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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the names of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
Your support by helping us increase, update or correct information is welcome and can easily be made via this form.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.

Baber Henry Thomas
Backhouse Alfred E.
Backhouse Edward
Backhouse George Dearden
Bacon Charles William
Bacon H.
Bacon James Horace
Bacon William
Baddeley Cyril Frederick
Badger Thomas J.
Badham Charles William Leonard
Badley Henry Wilfred
Badman Frederick
Baggs E. T.
Bagley Alfred Ernest
Bagnall G. H.
Bagot A. E.
Bagshaw H. R.
Baguley F. W.
Bagwell Phillip William
Bailey A. S.
Bailey Albert George
Bailey Arthur Alfred
Bailey E.
Bailey Francis Thomas
Bailey G. W.
Bailey George
Bailey George
Bailey H.
Bailey H. E.
Bailey John
Bailey Lewis
Bailey Norman
Bailey Owen Benjamin
Bailey Thomas
Bailey W. J.
Bailey Walker
Bailey Walter H.
Bailey William Harrison
Bailey William J.
Baillie J.
Baillie William
Bain Alexander
Bain Alexander Gordon
Bainbridge John Wilson
Baines Arnold
Baines G.
Baines Thomas S.
Bainton Percy Reginald
Bairstow Ernest
Bairstow George
Bairstow Willie Raymond
Baker A.
Baker A. E.
Baker A. R.
Baker Arthur James
Baker B.
Baker Bevan Baithmonte
Baker Charles Ashley
Baker Charles Jeffery's
Baker Charles Joseph
Baker Clement
Baker E. M.
Baker Edward
Baker Edward William Allen
Baker Ernest J.
Baker F.
Baker F.
Baker Frank
Baker Fred
Baker G.
Baker G.
Baker George
Baker George Henry
Baker George J.
Baker George Joseph M.
Baker George O'Brien
Baker George
Baker Gilbert Winter
Baker H. A.
Baker H. E.
Baker Harry
Baker Henry
Baker Henry Edwin
Baker Henry Herbert
Baker Henry Walter
Baker Henry Wright
Baker Hinman John
Baker I. or J.
Baker J. H.
Baker J. L.
Baker J. W.
Baker James Lancelot
Baker James William
Baker Jesse M. W.
Baker John Edward
Baker John Gilbert
Baker John Samuel
Baker John William
Baker John William
Baker Malcolm George
Baker Olaf
Baker Ormonde A.
Baker P. J.
Baker Paul William
Baker Percy Charles
Baker Ralph Homfeld
Baker S. J.
Baker Thomas Sydney
Baker Wilfrid
Baker Wilson
Bakewell R. S.
Balchin William George
Balderson William Frederick
Baldock Edward Thomas
Baldock Ernest T.
Baldock Harold
Baldrey H. J.
Baldridge Robert
Baldry Ernest James
Baldwin Benjamin Jeffrey
Baldwin C. A.
Baldwin Edward G.
Baldwin Ernest
Baldwin Ernest W.
Baldwin Herbert Alphonsus
Baldwin Joseph Henry
Baldwin William
Baldwyn Ernest
Bale E.
Ball A.
Ball A.
Ball Charles Edward
Ball F. W. J.
Ball George
Ball H. A.
Ball Herbert J.
Ball Philip William
Ball Reginald Awdas
Ball Richard Reynolds
Ball S.
Ball Thomas
Ball W. B.
Ball W. J.
Ball Will Elton
Ballantyne James Bertram
Ballantyne William
Ballard A. R.
Ballard Frederick John
Ballard Horace B.
Ballard Vernon
Ballinger John
Balls Edward Kent
Balmforth George
Bamber Ernest
Bamfield F.
Bamford B.
Bamford Frank
Bamford Harold
Bamford Horace
Bamford J.
Bamford James
Bamford Joseph Hurst
Bamford Percy
Bamford S.
Bamford Samuel
Bamford Thomas
Banbury R. W.
Bancroft George
Banfield Hazaiah Alpha
Banfield William P.
Banford Frank
Banford T. W.
Bangs Percy
Banham F. S.
Banion Kenneth
Banks Arthur
Banks Clifford
Banks Cyril
Banks Francis Harold
Banks Frank
Banks Fred
Banks George
Banks Harry
Banks Henry C.
Banks James
Banks Lewis
Banks Roy
Banks Sidney Leslie
Banks W. A.
Banks Wilson
Bann Frederick
Bann Melville
Bann S. W.
Bannister Alfred Richard
Bannister G. or C.
Bannister Gilbert Francis
Bannister Norman
Banson F. J. B.
Banting G. A.
Banton Kenneth
Banwell Oliver William
Baralovitz Abraham
Barber Arthur or Alfred Boyker
Barber Eric Siordet
Barber Frederick
Barber James Page
Barber John
Barber Lewis Harold
Barber Mark Revis
Barber P. S.
Barber R.
Barber R.
Barber Thomas Augustus
Barbour G. B.
Barclay Isaac Johnson
Bardle William J.
Bardsley Albert
Bardsley Fred
Bardsley M.
