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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the names of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
Your support by helping us increase, update or correct information is welcome and can easily be made via this form.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.

Pacey Philip
Pack John Cecil
Pack John Henry Gavin
Pack W. H.
Packer Arthur
Packham Claude William
Padden James A. M.
Padgett Atkinson
Padgett C. H.
Padley Charles William
Padley Francis Henry Albert
Page-Smith T.
Page F.
Page F. A.
Page F. M.
Page Frederick Arthur
Page G. B.
Page H. G.
Page John Francis
Page Joshua Stephen
Page Reuben Edwin
Page William Henry
Paice Alfred
Paice C L
Pain J E
Pailthorpe Edward Wright
Pain Thomas Eric
Pain Thomas James
Paines G.
Painter Henry Barrington
Painter Herbert Charles
Painton Frank
Palframan Arthur
Paling Frederick Henry
Palk Alfred
Palk Arthur
Pallister Robert
Pallot William Edwi
Palmer A
Palmer Alfred
Palmer Alick Richard
Palmer Arthur Raymond
Palmer Charles
Palmer Cecil Caythorpe
Palmer E. T.
Palmer Edmund John
Palmer Frederick J.
Palmer G. A.
Palmer George
Palmer H. W.
Palmer Harold Taylor
Palmer Harry
Palmer J. R.
Palmer John Alfred
Palmer John William
Palmer Norman Alex
Palmer Philip
Palmer R. C.
Palmer Samuel Chambers
Palmer Sydney
Palmer Sydney William
Palmer William Henry
Palmer William N.
Palmer P.
Palser Arthur Hugh
Pamely Archibald Basil
Pamely Carl Douglas
Pampling William Edwin
Pane Fred
Panter William Maurice
Panter C
Panther Charles
Panting George Albert
Paolilli Lorenzo
Pape Walter
Papps Arthur Beryl
Papps Jonathan
Papps Theodore Harold
Papworth Richard
Pardis G. H.
Pardoe Arthur
Parfitt Percy William Fordham
Paris James
Parish Albert Frederick
Parish Claude Bertram
Parish Philip
Parish Robert James
Park G. R.
Park J. J.
Park Thomas
Park Walter Jameson
Parker A. W.
Parker Alfred
Parker Alfred E.
Parker Aneurin
Parker Archibald
Parker Arthur John
Parker (Bert) Willian Herbert
Parker Charles
Parker Charles Henry
Parker Clement
Parker Edgar Railton
Parker Edwin
Parker Evan
Parker Frederick A.
Parker Frederick Michael
Parker G. W.
Parker G.
Parker George H
Parker H. G.
Parker Henry
Parker Herbert
Parker Humphrey W. H.
Parker J. or I.
Parker John
Parker John
Parker John
Parker John Frank
Parker Lancelot Gerald
Parker Loudon
Parker L T
Parker Robert T.
Parker S.
Parker Thomas
Parker Thomas
Parker Thomas Fred
Parker W. W.
Parker William
Parker William H
Parker William Henry
Parker William Herbert
Parker William John
Parkes Arthur A. or Ernest A.
Parkes Donald Sinclair
Parkes Francis Leonard
Parkes J
Parker John
Parkes John David
Parkin Frank
Parkin Frederick
Parkin Harry
Parkin Irving
Parkin Joseph
Parkin L. C.
Parkin William H.
Parkington Harry
Parkinson F. M.
Parkinson J.
Parkinson Thomas
Parkinson Tom
Parks J. F.
Parks L. G.
Parkyn Leslie John
Parley J. E.
Parley N. I.
Parley Norman Ireson
Parnwell Leonard
Parr Frederick William
Parr George Charles
Parrett Lawrence Edgar Christopher
Parris Hubert Benjamin
Parris Stanley Victor C.
Parrish Albert F.
Parrish Aubrey William
Parrott Edward William
Parrott Frank William
Parry A. J. E.
Parry C. H.
Parry Emlyn
Parry Ezer John
Parry Frank Robert
Parry John Henry
Parsley F. J.
Parsley William Oscar
Parsons A. E.
Parsons Alfred Edward
Parsons Alfred J. S.
Parsons Arthur J.
Parsons H. A.
Parsons Henry G
Parsons J.
Parsons James Fred
Parsons W. B.
Parsons W. J.
Parsons William G.
Partington Arnold
Partington Thomas Cowsill
Parton Frank  Lloyd
Partridge Samuel
Paserinsky Harry
Pask Arthur Frank
Pask Roland Weed
Paskell Jesse
Pasquill Ernest
Pass G. W.
