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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the names of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.

Taberner S. E.
Tagg George Harold
Taggart J.
Taggart J. W.
Taggart Thomas
Tailor A. J.
Tait Andrew
Tait Douglas
Tait Frank
Tait Frederick
Tait John Herbert
Tait Peter
Talbot Newland
Talbot Robert
Talbot W. J.
Talks Wilfred
Tallerman K. H.
Tandy G. A.
Tanner Alfred E. W.
Tanner Edward
Tanner Herbert George
Tanner John W.
Tansley Charles F.
Tansley Ernest
Tanter Joseph William
Tanton Frank Homewood
Tanton J.
Tanton Stuart Anthony
Tapper John George
Tapper John James
Tarner George Henry
Tarplee Charles
Tarplee George
Tarr Robert Lawrence
Tarrant Ernest Thomas
Tarrant Frederick Richard
Tarrant W. N. H.
Tasker G.
Tatham Fred
Tatham George William
Tatham M.
Tatlock Robert Reginald
Tatman George McK.
Tattam George
Tattersall John
Tattersfield Frederick
Taubert Barnett
Tavener Bertie L.
Tavener Sydney
Tavener Wallace Browning
Tavenier Bertie Lucking
Taverner E. A. W.
Tawell Theodore
Tawell Thomas Edward
Taylor A. E.
Taylor A.
Taylor Albert
Taylor Alexander George
Taylor Alfred J.
Taylor Alfred S.
Taylor Alfred W
Taylor Archibald G.
Taylor Arnold
Taylor Arthur Allen
Taylor Arthur David
Taylor Arthur Edgar
Taylor Arthur Edward
Taylor Arthur Haden
Taylor Arthur James
Taylor B. W. A.
Taylor Basil
Taylor Benjamin Harwood
Taylor Benjamin James
Taylor Benjamin McDonald
Taylor Bernard Douglas
Taylor Burton
Taylor C.
Taylor C. W.
Taylor Charles Alexander
Taylor Charles Arthur
Taylor Charles Edward
Taylor Charles Henry
Taylor Charles Henry
Taylor Charles John
Taylor E.
Taylor E.
Taylor Edgar
Taylor Edward
Taylor Edward Noel
Taylor Edward Thomson
Taylor Edwin
Taylor Eric
Taylor Ernest
Taylor Ernest
Taylor Ernest
Taylor F.
Taylor F. C.
Taylor Frederick G.
Taylor Frederick Garratt
Taylor G. W.
Taylor George
Taylor George
Taylor George Holt
Taylor George Marshall
Taylor George William T.
Taylor H. B.
Taylor H. W.
Taylor H. W.
Taylor Harold
Taylor Harry
Taylor Herbert
Taylor Herbert William
Taylor Herbert Willott
Taylor J.
Taylor J.
Taylor J.
Taylor J.
Taylor J.
Taylor J. E. T.
Taylor J. R.
Taylor James
Taylor James
Taylor John
Taylor John
Taylor John
Taylor John
Taylor John Barbour
Taylor John E.
Taylor John Hyde
Taylor Joseph
Taylor Joshua Fox
Taylor Laurence Walton
Taylor Linton
Taylor M. F.
Taylor Percy F.
Taylor Percy Harold
Taylor Percy Wilfred
Taylor R.
Taylor R. H.
Taylor Robert Howarth
Taylor Robert Michell
Taylor S.
Taylor Stephen
Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas Carlton
Taylor V. W.
Taylor W. C.
Taylor W. S.
Taylor W.
Taylor Walter
Taylor Wilfred Henry
Taylor William Charles