Barguss Aubrey Thomas
Barkas Wilfred Watson
Barker Benjamin
Barker C. F.
Barker E.
Barker Edwin John
Barker Ernest J.
Barker F. C.
Barker George
Barker George Edgar
Barker George J.
Barker George William
Barker Harold T.
Barker J. G.
Barker John Thomas
Barker Joseph
Barker L.
Barker L. H. W.
Barker Maurice Thompson
Barker N. S.
Barker Thomas B.
Barker Vernon T. or Bernard
Barker Walter
Barker William
Barker William
Barker William Ewart
Barker William Gentry
Barker William
Barklamb J. E.
Barlass Herbert
Barlow A.
Barlow Albert Edward
Barlow Arthur Halifax
Barlow Harry
Barlow John D.
Barlow Peter
Barlow Walter
Barnard John Thomas
Barnard Maurice
Barnard Raymond
Barnard Robert
Barnardo R. C. D. C.
Barnatt George
Barnes Brothers
Barnes Alexander Edwin
Barnes Alfred Charles
Barnes Arthur
Barnes Charles Ernest
Barnes Clarence Edgerton
Barnes D.
Barnes Ernest
Barnes G.
Barnes George W.
Barnes George Wood
Barnes Herbert
Barnes J. C.
Barnes James Haydn
Barnes John
Barnes Joseph
Barnes R. F.
Barnes T.
Barnes Tom
Barnes W. R.
Barnet George
Barnet H.
Barnett Bryan Holme
Barnett Harold
Barnett Henry Pearce
Barnett Thomas
Barnett Thomas A.
Barnett Thomas Holmes
Barnett W
Barnett William John
Barnett Wilfred Henry
Barnfather J. R.
Barnwell O.
Baron Frank
Barr-Hamilton B. D.
Barr Campbell
Barr H.
Barr John Lorenzo
Barr John Stuart
Barr Willam Cochrane
Barraclough Arnold
Barraclough J. E.
Barraclough Thomas Barrel
Barrass Douglas Harold
Barrass J. S.
Barratt Harry
Barratt John Edgar
Barratt Matthew
Barratt Percy Kerry
Barratt William Francis Leonard
Barrett Albert Lee
Barrett Frederick Cecil
Barrett I. K.
Barrett J.
Barrett J. T.
Barrett Joseph
Barrett Ronald
Barrett Rowland
Barrett Thomas J. S.
Barrett W. H. S.
Barrett William
Barrett William J.
Barringer Leslie
Barringer Percy Howard

Barritt Cornelius
Barritt Gingham
Barron Peter
Barron T.
Barrow C. A.
Barrow Harrison
Barrow R. M.
Barrows Sidney
Barry John Walsh
Barry Richard Lewis
Barter William Ernest
Bartle Nelson
Bartlett C. E.
Bartlett Morgan
Bartlett Percy Walter
Bartlett Stanley G.
Bartlett Tom
Bartlett Harding
Barton C. A.
Barton E. T.
Barton Frederick
Barton J.
Barton J. H.
Barton John Francis
Barton Richard
Barton Tom
Barton William A.
Barwell James William
Barwell W. R.
Bascomb Henry Charles
Basebe J. B.
Baser James W.
Basford Matthew
Basham Jack

Baskett Herbert George
Basnett Henry
Basnett James
Basnett Willard
Bass Alfred
Bassett Robert
Bassett Thomas
Bassett William Saxby
Basson Gilbert
Bastian Richard H.
Bastin Frederick Henry
Bastin John
Batchelor Harry
Batchelor James
Bate Harold
Bateman Albert
Bateman Arthur
Bateman G. E.
Bateman G. H.
Bateman George Thomas
Bateman Herbert
Bates Albert James
Bates Alfred Edward
Bates Arthur
Bates Charles Alfred
Bates Frederick
Bateson Fred
Bath Edward H.
Bathgate Harry Shields
Bathke Oscar
Bathurst Ernest
Batley Lewis
Batsford George H.
Batson Samuel William
Batt W.
Batten A. J.
Batten Ernest J.
Batten George
Batten Gordon William
Batten James H.
Batterham Bernard
Batterham Douglas John
Batterham Fred
Batterham J.
Batthyany Francis A. C. E.
Battley J. B.
Battley John Rose
Battrick E.
Batts Gilbert Alfred
Batty Jack
Battye E.
Baxendale H.
Baxendale Robert
Baxendine John
Baxter A. G.
Baxter Arthur
Baxter David Arthur
Baxter Ernest Frederick
Baxter F.
Baxter F. W.
Baxter Harry
Baxter James
Baxter Percy
Baxter R. H.
Baxter Samuel
Baxter Walter E.
Baxter William Clark
Bayack R. A.
Bayles Arthur
Bayley Charles Wesley
Bayley George
Bayley Henry
Bayley Howard Samuel
Bayley L.
Bayliss Henry Enos
Bayliss Vincent Scott
Bayne A.
Baynton C. H.
Baynton George Thomas
Bazeley Thomas
Beach Christopher
Beach John James Percy
Beacham Francis Victor
Beadley F.