Pass J. T

Passant John Thomas
Patching Donald B.
Patching Geoffrey A.
Pate Herbert Wilfred
Pate William
Pateman George Henry
Paternoster Ernest Frederick
Paterson A.
Paterson E. M.
Paterson James Finlayson
Paterson John
Paterson Robert
Pates Ernest George
Patmore Arthur Albert
Paton P.
Patrick William Horner
Patrickson J. N.
Pattenden Harold George
Patterson Alex B.
Patterson Robert R.
Pattie James McGregor
Pattinson John William
Paul Duncan or David
Paul Harold Alfred
Paul Thomas McBeath
Paul William
Paulden John
Paulick George
Paulson Harry Oliver
Pavitt Leonard George
Pavitt William Walter
Pawson George Drury
Pawson John C.
Paxton Daniel Herbert
Paxton Wilfrid
Payler Mark R. C.
Payne A. J.
Payne A. W.
Payne A. Willie G.
Payne Alan Mark
Payne Albert Edward
Payne Alfred H.
Payne Arthur John
Payne Bernard G.
Payne Charles Theodore Victor Stuart
Payne Christie Bright
Payne Ebenezer James
Payne Ernest
Payne Eustace F.
Payne Frederick William
Payne Frederick William
Payne Harry Herbert
Payne Henry
Payne Herbert
Payne J.
Payne John
Payne Kenneth C.
Payne Leonard Joseph
Payne Leonard W.
Payne M.
Payne M. A.
Payne M. E.
Payne R. R. B.
Payne Roland
Payne Stuart
Payne W.
Payne W.
Payne Wilfred A.
Payne William H.
Payne William Herbert
Payne Zedekiah
Paynter J. W.
Peace Percy
Peace William Henry
Peach Arthur Frederick
Peachey C. W.
Peachey Walter Llewellyn D.
Peacock Gordon Teague
Peacock Henry Horace
Peake Edward Charles
Peake John Daulby
Pearce A. E.
Pearce Abraham Philip
Pearce David Charles
Pearce E. D.
Pearce Edward Ernest
Pearce F. Richard
Pearce Frederick
Pearce G.
Pearce H.
Pearce Harold Albert Ernest
Pearce J.
Pearce Mark Guy
Pearce Percy Frederick
Pearce R. H.
Pearce Solomon
Pearce T. D.
Pearce Thomas E.
Pearce W.
Pearcy William John
Pearl Robert Thomas
Pearlman Archie Nathan
Pearlman R.
Pearman Arthur
Pears Thomas William
Pearse A.
Pearse Leonard Martin
Pearse Norman Bartlett
Pearse S.
Pearson A.
Pearson Albert E.
Pearson Arthur
Pearson D.
Pearson David
Pearson David C
Pearson George H.
Pearson George Harold
Pearson H. P. or A. J.
Pearson Harry
Pearson Henry Smith
Pearson Irving
Pearson J. H.
Pearson John Sydney
Pearson Joseph Alfred
Pearson Luke
Pearson Richard Meynell
Pearson T.
Pearson Thomas J.
Pearson W. E.
Pearson W. E.
Pearson Walter Charles
Pearson William
Pearson William Arthur
Pearson William Arthur
Peart Henry Percival
Pease Cyril
Pease Ernest
Pease Frank
Pease T. H. Ormston
Pease Walter
Peat Charles
Peatfield William
Peatley G.
Peck William Bramwell
Peckover Theodore Stanley
Peckover William Lionel Harris
Peddie Stanley
Peddieson Alexander F.
Pedersen James Clark
Pedlar Edward
Pedlar John Henry
Pedlar William John
Peebles Alexander
Peek J. D.
Peel Fred
Peel Henry
Peel J. H.
Peers Charles P.
Peers Frederick William
Peers Thomas
Peet Frederick Harold
Peet George Herbert
Peet H. W.
Peet Hubert William
Pegg E. J.
Pegg Wilfred Joseph
Peile John Arthur
Peile Stephen
Peile Thomas M.
Peirson Charles James
Peirson Samuel Francis
Pell A. E.
Pell Albert
Pell Alfred James
Pell David
Pell Frank Merridew
Pelland C.
Pellew-Harvey Claughton
Pellington George
Pelt C. H.
Peltz Harris
Pemberthy Harold George Attwood
Pemberton Harry John
Pemberton Thomas William
Pembleman Cecil
Pendle Thomas
Pendlebury James
Pendlebury John
Pendry Joseph James
Penfold Harold John

Pengelly A. H.
