aubrey

Stevens Ernest
Stevens Ernest Edward
Stevens Ernest William
Stevens Frederick George
Stevens G. C.
Stevens George William
Stevens H. W.
Stevens Harry
Stevens Henry
Stevens Henry Charles
Stevens John Frederick William
Stevens Oliver Charles
Stevens R. E.
Stevens Reuben M. C.
Stevens T.
Stevens T. M.
Stevens Will or Bill
Stevens William
Stevens William Henry
Stevenson A. E.
Stevenson Alexander
Stevenson Arnold
Stevenson Arnold
Stevenson Arthur L.
Stevenson Barclay
Stevenson Charles Frederick
Stevenson Ernest
Stevenson George
Stevenson George William
Stevenson John
Stevenson Raymond Croisdale
Stevenson Thomas
Steward A. E.
Stewardson Arthur William
Stewart Alex
Stewart David George Aimers
Stewart Ernest
Stewart G. M.
Stewart G. T.
Stewart J.
Stewart J.
Stewart James
Stewart James
Stewart John Melville
Stewart M. D.
Stewart R.
Stewart R.
Stewart Robert
Stewart Robert
Stewart Thomas
Stewart W. McN.
Stewart Walter
Stewart William
Stewart William
Stewart William D.
Stewart William Arthur
Stick William Henry
Stidder Oliver Sydney
Stillwell Frank Arthur
Stimpson B. A.
Stimpson J.
Stimpson Robert
Stirling James McD.
Stirling John
Stirling John
Stitt Archibald K.
Stock Reginald
Stockbridge Ottmar F.
Stocker Albert Herbert
Stocker George Lionel
Stocker H. W.
Stocker Henry James
Stocker W.
Stocks George Thomas
Stocks James
Stocks Percy
Stocks Riley
Stockwell Francis Henry
Stockwell Wilfred
Stoddart Henry
Stoddart J.
Stoddart James
Stoker Alfred
Stoker Harry
Stoker Tom
Stoker William Richard
Stokes A.
Stokes Charles Edwin
Stokes E. R. N.
Stokes Frederick
Stokes P. J.
Stokes Thomas L.
Stone A.
Stone Albert Ernest
Stone B.
Stone Charlie
Stone Edmund Edwin Brian
Stone Edward William
Stone Ernest
Stone F. C.
Stone Frank
Stone Frank Griffin
Stone Frank Norman
Stone Fred
Stone George Everett
Stone George Thomas
Stone H.
Stone Henry John
Stone J. G.
Stone John George
Stone Louis E.
Stone Maxwell Kay
Stone Stanley P. H.
Stone Sydney P. Horton
Stone Walter
Stone William Lowman
Stoneham H. T.
Stoneley Norman
Stoner S. H.
Stones C. W.
Stones John George
Stood or Steed
Stopford R. J.
Stopps Joseph
Stops John Bright
Storey Arthur James
Storey Charles
Storey Cyril
Story George Latham
Stott Cecil A.
Stott David Fairbairn
Stott Henry Broadbent
Stott J.
Stott Robert J.
Stott Tom
Stout George Swanston Robson
Stoves Joseph
Stowe Arthur Francis
Stowell Ernest G.
Strachan Thomas
Strachan Thomas
Strachey James B.
Stracy Thomas
Straeten L.
Straight Charles William
Strange Samuel
Stratford William Henry
Stratton Alexander
Stratton Clement
Stratton Harry
Strawson John Bernard
Street Arthur E.
Street H.
Street J. L.
Street Joseph Henry
Streeter Arthur William
Streeter T. W.
Streimer Nathaniel
Strevens C. F.
Strevens Reuben
Stride W. H. B.
Stringer Ernest
Stringer Herbert
Stringer Sidney
Stringfellow Charles H.
Stringfellow Valentine Bertram Turner
Stromson Bert
Stuart-Payne Charles
Stuart Charles Clifford
Stuart F. D.
Stuart J. F.
Stubbs W. G.
Stubbs Walter Stephen
Stuckey Fred
Sturdy Fred
Sturge Paul Dudley
Sturgess J. R.
Sturman Sidney
Sturmey Edward
Sturmey Issachar
Styche John
Styles John Cyril
Styles W.
Suckling Hubert John
Suckling Walter Joseph
Suddaby Harold
Sudell Richard
Sudlow G. A.
Sudor J. P. S.
Suerlock J. K. P.
Sugden E. H. G.
Sugden Thomas Edward
Sugden Walter
Summer S.
Summerbell Thomas
Summerbell Walter
Summerford Frank Harold
Summers E. C.
Summers William
Summerton William Charles
Sumner J.
Sumner James
Sumner John
Sumner Robert
Sumner Stanley F.
Sumpner George Edward
Sunderland Frank Thomas
Sunderland W. D.
Surman Harry Victor
Surridge William
Sutch Cyril E. C.
Sutcliffe Albert Ormerod
Sutcliffe Ernest
Sutcliffe George Albert
Sutcliffe H.
Sutcliffe Harold
Sutcliffe Henry
Sutcliffe Herbert
Sutcliffe J.
Sutcliffe William
Sutcliffe William Edmund
Sutcliffe Willie
Sutcliffe Willie
Sutherland George Arthur
Sutherland H. Ralph
Sutherland Hugh Henry Drummond
Sutherland Thomas George
Suthern E.
Sutton Allan Gould
Sutton Archibald
Sutton Arthur
Sutton Edward
Sutton Etienne John
Sutton F.
Sutton Frank
Sutton Frank
Sutton Frank
Sutton George H. J.
Sutton Harry
Sutton Harry
Sutton Isaac
Sutton Percy Roland
Sutton T. A.
Sutton W.
Sutton W.
Sutton Walter
Swaddle A.
Swain J. W.
Swain Norman
Swain William Wilson
Swaish Victor
Swallow E.
Swallow F.
Swallow George Henry
Swan Charles Henry
Swan Ebenezer
Swan J. J.
Swan Lewin F.
Swan Percy
Swann James
Swanton John Clement
Sweet Arthur George
Sweeting Ralph D.
Sweetlove Thomas
Swettenham William
Swift Ernest James
Swift George Edward
Swindell Harold
Swire O.
Sykes A. W.
Sykes Beaumont
Sykes Charles W.
Sykes Claude
Sykes Frank
Sykes Frank
Sykes H.
Sykes Herbert
Sykes Herbert C.
Sykes Israel
Sykes Joseph John
Sykes N.
Sym Peter
Symons Bertram Gordon
Symons Francis Henry
Symons Percy
Symons Percy Oliver