Beadsworth C. C. or Beardsworth
Beakbane Thomas Card
Beake Charles J.
Beake Joseph
Beale Frank
Beale William J.
Beales Percy Stephen
Beales Victor
Bealey Cecil George
Bealey G. H.
Bear James Frederick
Bearcroft George Henry
Beard Frederick Alfred
Beard H. C.
Beard Robert
Beardsworth Fred
Beardsworth George
Beardsworth Harold
Bearman Donald Boyd
Bearne Harry
Beasley Edgar H.
Beaton Edward Thomas
Beaton Finlay
Beattie Hunter
Beaty Evan Joseph
Beaufoy Charles Richard
Beaumont E.
Beaumont Edmund
Beaumont Francis
Beaumont John Charles
Beaumont T.
Beavis George Hamilton Stuart
Beavis Walter Douglas Stuart
Beavis William H.
Beavon Eric Armson
Beazley Arthur Thomas
Beck Arthur
Beck Carl
Beck Edward O.
Beck Morris
Becker Charles Leonard
Beckerlegge J. J.
Becket Charles Edwin
Beckett William George
Beddall T. P.
Beddow John Lionel
Bedford Edward John Platt
Bedford Harry also Henry
Bedford Reginald John
Bedson Alfred
Beeby A. J.
Beech Harold L.
Beecham Francis Victor
Beecher C. L. R.
Beecher F.
Beecroft Clifford
Beecroft Harry
Beecroft Thomas H.
Beer Charles H.
Beer Goldsworth Chaffery
Beer Harold E. G.
Beer Henry Francis
Beer Stanley George King
Beer Thomas
Beere Orlando G.
Bees William George S.
Beeson Walter O.
Beeston Alfred George
Beeston Robert James
Beet Oscar
Beever B.
Begbie E. W.
Begg J.
Behrens A. G.
Beighton Arthur
Beighton F. C.
Beilby Herbert
Beilby John Thomas
Belchambers Harold
Belchem Robert Henry
Bell Clive
Bell D.
Bell F.
Bell F. H. or T. H.
Bell Frank J.
Bell G. L.*.
Bell George Leslie
Bell H.
Bell H.P.
Bell Herbert
Bell Herbert Walter
Bell Isaac Reginald
Bell Ivan Crosland
Bell J.
Bell J. A.
Bell J. E.
Bell J. R.
Bell John
Bell John
Bell John
Bell John Louis
Bell John W.
Bell John Wilson
Bell N. D.
Bell Norman H.
Bell Richard
Bell Robert
Bell Robert
Bell Robert
Bell S.
Bell S.
Bell T.
Bell T.
Bell Thomas
Bell Thomas
Bell Thomas
Bell Thomas William
Bell Tom or John
Bell Walter Alan Westlake
Bell William
Bell William A.
Bellamore Henry
Bellchamber Arthur Edward
Bellew Thomas Mullholland J. F. P.
Bellows John Earns haw
Bellows Max
Belsten G. E.
Belton Bernard
Belton Christopher
Belton Reginald
Belton Thomas
Bely Woolf
Beman Eugene Cecil
Bench Albert
Bendall Allen Charles
Bendall Thorald Benjamin
Benford John
Benington George M.
Benjafield Maurice John
Benjamin C. G.
Benn A. S.
Bennet J.
Bennett A.
Bennett A. W. H.
Bennett Albert
Bennett Albert E.
Bennett C. E.
Bennett Cecil F. or P.
Bennett Charles
Bennett D. B.
Bennett Ernest John Hart
Bennett Frank
Bennett H. V.
Bennett John
Bennett Joseph
Bennett Joseph L.
Bennett Leslie H.
Bennett M. H.
Bennett Oswald Edward
Bennett Reginald George
Bennett Russell F.
Bennett Sidney F.
Bennett W.
Bennett William
Bennett William
Bennings James C.
Bennington Edmund S.
Bennison J
Benson C. E.
Benson G. J.
Benson George
Benson James
Benson John E.
Benson Leonard Ellis
Benson R. D.
Benson Thomas Malcolm
Bent George E.
Bentham Robert
Bentley Bernard A.
Bentley Clarence
Bentley Frank
Bentley George H.
Bentley John Joseph
Bentley Joseph Henry
Bentley Rowland
Bentley Walter H.
Benton George L.
Benton J. W.
Benwell Frederick Henry
Benwell William
Berenzy Isaac
Berg H.
Berger Elman
Berkeley Frederick Charles
Berkovsky Henry
Berkoy Isidore
Berman H.
Bernard Henry Claude
Bernhardt Israel
Bernhardt Walter Rashleigh
Bernstein John
Berresford George
Berrill Bernard Harcourt
Berrill Howard Douglas
Berrill Thomas D.
Berriman Frederick
Berrisford Fred
Berry A.
Berry Alexander
Berry C. E.
Berry Edward Vaughan
Berry Herbert
Berry Herbert
Berry Horace
Berry John
Berry Thomas
Berry Thomas
Berry Tom
Berry W.
Berry W. H.
Berry William H.