Penilott Ealing W.
Penn Frank
Penn William
Penn William
Pennels Arthur
Penney Charles Edwin
Penney Frank Gordon
Penney George Maurice
Penney Humphrey Linthorne
Penney John Cathrall
Pennifold Richard
Pennington Arthur Duncan
Pennington R.
Pennock Malcolm
Penny Ernest
Penny Frederick A.
Penrose Alexander P. D.
Penrose Lionel S.
Penrose R. A.
Penson Albert Edward
Penson Arthur Morris
Pepper Leslie George
Peppercorn Oswald
Pepperdine Joseph
Percival William
Perkin Albert
Perkins Albert
Perkins Bryan W.
Perkins Eddie
Perkins Frank Alfred
Perkins J. S.
Perkins W.
Perrett Charles Oliver John
Perrin Frederick
Perrin G. E.
Perrin George
Perrin George Richard
Perrin J. A. J.
Perrin J. E.
Perrin S. R.
Perrin Walter Stewart
Perrin Willoughby
Perring Robert Henry
Perrone Ricciotti
Perrott Cecil James
Perry A. T.
Perry Arthur H.
Perry Benjamin George
Perry E. P.
Perry F. H.
Perry G. N.
Perry George E. J.
Perry Harold
Perry Henry
Perry John Spargo
Perry W.
Petch Reginald
Pete C. H.
Peter Robert C.
Peters George Otto
Peters Henry Clifford
Peters J. H. T.
Peters William Charles Amos
Peters William Robert
Pethick Lawrence Frederick
Pethick Albert
Pethick Samuel Edwin
Petrides Neville Michael
Petrie C. E.
Petrie G. McD.
Pett Charles Henry
Pettengell Frank
Pettifer Arthur
Pettifer Ernest W.
Pettipher Walter
Pettit William
Pettman Samuel Edward
Petts John Dalton
Peverett G.
Peverley C. Ernest
Pfeil John Augustus
Phare George D
Phelps Alfred Shakespeare
Phelps B.
Phelps G.
Phelps J. E.
Phelps William
Phemister John
Philcox Rowland
Philip Alexander
Philip Crombie
Philip Robert James
Philip Thomas Wilson
Philipson Joseph Watson
Phillips Albert George
Phillips Alfred Harold
Phillips Archibald
Phillips Arthur
Phillips C. J.
Phillips Charles Albert
Phillips Charles James
Phillips Charles W.
Phillips Cyril
Phillips David John
Phillips E.
Phillips E. R.
Phillips Edgar Hallier
Phillips Fred George
Phillips G.
Phillips G.
Phillips George
Phillips George A.
Phillips George Ross
Phillips H. A.
Phillips Harry
Phillips Henry George
Phillips Henry
Phillips Herbert
Phillips Hubert Cyril
Phillips J. T.
Phillips John George Brice
Phillips Joseph Edward
Phillips Lewis Waight
Phillips Mark Conrad
Phillips P. K
Phillips Robert George
Phillips T. A.
Phillips Thomas
Phillips Thomas
Phillips Thomas Henry
Phillips Thomas Walter Ewart
Phillips W. H
Phillips William
Phillips William John Stanley
Phillips William Reginald
Phillipson F.
Philpot William Thomas
Philpott Bertram T.
Phippard Albert Edward
Phipps Harry
Phipps John
Phipps Joseph
Phipps Kenneth Charles G.
Phoenix James
Physick Edward Harold
Pickard Basil A.
Pickard Bertram
Pickard George Gerard
Pickard Hugh
Pickard Philip
Pickard William Frederick
Pickard William Hugh
Pickards W. J.
Picken James
Pickering Clarence George
Pickering Frank
Pickering John J.
Pickering William Alfred
Pickess Joseph
Pickles Alfred
Pickles Arthur
Pickles George R.
Pickles H. C.
Pickles Herbert
Pickles Herbert
Pickles Smith
Pickles William Anderson
Pickup Christopher
Pickup Harold
Pickup James Henry
Pickup Stanley
Pickup W.
Pierce E.
Pierce H. S.
Pierce S. Rowland
Piggott Henry
Piggott William
Pigott R. H.
Pigou, Arthur Cecil
Pike Herbert Samuel John
Pike Lewis R.
Pike W. G.
Pile Herbert W.
Pile Horace John
Pilgrim George Charles
Pilkington Harry
Pilling Edgar
Pilling Thomas
Pilling Walter Simpson
Pimlott Ealing W.
