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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the namse of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.

Kagan Mark
Kahn A.
Kain James
Kaiser Charles Richard
Kalson Simon
Kalushner I
Kane F. T.
Kapeller Charles W.
Kapusta Harris
Karley Thomas
Kaufman A.
Kaufman Abram
Kaufman Mill
Kaufmann George von
Kaufmann Leopold H.
Kaufmann Rudolf S.
Kavanagh A.
Kay H.
Kay H.
Kay Harry
Kay Roderick Robso N Smedley
Kay W.
Kay William
Kay William Paterson
Kaye Cyril.
Kaye H.
Kaye Henry
Kaye Henry
Kaye Joseph Alan
Kaye Oscar
Kaye Thomas
Kaye W. H.
Kean Edgar
Keane David
Keane W.
Keane W. M.
Kearsey James Edward
Kearsley C.
Kearsley Colin
Keay Cecil Thomas
Keddie Frank
Keddy Thomas
Keeler B. J.
Keeley Charles
Keeley F. G.
Keeley Joseph G.
Keeling Guy W.
Keeling Herbert Alexander
Keeling Herbert R.
Keeling John
Keeling Stanley V.
Keell T. H.
Keen Charles
Keen Frank
Keen Frederick
Keen James William
Keen R. W.
Keene Frederick
Keene W. F.
Keep Albert Stephen
Keepence Percy H.
Keeton Lawrence
Kefford Harold
Keighley C.
Keighley Maurice Clifton
Keiller Baillie
Keir Christopher S.
Keirl William
Keith Charlie
Keith David
Kekwick John Robert
Kelham Ernest Walton
Keily C
Kellacher Thomas
Kellam Sidney Charles
Kelland Arthur Samuel
Kellas John

Kellaway C. V.
Kelly B.
Kelly Bartholomew
Kelly Edward Percy
Kelly Frank Oscar
Kelly J.
Kelly James
Kelly James
Kelly Michael
Kelly S. D.
Kelly Stephens
Kelman E.
Kelsall George M.
Kelsall Joseph
Kelsall Joseph J.
Kelsall Thomas M.
Kelsall William T.
Kelshaw Frank
Kelvie Clayton
Kemble Alfred
Kemp A. W.
Kemp Charles
Kemp E. F.
Kemp Frank
Kemp Richard Arnold
Kempshall Frederick William
Kempster Frederick George
Kempton A.
Ken William
Kendal Ernest
Kendall A. T.
Kendall Allan Hedley
Kendall Augustus Cecil
Kendall Leslie Bert
Kendall S. L.
Kendell Percy James
Kendrick Albert W.
Kennard Frederick
Kennedy Daniel
Kennell F. G.
Kenning J. C.
Kenny W.
Kent Alfred
Kent Edward Balls
Kent George Wade
Kent Leslie Offer
Kent Robert
Richard Kent
Kent Ronald W.
Kent W.
Kent William R. G.
Kenworthy Alfred
Kenworthy George C.
Kenworthy John F.
Kenyon Herbert
Kenyon Wilfred
Kerr Alexander Malcolm
Kerr G.
Kerr J. H.
Kerr James
Kerr James Craig
Kerr John
Kerr John
Kerr John J.
Kerr P.
Kerr Thomas Archibald
Kerr Thomas Hume
Kerr William
Kerr William Hunter
Kerr William Marshall
Kerrigan D. T.
Kerrigan G.
Kershaw Harold
Kershaw James
Kerslake Charles Henry
Kersley J.
Kerswell Harry