Bersell Percival
Bersey Fred or Bursey
Bert E.
Bertin Albert Julius
Bertioli Alexander E.
Bertioli Henry Frederico
Bertioli Henry G.
Berwick Herbert R.
Berwick Maurice George
Berwick Percy John
Besanville Leslie
Best Charles
Best George Arnold
Best Nellie
Beswick W. A.
Betteridge Alfred Ernest
Betteridge Arthur
Bettridge A. R.
Betts Herbert Alfred
Betts John H.
Bevan Ernest Guy
Bevan J. G.
Bevan Matthew O.
Beveridge James
Beverly W. G.
Bevington G.
Bevington H. J.
Bevington P. J.
Beynon William Harold
Bibby E. E.
Bibby F.
Bibby F. O.
Bibby Joseph Richard
Bibby Thomas
Bibby Wilfrid
Bibby William Harold
Bickers A. A.
Bickers George
Bickerton Herbert Richard
Bickerton John Myles
Bicknell Charles Reuben
Biddell W.
Biddle Sydney Laurence
Biddle Tom
Biddlecombe Laurence Frank
Biddlecombe Rossen
Bidewell Stanley
Bidgood William A.
Bidwell Gerald. James
Bielenberg G
Bielenberg H
Biffen Alan Walter
Bigden Albert Edward
Bigden Henry Charles
Biggs G. P.
Biggs Henry Gordon
Biggs Henry William
Biggs Herbert William
Biggs Thomas G.
Biggs Wilfred Douglas

Biggs William
Bigland Edwin Herbert
Bigland Percy
Bigland Ranulf Aggs
Bigland W. H. A.
Bignall G. R.
Billeness Herbert Henry
Billiald William Alfred
Billing W. H.
Billinge Clement Harding
Billingham E.
Billingham Edward
Billingham W. S.
Bills George Charles
Billson Lawrence Edward
Biltcliffe Joshua Victor
Biltcliffe Lister
Bilton J. E.
Bilton Percy
Bilton Ralph D.
Bilton Reginald
Bilton Robert Cecil
Bilton Thomas D.
Bimson Frank
Binder Frank
Binding G.
Bing Harold Frederick
Bingley William
Binks Harold
Binks John
Binner Thomas Henry
Binns Harold Gladstone
Binyon Douglas. H.
Binyon Tom B.
Birch Arthur
Birch Frederick Noel
Birch James W.
Birch John
Birch Walter
Birchall James Duncan
Bird Alfred
Bird Alfred Frederick
Bird C. H. W.
Bird Charles Henry
Bird Clifford Francis
Bird Cyril
Bird Cyril Henry
Bird Edwin A.
Bird H. R.
Bird Harold Robert
Bird Harold Wilfred
Bird James Ernest
Bird Leonard W.
Bird O.
Bird Philip Goodrich
Bird Walter
Bird Wilfrid John
Birdsworth James Oswald
Birkby Amos Arthur
Birkett A.
Birkett Samuel
Birkett T.
Birks George
Birks George Edward
Birks H.
Birnage N.
Birrell Francis Frederick Looker
Birrell James R.
Birrell Leonard John
Birt Ernest F.
Birtles Ernest
Birtles John
Birtles Karl Hyndman
Birtwhistle Thomas
Bish Edward John
Bishop Douglas Ralph
Bishop Ewart Robinson
Bishop George Alfred
Bishop John
Bishop John Henry
Bishop John Walter
Bishop Walter William
Bisseker Bertie
Bissell Arthur Henry
Bissell Ernest
Bissett Archie
Bissett Walter
Bitchley Robert
Bix Isidore
Blacham Frances Victor
Black Charles
Black Frederick A.
Black George
Black George Dickson
Black Hector Neil
Black James Smith
Black John
Black John
Black John C.
Black Morris
Black Norman
Blackburn A. K.
Blackburn A. N.
Blackburn Alexander
Blackburn Arthur Victor
Blackburn James Larter
Blackburn Lionel Charles
Blackburn S.
Blackemore A.
Blackford H. P.
Blackie John
Blackman James
Blackmore E.
Blackmore Edward
Blackmore Frank
Blackmore H.
Blackmore William H.
Blackshaw S.
Blackwell A.
Blacoe George
Bladon Ernest Oliver
Blagburn Charles Henry
Blagrove A. G.
Blainey Alfred George
Blair Andrew
Blair David Hunter
Blair John
Blake A. Mc.T.
Blake Alexander
Blake Alexander Albert
Blake Arthur A.
Blake Cecil
Blake E. A.
Blake Frank
Blake Frank
Blake Gauntlett Henry
Blake Harold
Blake J. C.
Blake J. L.
Blake J. L.
Blake John Weston
Blake T. S.
Blake Thomas
Blake W. S.
Blakemore Harry
Blakemore Henry
Blamires Clifford
Blanchard George Herbert Raines
Blanchard Oliver George
Bland Edgar Harry
Bland Hubert George
Bland Joseph Powell
Bland Richard
Blandford J.