Pimlott Frederick P.

Pimlott Thomas
Pimm L.
Pinch H. J.
Pinder Arnold
Pinder Douglas Hodgson
Pinder Percy Herbert
Pine B.
Pine William Craig
Pinfield Albert Henry
Pinfield Thomas Herbert
Pink Ormond Sidney
Pinkerton Edward
Pinkerton T. A.
Pinkham E. R.
Pinnock Arthur John
Pinnock Norman George
Piper C. A.
Piper Frank
Piper Frank
Piper Henry Isaac
Pipkin J.
Pippett Roger Samuel
Pitcher William
Pitman Frederick George
Pitman Percy Howard
Pitt Arthur
Pitt Ernest
Pitt John Marsh
Pitt William
Pittam Edwin J.
Pittaway G. H.
Pittaway Wilfrid B.
Pitts Arthur Bates
Pitts George
Pitts James
Place Herbert
Plackett Henry M.
Plackett Joseph Herman
Plank C.
Plant James Daniel
Plant William Allington
Plater A.
Platt Frank Gordon
Platt Joseph Ellison
Platt Philip Alexander
Platt Thomas
Platten Benjamin George
Platten John Henry
Platten W. W.
Platten William Henry
Plattin Albert Edward
Player Edgar Samuel
Playfair David Paterson
Pletz Lewis
Ploweldale George
Plowman Mark
Plumb Percy
Plummer David Francis
Plummer Hubert Rowan
Plummer Leslie H.
Plummer Lewis Henry
Plummer Stanley W.
Plumstead Claude C.
Pocock James Vivian
Pocock L. C.
Podger Jack
Pohl Wilfred
Pointing Horace Bertram
Pointon Joel Downing
Polishuk J.
Polkinghorne Charles Sidney
Polkinghorne Edwin Sherman
Polkinghorne Henry Claude
Pollard Alfred
Pollard B.
Pollard Ernest Binns
Pollard Hubert Eugene
Pollard Reginald S
Pollard S.
Pollard William Robert
Polley Edward A. B.
Pollitt Walter
Pollitt William Ingleby
Pollock Alexander
Pollock John Dalgiety
Pollock Matthew
Pollock T. Lowthian
Polson John S. G.
Polson William
Pomeroy Cyril Berry
Pomfret James William
Pond Albert James William
Pond Ronald Edward
Pook Andrew
Pook Philip
Pool G. H.
Poole Alfred
Poole Arthur
Poole F. W. S.
Poole George
Poole Harry
Poole Herbert
Poole John T.
Poole Joseph William
Poole P. J.
Poole Sidney
Poole Sidney Archer
Poole W.
Poole W. Hubert
Pooley Richard William
Poore Francis Henry Ford
Poore Stanley Harold
Pope-Russell A.
Pope Alfred
Pope Francis A.
Pope Frank
Pope Frank
Pope Frederick William
Pope John
Pope L. V.
Pope Percival
Pope R.
Pope William A. W
Pope William J.
Pope William M.
Poplett Claude Albert
Poplett Thomas Victor
Popplestone C. G.
Port Percy Gurney
Portass Arthur
Porteous Richard
Porter A.
Porter Albert
Porter Charles Frederick
Porter Edward
Porter Ernest G.
Porter James
Porter John
Porter John Christopher
Porter Reginald James
Porter Sidney
Porter W. T.
Portwood Frank
Posner David
Posner John
Posner Joseph
Postans W. H.
Postgate Raymond William
Postle H.
Postles William
Potter Alfred Percy
Potter Allen William
Potter David Frederick
Potter Frank
Potter George Henry
Potter H. I.
Potter Joseph J.
Potter S. C.
Potter T. H. H.
Potter William Henry
Potton G. R.
Potts Francis John
Potts Thomas Vivian
Poulter Lawrence Arthur
Poulton Henry William Albert
Poulton William
Pound H. J.
Pound R. E.
Pounder Gilbert
Pounder Robert
Pounder William Ormerod
Pounds Stanley Victor
Povey J. E.
Povey Joseph A.
Povey William Charles
Powell A. J. W.
Powell Adrian Eric
Powell Alfred
Powell Alfred H

Powell C. F.
Powell D. T.
Powell David
Powell David Rees
Powell Edwin Campbell
Powell Eric F.
Powell H.
Powell J. C.
Powell J. J.