Kertzbaum I.
Kettle George
Kettles George
Kettlewell Stephen
Kevill John
Kewley George
Kewley John
Kewley Robert C.
Key Archibald
Key Harold
Key Hiton Philip
Key Lancelot C.
Key S.
Keys Henry John
Keyse John
Kick Bertram
Kick Octavius
Kidd F. S.
Kidd T. H.
Kidd William
Kiernan Harold
Kilbey Edward
Kilbey Ernest
Kilbey Richard
Kilburn J.
Kilgour J. G.
Killen Frederick
Kilner Frank
Kilpatrick E.
Kilpatrick William
Kime John Thomas
Kimpton S. W. I.
King-Smith Kenneth
King A.
King A.
King Alexander Nelson
King Arthur
King Arthur Douglas
King Beer Stanley George
King Cecil R.
King Charles H. B.
King David Arthur
King Douglas
King Duncan Henry
King E. C.
King Ebenezer
King Ednam G.
King Edward George
King F. W.
King Frederick John
King Frederick William
King George
King George Donald McMahon
King George R.
King H.
King Harold Victor
King Harry
King Harry Rupert
King Henry
King Henry
King Herbert J. S.
King J. A.
King J. R.
King J. William
King James Victor
King John F. O.
King L.
King Leslie William
King Llewellyn
King M.
King Philip Fell
King Robert
King Sydney J.
King W. L.
King Walter
King Wilfrid G.
King William
King William
King William
King William Charles
King William Leonard
Kingdon Arthur
Kingham Ernest A.
Kingston Arthur
Kingston Herbert
Kingston Horace
Kinnish Edgar Daniel
Kinsey T. J.
Kinsler David
Kinsler Harry
Kinsler Mark
Kinsman Edward George
Kinton Charles Archibald
Kippax Arthur W.
Kippax Stanley Ewart
Kipps Herbert Richard
Kirby Edwin
Kirby Eugene
Kirby F.
Kirby F.
Kirby Frederick
Kirby William John
Kirk Abraham
Kirk Albert
Kirk F.
Kirk Frederick William
Kirk L.
Kirk W. F.
Kirk William
Kirkbright Harry
Kirkwood Alexander Dunn
Kirwin Charles H.
Kisberg Samuel
Kitchen A. J.
Kitchen Frederick
Kitchen Walter
Kitchin W.
Kitching Alfred
Kitching Arthur Cyrus
Kitching Arthur Ernest
Kitching Frederick Overend
Kitching Gerald
Kitching Henry Francis
Kitching Herbert
Kitching John
Kitching N.
Kitching Ronald Cecil
Kitching William Henry
Kitson Alfred
Kitson J.
Kitson Ralph
Kitson Willie
Klinger Morris
Kliskey Alfred James
Klugman Harris
Knaggs M.
Knaggs Maurice
Knapp Charles William
Knappett Norman Harold Bruce
Knapton Walter
Kneale G
Kneale Herbert John
Kneale W. N. L. B. R.
Kneeshaw Charles Edwin
Kneeshaw David Fairbank
Kneeshaw John W.
Knibbs William Robert
Kniger A.
Knight A.

Knight Alfred Ernest
Knight Alfred William
Knight Charles
Knight Charles Wilfred
Knight David George
Knight E.
Knight Edward
Knight Edward John
Knight Ernest
Knight F. H. or F. W.
Knight F. J.
Knight F. W.
Knight Francis H.
Knight G. R.
Knight H. J.
Knight Harold
Knight John
Knight John Clement
Knight Matthew
Knight Nelson Henry
Knight Thomas Brunton
Knight W. T.
Knighton Leslie
Knights Edmund William
Knott A. T.
Knott Alan Gordon
Knott Ernest
Knott W. S.
Knott Wilfred
Know P.
Knowland Joseph
Knowles C. W.
Knowles Charles
Knowles Charles Edward
Knowles George William
Knowles Harold
Knowles J. O.
Knowles Norman
Knowles Thomas
Knox Peter Barr
Kohn Charles Henry
Koop Charles Frederick Rayner
Kostrovitzki Roger V.
Kotello Ferdinand
Kowalski Wadislau
Kramrisch Mark William
Kratzel William
Krawitz Joseph
Kremer S
Krieger Alex
Kuebbs W.R.
Kuhl E. H.
Kybert Thomas E.
Kyle Joseph
Kyle W. B.
Kyte Melville H.