Blane Ronald Alexander
Blaney John Beech
Blanks John Gorburt
Blatch Ernest James
Blay Frederick E.
Blaylock William Waugh
Blelloch David H. H.
Blenco Claude F.
Blewitt Harry
Bligh Wilfred George
Bliss Joseph George
Blitz Victor Frederick
Blogg William Leonard
Blomfield Samuel
Bloom Lazarus
Blooman William Wray
Bloomberg A.
Blott Robert Orpwood
Blower Edmund
Bloxam A. F.
Blue Dugald
Bluett T.
Blundell W. R.
Blunden Walter
Blundon A. W.
Blundstone Harold
Blunkett Harry
Blunsom Albert J.
Blunsom Charles Henry
Blunsom Reginald
Blunsom William Alfred
Blunt Francis H.
Blunt John B.
Blyth Leonard
Blyth Reginald Horace
Blythe Charles Belchel
Blythe George Laing
Boag Robert Gibson
Boag William
Boardman Charles R.
Boardman Frederick A.
Boast John Edward
Boast John Richard
Boast William L.
Boat C. F.
Boat P. J.
Bobbett C.
Bobbett James
Bobbett S. F.
Bocking George
Bocking Robert
Boddy Harold Eden
Boddy Percy James
Boden Arthur Holmes
Boden James H.
Bodle Stanley Bilsbrough
Bodman Frank Eustace
Bodman Walter James
Bodsworth Harry
Body Arthur George
Bohenna Arthur
Bolam George Charles
Bole D. B.
Bolger Christopher Joseph
Bollam E. S.
Bollen A. V.
Bolson F.
Bolt Reginald J.
Bolton A. T.
Bolton Douglas Joseph
Bolton E.
Bolton George
Bolton H.
Bolton Henry
Bolton J.
Bolton John Edward
Bolton Osmond
Bolton W. H.
Bond A. V.
Bond Donald T.
Bond E. S.
Bond F. G.
Bond Jonathan
Bond W.
Bond Wilfred
Bond William Henry
Bonds W. H.
Bone H.
Bone Walter
Bone Walter
Bones Norman Wyles
Boness H.
Bonnaud V. F. G.
Bonner Albert Henry.
Bonner Albert George
Bonner Bernard M.
Bonsall J. W.
Bonser Edward
Bonson William Henry
Boobyer Basil Gordon
Boocock Joe Harry
Boorman Henry John Hosmer
Boosey Alfred
Boot Sidney Herbert
Boote J. Harold
Booth-Clibborn Arthur Augustus
Booth G.
Booth A.
Booth Albert
Booth Charles William
Booth F.
Booth Frederick
Booth George Albert
Booth H.
Booth H.
Booth H.
Booth Harry
Booth Harry
Booth Irvine
Booth J.
Booth James
Booth Joe T.
Booth K.
Booth Kenneth William
Booth Meyrick
Booth W. G.
Booth William Arthur
Boothman N.
Boothroyd Bernard Joseph
Borland Andrew
Borland J.
Borland William
Borthwick David
Borthwick J.
Borthwick James
Borthwick John
Bosanquet Robert Carr
Bossert Arthur
Bossert F. Tochter
Bostock Samuel
Boston Eric James
Boswell G.
Boswell J.
Bosworth George William
Botham Charles Glover
Bothwell George Paul
Bott W. E.
Botten Charles F.
Bottomley E.
Bottomley W.
Bottrell Joseph R.
Boucher Arthur Edward
Boucher Henry Frederick
Boulonois Bartholomew
Boulonois Percy Thomas
Boulter Harold Cornelius
Bounsall Frederick A.
Bourdillon F. B.
Bouton W.
Bovingdon John
Bowden Ernest
Bowden F.
Bowden H. L. J.
Bowden W. G. C.
Bowden Walter
Bowditch Fred
Bowen Alfred
Bowen B. F.
Bowen C. E.
Bowen Edwin John
Bowen Eric Groome Chavasse
Bowen Frederick
Bowen Frederick George
Bowen Herbert Cromwell
Bowen Howard Ballington Thomas
Bowen M. A.
Bowen N. M.
Bowen T.
Bowen W.
Bower Herbert
Bower John
Bower John Henry
Bower Samuel
Bower Thomas Linwood
Bowers William
Bowes Jack. W. G.
Bowes James Frederick
Bowgen William A. I.
Bowker Henry C.
Bowker Oswald
Bowkett W. R.
Bowler Harold
Bowler Robert James
Bowles A.
Bowles Arthur
Bowles G. M.
Bowles George John
Bowles H. A.
Bowles Richard
Bowles T. C.
Bowley J. W.
Bowley R. E.
Bowley Samuel Frederick
Bowman Frederick
Bowman William

Bown Francis Bertram
Bown J. D.
Bowness H.
Bowry John Thomas
Bowry William Joshua
Bowser A. E.
Bowskill Oliver
Bowtle George Henry
Bowyer Frederick
Bowyer John
Bowyer John
Bowyer Willis
Boxall Bertram John
Boxall K. F.
Boxall Percy Henry
Boxall William James Lewis
Boxell Percy
Boyack David
Boyack Francis A.