Powell John
Powell John Wallis
Powell M. R

Powell Stanley Douglas
Powell Stanley George
Powell Sydney James
Powell Thomas R. R.
Powell Thornton Leigh Eustace
Powlesland Arthur William
Prasher David
Prasher Robert
Pratley Horace
Pratt Edward John
Pratt G. H.
Pratt George Henry
Pratt George Leonard
Pratt Harold Bradshaw
Pratt Harry Frederick Richard
Pratt Leslie Henry Bradford
Pratt Rowland
Pratt Thomas Harold
Pratt William
Pratt William C.or C. W.
Precious Alfred
Precious Halliday
Preece Arthur John Stewart
Preece J.
Preece James Frederick
Preedy Reginald Gilbert
Prentice Alfred
Prentice G.
Prentice H. L.
Prentice Percy James
Prescott Cecil
Press Tom
Pressler Walter
Preston Barnard George
Preston Cecil
Preston Edward Norman
Preston George Robert
Preston Henry Spencer
Preston J.
Preston John
Preston S. J.
Preston Sydney
Preston W.
Preston Walter
Preston William
Preudhomme F. G.
Prevost Ernest Arthur
Price Alfred
Price Alwyn V.
Price Claude
Price Edward
Price Evan R.
Price F. H.
Price Frederick George
Price G. J. P.
Price G. S.
Price H. B.
Price Harold King
Price Harry
Price Humphrey Edward
Price J. T.
Price James
Price John Rhys
Price Moses
Price R.
Price R. W.
Price Reginald A.
Price Reginald Charles
Price Robert
Price T.
Price T.
Price Theodore
Price Thomas
Price Thomas
Price W. G.
Price W. H.
Price Walter Alfred
Price Wilfrid
Price William Harry
Prichard Douglas Alfred Gladstone
Prichard Norman George Mollett
Prickett Henry John
Priddle Walter Thomas
Pride Norman T.
Prideaux William
Pridham Henry George
Pridie John
Priest George F.
Priest Henry William
Priest Leslie  Maurice
Priestley Adam T.
Priestley W.
Priestman Austin
Priestman Basil
Priestman Bernard
Priestman Bryan
Priestman Colin
Priestman Harold
Priestman Harold
Priestman Keith Mallorie
Priestman Edgar Noel
Priestman Sydney Herbert
Prime Arthur Sidney
Prince Cyril Thomas
Prince Samuel Allen
Pring John
Pringle Frank
Pringle J.
Pringle James
Pringle John Brown
Prior C. H.
Prior F.
Prior John Peile
Prior Mark Hore
Prichard Douglas Alfred Gladstone
Pritchard Edmund
Pritchard Eric Alfred Blake
Pritchard Herbert
Pritchard John William
Pritchard Joseph Wilfred
Pritchett John Harold
Prichard Norman George Mollett
Priton W.
Probyn A.
Procter B.
Procter C.
Procter Ernest
Procter Frederick John
Procter William
Proctor Cecil Vernon
Proctor Charles
Proctor Charles Lewis
Proffitt Sydney
Prosser Walter John
Prowse David
Pryce Richard Percy
Pryer Frank
Pryer Percy Sidney
Pryke Hugh
Puckett John Richard
Puckett Richard George
Puckrin John W.
Pudney H. S.
Pugh D. J.
Pugh E.J.
Pugh F. J.
Pugh Frank Henry
Pugh R. T.
Pugh Reginald Thomas
Pugh Richard
Pugh Ronald Edward
Pugh Stanley Thornton
Pugh Sydney Walter
Pugh William
Pugh William
Pugmire Harold
Pugmire Sydney
Pugsley W.
Pullinger F. W.
Pullum Frederick Herbert
Pumphrey Aubyn Harrison
Pumphrey George Stanley
Pumphrey J. L.
Pumphrey Kenneth Richardson
Pumphrey Oliver
Pumphrey Owen Nesbit
Pumphrey Theodore
Punter Arthur Victor
Purdey Ernest William
Purdy F. W.
Purkis Frank
Purkis Fred
Purkis Sydney
Purkis W.
Purkiss Harry Jesse
Purnell Christopher Stewart
Purnell George Sykes
Pursaill Robert G.
Purser Albert Charles
Purss D. B.
Purves Robert
Purves Wilfred
Puxty John B.
Puxty William James
Pycroft F.
Pycroft Frank
Pye-Smith Desmond E.
Pye Arthur
Pye James Dorret
Pye M.
Pyle Victor Hugo
Pym Albert E.
Pyne John
Pyott Keith M. R.