Boyack Robert Andrew
Boyce Albert
Boyce Arthur J.
Boyce F. J.
Boyd James
Boyd John McFee
Boyd Thomas
Boyd W. A.
Boyes Arthur Henry
Boylan John
Boyle F.
Boyson Albert
Boyson Arthur Rhodes
Boyson Charles Wilfrid
Boyson Frederick Ewart
Boyson John Charles
Boyson William
Boyton William Henry
Bracewell Herbert
Bracewell Nimrod
Bracey Frank
Bracher Samuel Veals
Bradbeer Albert Frederick
Bradbeer Frank Gilbert
Bradbrook F.
Bradbury F.
Bradbury Frederick
Bradbury George
Bradbury S.
Bradbury Thomas A.
Bradford Douglas Harold
Bradford Malcolm
Bradford Thomas James
Bradford William Frank
Bradford William Thomas
Bradley Albert
Bradley D.
Bradley F. T. Haddon
Bradley Fred
Bradley Frederick
Bradley H. W.
Bradley R. H.
Bradley W. H.
Bradley W. H. J.
Bradley Walter S.
Bradnam Arthur John
Bradshaw Albert Mayfield
Bradshaw F. A.
Bradshaw Frank
Bradshaw Frank
Bradshaw Harold
Bradshaw Henry
Bradshaw Herbert Charles
Bradshaw L. W.
Bradshaw S. W.
Bradshaw Thomas William
Bradshaw W. N.
Bradwell Lancelot Cowper
Bradwick William Alfred
Brady Albert L.
Brady Edward Richard
Braham A.
Brailsford F.
Brain Edward
Brain J.
Brain J. A.
Brain T. A.
Brain W. R.
Brain William Henry
Braithwaite A.
Braithwaite J.
Braithwaite John Bevan
Braithwaite Jonathan Frederick
Braithwaite Richard Bevan
Braithwaite T. A.
Braithwaite William
Brambleby Arthur George
Brambley A.
Brambley Rudolph Lawson Gladstone
Bramhill Oscar
Bramley A. G.
Bramley W. E.
Brand F. D.
Brandwood Harold Gough
Bransby Howard
Branson William
Brassey Charles Henry
Brassington Samuel B.
Braund Arthur Edmund
Braund George Harold
Bray John
Brayshaw A. N.
Brayshaw Douglas E.
Brayshaw Edmund Russell
Brayshaw Shipley Neave
Brazier A. T.
Brazier H. B.
Brazier W. H.
Breach William
Breadmore George Frederick
Breddo or Budds
Breese John
Breeze G.
Breeze Thomas Frank
Bremner Alexander Gordon
Bremner F.
Brennan Frederick G. Woulfe
Brentnall Alfred George
Brentnall B.
Brenton William John
Bretherton R. M.
Brett C. A.
Brett Joseph
Brett Sidney Reed
Brewer Bertram George
Brewer Claude
Brewer Harry
Brewer Herbert George
Brewer John Pritchard
Brewin Ernest
Brewster A. E.
Brewster E. E.
Brewster Harold Francis
Brewster Philip
Briars Charles
Brice J. W.or W. J.
Brickley John
Bridge Harry
Bridge Joseph
Bridgen G.
Bridger Charles
Bridger George Leslie
Bridger Henry John
Bridger Sidney Arthur
Bridges W. B.
Bridges Walter
Bridgwater A. M. S.
Bridgwater T. R.
Bridle Oliver Stanley
Bridley F.
Brierley George H.
Brierley Henry
Brierley J.
Brierley James
Brierley James
Briers Charles
Briggs A. C.
Briggs Albert
Briggs D. B.
Briggs E.
Briggs Ernest
Briggs Ernest
Briggs Ernest A.
Briggs Frederick
Briggs H. C.
Briggs I.
Briggs J.
Briggs J. R.
Briggs John
Briggs Leonard
Briggs R. H.
Briggs Thomas
Brigham B. J.
Brigham J. W.
Brigham John Cresswell
Brigham Richard Frank
Brightman Harold
Brightmore James L.
Briley E. G.
Brimley Daniel
Brin Victor
Brindle Edward
Brindle Frederick
Brindle Harry
Brine A. W.
Brine George
Brison C. S.
Bristol Arthur
Bristol Cyril
Bristow George
Bristow Robert H.
Bristow William
Britain Arthur
Britan Andrews
Brittan William Horace
Britten Arthur H.
Britten Ernest E.
Britton Harry Sydney
Britton Isaac
Britton J.
Britton J. D.
Britton Lionel Erskine Nimmo
Britton Thomas
Britton William Ernest
Broad Vivian E.
Broadbank Will
Broadbent Joseph
Broadbent Percy
Broadbent T.
Broadbridge Henry John Vinall
Broadhead James Edward
Broadhead John Green leaf
Broadhead W. C.
Broadhurst Andrew John
Broadhurst Fred
Broadhurst William James
Broadley George
Brock Frank
Brock H.
Brock Samuel
Brock William Charles
Brockbank William
Brocklebank Alfred
Brocklebank Richard
Brocklesby John Hubert
Brockway Archibald Fenner
Brockwell H.
Brodie George
Brodie John
Brody J.
Brogden Arthur
Brogden G. J.
Brogden, George Frederick
Brogden J.
Brogden Maurice
Bromberger Frederick Cole
Brome J. F.
Bromley A. W.
Bromley Thomas Rowlands
Bromley William Archibald
Bromwich Arthur
Brook Benjamin
Brook George
Brook Harold
Brook Irvine
Brook James William
Brook Norman
Brook Reginald Hill
Brook William Edward
Brooke B.
Brooke Fritz
Brooke Mark
Brooke S.
Brooke Willis
Brooker Frederick
Brooker William Arthur Henry
Brookes Charles
Brookes Edwin Ernest
Brookes Percy John
Brooking Hubert Berkeley
Brooking William Rowland
Brooks A.
Brooks A. B.
Brooks A. E.
Brooks A. G.
Brooks Alfred
Brooks Arthur
Brooks C. M.
Brooks D. C. M.
Brooks Francis Edmund
Brooks Francis Robert
Brooks Frank
Brooks Frederick John
Brooks G.
Brooks George
Brooks H.
Brooks Harold William
Brooks J.
Brooks Lawson
Brooks Norman
Brooks Norman Edmund
Brooks Norman Kilby
Brooks Richard Henry
Brooks Samuel
Brooks T. S.
Brooks W.
Brooks W. J. Sercombe
Brooks William
Brooks William H.
Brooksby Arthur
Brookwell Hubert
Broom A. K.
Broom Samuel
Broom Walter
Broomhead J. H.
Brotherton Geldart
Brotherton James Edward
Brotherton Stanley
Broughton A. J. L.
Broughton Arthur H.
Broughton Charles Henry
Browett Henry Arthur
Brown A.
Brown A.
Brown A.
Brown A. E.
Brown A. G.
Brown A. L.
Brown A. S.
Brown A. T.
Brown A. W.
Brown Albert
Brown Albert E.
Brown Alfred Barratt
Brown Alfred Clifford
Brown Alfred E.
Brown Alfred H.
Brown Alfred N.
Brown Andrew
Brown Archibald R.
Brown Arthur Alfred
Brown Arthur K.
Brown Arthur K.
Brown Arthur L.
Brown C.
Brown C. R.
Brown Cecil B.
Brown Cedric Vipont
Brown Charles
Brown Charles Christopher
Brown Clement Edwin
Brown E. C.
Brown E. E.
Brown E. J.
Brown E. L.
Brown E. R.
Brown E. S.
Brown Edward
Brown Ernest Henry
Brown F. E.
Brown F. L. P.
Brown Frank W.
Brown Fred
Brown Frederic Cunningham
Brown Frederick
Brown G. A.
Brown George
Brown George
Brown Gerald Hugh
Brown H.
Brown H.
Brown H. E.
Brown Harold J.
Brown H. P.
Brown Harold John
Brown Harold W.
Brown Harry
Brown Harry
Brown Heber
Brown Hadley
Brown Hedley Richard
Brown Henry Pennant
Brown Herbert
Brown Herbert Cecil Gordon
Brown Herbert Runham
Brown Ivor John Carnegie
Brown J.
Brown J.
Brown J. H.
Brown J. H.
Brown J. Harold
Brown J. I.
Brown J. W.
Brown James
Brown James
Brown James Cochrane
Brown John
Brown John
Brown John
Brown John Edward
Brown John Graveson
Brown John Johnston
Brown John L.
Brown John Lawrence
Brown John Owen
Brown John Robert
Brown Joseph
Brown Lawrence W.
Brown Lawson Aaron
Brown Leonard
Brown Oliver P.
Brown Percy
Brown Percy Dobson
Brown Peter Geggie/Geddie
Brown Pryce
Brown R.
Brown Ralph Vipont
Brown Richard Henry
Brown Robert
Brown Robert Robinson
Brown Robert Wilson
Brown Sidney K.
Brown Stanley
Brown T.
Brown Thomas Arthur
Brown Thomas Clifford
Brown Timothy
Brown Tom
Brown Victor John
Brown W.
Brown W.
Brown W.
Brown W. J.
Brown W. M.
Brown William
Brown William
Brown William
Brown William
Brown William Ford
Brown William H.
Brown William J.
Browne Albert George
Browne E. W.
Browne Edmund
Browne George Frederick Campbell
Browne Lionel G.
Browne R. D. or Brown
Browne W. Whittaker
Brownett C. E.
Browning Harri Seyer
Brownland E.
Brownlie Archibald Campbell
Brownlow Enoch Allen
Brownlow G.
Brownlow Keith
Brownnutt Thomas Sydney
Broxup George
Bruce George R. S.
Bruce R.
Bruce R. Hutchison
Bruce Reed Brett
Bruce William
Brueton K. W.
Brunning William Charles
Brunt Donald Wilfred
Bruton W.
Bryan Albert George
Bryan Frank Colin
Bryant F.
Bryant Henry
Bryant Howard Walter
Bryant John Gough
Bryant Robert G. G.
Bubb Frederick Howard
Bubb Wilfred Henry
Buchan Robert Comrie
Buchanan John Andrew
Buckby Alfred Ernest
Buckingham Fred
Buckland F. J. H.
Buckley Edgar
Buckley Harry
Buckley J.
Buckley L.
Buckley W.
Buckley William
Bucknole Edward Hallett
Budd Cyril Ernest
Budd G.
Budd Robert Henry
Buddle George Ernest
Bugden E. H. G.
Bull George F.
Bull H. E.
Bull H. V.
Bull James Percy
Bull R. Howard
Bull Stuart
Bullard Charles Henry
Bullard E.
Bullard G.
Buller George
Buller Harold
Bullock A. V.
Bullock Everett John William
Bullock J.
Bullock P.
Bullough A.
Bullough H.
Bulmer Geoffrey Bertram
Bulmer John H.
Bunce H.
Bunce J.
Bunce John
Bund Frederick
Bundock Clement James
Bungard Herbert
Bunney John
Bunous Albert
Bunting Basil C.
Bunting Henry Frank
Bunting Joseph Samuel
Bunting W. C.
Bunton Arthur George
Bunton John William
Bunyan Ernest
Burall Alfred Ashton
Burberry Arthur Edward
Burbridge Frank
Burch William
Burchell James John
Burchill T. J.
Burdon Kenneth
Burfield Stephen
Burfoot Harry
Burford Edward Wyatt
Burford H.
Burge Arthur William
Burge Ernest
Burge George
Burgess A. F.
Burgess Arnold
Burgess C. H.
Burgess Frank
Burgess Frank E.
Burgess Frederick William
Burgess Henry
Burgess J.
Burgess Walter
Burgess William James
Burke John
Burke W. A.
Burke Walter
Burley E. H.
Burley J.
Burn E. R.
Burn Ernest Chater
Burn J. R. Gordon
Burnell Alfred
Burnell William Tasker
Burnett T. G.
Burniston Albert Leon
Burns Charles J.
Burns E.
Burns James
Burns John
Burns John H.
Burns Joseph
Burns P.
Burns T. C.
Burns William Edward
Burnside John William
Burr A. H.
Burr C. P.
Burr Edward George
Burr H.
Burr William Hugh
Burrell Leonard John
Burri W. F.
Burridge Lewis Collin
Burridge William Nelson
Burris Ken
Burrows Albert
Burrows Arthur
Burrows Arthur William
Burrows G. A.
Burrows George Lewis
Burrows Harry
Burrows John Nutter
Burrows Sidney
Burstow William Edward
Burt J. W.
Burt James William
Burt R. S.
Burt Thomas
Burtenshaw Harry
Burtenshaw Herbert
Burth A. J.
Burton A.
Burton Albert George
Burton Alfred Ernest
Burton Arthur Richard
Burton Basil Griggs
Burton C. A.
Burton C. A.
Burton F. G. R.
Burton Frank George
Burton George
Burton George Lawrence
Burton H.
Burton Herbert
Burton John
Burton John William
Burton Joseph
Burton Robert
Burton Wilfred
Burtt A. W.
Burtt Edmund Graham
Burtt Edwin
Burtt George Edward
Burtt Henry
Burtt Henry Hutchinson
Burtt Howard Fox
Burtt Joseph
Burtt P. A.
Burtt Theodore
Burwell W. R.
Burwood George Samuel
Bury H.
Busby George
Bush A. L.
Bush Edward Charles
Bush Ernest F.
Bush Gilbert B.
Bush Joseph
Bush Richard William
Bush Thomas Jesse
Bushnell C. A.
Buss Hugh Stanley
Bussell D.
Bussell R. C.
Bussey Archie G.
Bussey H. E.
Bussey Henry E.
Bussey Walter J.
Bussom J. A.
Bust L. W.
Butchart Roy Findlay
Butcher Arthur William
Butcher Benjamin
Butcher C. G.
Butcher Clifford E.
Butcher Daniel
Butcher J. W.
Butcher James William
Butcher Richard Lyon
Butcher Thomas Bailey
Butcher William Robert
Butler Arthur
Butler Alfred William
Butler Arthur William Henry
Butler Cyril Lawrence Newton
Butler Forrest
Butler George William
Butler Guido Wilfred
Butler H.
Butler H.
Butler Henry West
Butler Howard Percy
Butler John Norman
Butler Montague C.
Butler Philip John
Butler William
Butler William Henry
Butt George Basedon
Butt James Clement
Butt William Henry
Butterfield A. W.
Butterfield Frank
Butterfield Herbert
Butterfield James Arthur
Butterfield James Whitaker
Butterfield Samuel
Butterfield William Vincent
Butterworth John
Butterworth John
Buttle Charles Gordon
Buttle Walter
Button J. F.
Buxton L. C.
Buzzard Robert A.
Bye Leslie William
Byer William H.
Byngham Henry John
Byrne J.
Byrne J.
Byron Edward Frost
Byrt Roland Vincent
Bywater Charles James