Taylor William Charles
Taylor William Henry
Taylor William Henry Luke
Taylor Willie
Teal R. C.
Teanby William
Teasdale John
Teasdale Percy
Teasdale William Henry
Teate John William
Tebbutt Arthur
Tebbutt Charles Fred
Tebbutt Christopher Coles
Tebbutt Ernest
Tebbutt Percy
Tee V. M.
Teesdale J.
Telfer James
Temperley George W.
Temple Alan Edward Spence
Temple F. L.
Temple James
Templeman Cecil
Tennant Robert
Tennant Stanley William James
Tenter A.
Terrell Herbert S.
Tessier Claude
Tester George
Tester Harold
Tetley William
Tetterington Thomas
Tetther J.
Tew Charles
Thackray T.
Thackway Hubert Charles
Thatcher Arthur John
Thatcher Reginald Walter
Thatcher William James
Theobald Henry Percy
Theobald Ronald Fred
Theophilus Daniel Brinley
Thetford George
Thew William
Thiedemann Thomas
Thiel Wilhelm Arthur
Thirtle Norman William
Thistleton Frederick William
Thom Arthur Ernest
Thom D. J.
Thom Frank
Thomas A.
Thomas A. A.
Thomas Albert Edward
Thomas Albert Henry
Thomas Arthur Emlyn
Thomas Arthur Samuel
Thomas B.
Thomas Bernard  Campbell
Thomas C. P.
Thomas D. J.
Thomas Darch Charles
Thomas David
Thomas David
Thomas David
Thomas David Llewellyn
Thomas David Owen
Thomas E. J.
Thomas Edward Picton
Thomas Eleazer
Thomas Frank R.
Thomas Frederick Herbert
Thomas G.
Thomas G. V.
Thomas George
Thomas George
Thomas George James
Thomas Gilbert Oliver
Thomas Gordon Stanley
Thomas Gwilym Edward
Thomas Harold
Thomas Harold
Thomas Harold Alfred
Thomas Harold J.
Thomas Harry Dawson
Thomas Henry
Thomas Henry
Thomas I.
Thomas Ivor Owen
Thomas J. O.
Thomas JAmes
Thomas J. W.
Thomas John
Thomas John Bowden
Thomas John Lloyd
Thomas John Oliver
Thomas John Penry
Thomas John Robert
Thomas Joseph
Thomas Joseph
Thomas Mariner
Thomas Morgan Thomas
Thomas O.
Thomas Osborne Clayton
Thomas Percy Duberly
Thomas R. J.
Thomas R. P. D.
Thomas R. W.
Thomas Robert D.
Thomas Rupert Clarence
Thomas Samuel Howell
Thomas Stafford Henry Morgan
Thomas T.
Thomas T.
Thomas T.
Thomas T.
Thomas Thomas
Thomas Thomas Henry
Thomas Thomas M.
Thomas Thomas Morgan
Thomas Tom
Thomas Tudor Griffiths
Thomas W. E.
Thomas W. R.
Thomas William
Thomas William
Thomas William
Thomas William Arthur
Thomas William Charles
Thomas William Ellis
Thomas William Isaac
Thomas William John
Thomas William John Wesley
Thomas William M.
Thomas William Reginald
Thomas R. C.
Thompson A. E.
Thompson Albert Edward
Thompson Arnold
Thompson Arthur Henry
Thompson Augustus Percy
Thompson Bonar also
Thompson Bruce Wright
Thompson Charles Henry
Thompson D. P.
Thompson E. N.
Thompson Edward
Thompson Edward Roffe Mason
Thompson Eric Hall
Thompson Eric Ruskin
Thompson F. G.
Thompson F. G.
Thompson F. M.
Thompson Francis Longstreth
Thompson Frank
Thompson Frank W.

Thompson Fred
Thompson Frederick
Thompson Frederick
Thompson Geoffrey
Thompson George
Thompson Gilbert
Thompson H.
Thompson H. R.
Thompson Harold
Thompson Harry
Thompson Henry
Thompson Henry Bertram
Thompson Henry Greenwood
Thompson J.
Thompson J. B.
Thompson J. B.
Thompson James
Thompson John
Thompson John
Thompson John Hall
Thompson Joseph
Thompson Joseph Caldicott
Thompson Leslie James
Thompson Philip G.
Thompson Robert
Thompson Robert Edmund
Thompson Sidney H.
Thompson Thomas F.
Thompson W.
Thompson W. C.
Thompson Walter
Thompson Walter William
Thompson Wilfred Atkinson
Thompson William Henry
Thoms Peter
Thomson A. A.
Thomson Alex
Thomson Andrew
Thomson David
Thomson George
Thomson George Irvine
Thomson George J.
Thomson Henry
Thomson Hugh Robert
Thomson James
Thomson James
Thomson John
Thomson John Sinclair McPhail
Thomson Lewis
Thomson Peter
Thomson Peter
Thomson R. F.
Thomson Robert
Thomson Robert
Thomson Thomas
Thomson W.
Thomson William
Thomson William
Thomson William Arthur
Thorington Harold
Thorley Charles Pheasey
Thorn Bert
Thorn Douglas Hasler
Thorn Frank
Thorn Reginald
Thorne Alfred
Thorne Arthur E.
Thorne Arthur James
Thorne Charles James Baldwin
Thorne Cyril Bleckley
Thorne Harold Henry
Thorne Stephen James
Thorne W. J. T.
Thorne William
Thorneley Frederick Arthur
Thornett Walter Homer
Thorneycroft Charles A.
Thornhill Arthur Samuel
Thornhill Harry
Thornley Edwin
Thornton David Langhorne
Thornton F/E
Thornton Harry
Thornton Hubert
Thornton P.
Thornton Roland
Thorogood George Percy
Thorogood H.
Thorp Arthur George
Thorp James
Thorp R. W.
Thorpe Charles
Thorpe Chris
Thorpe Frank
Thorpe James W.
Thorpe Joseph
Thorpe S. V.
Thorpe Thomas
Thorpe William T.
Threadkell T.
Threlfall James Twist
Thring J. G.
Throsby Reginald
Throssell E. C.
Throssell Frederick
Throup Herbert Wilfred
Thrower H. E.
Thrower S. F.
Thurgood F.
Thursby Euclid Tesla Voltaire
Thwaites Robert H.
Tibbett A. J.
Tickell John Wilfred
Tickell William Edgar
Tickle Arthur B.
Tickle H.
Tickle J. C.
Tidswell Maynard S. J.
Tiffen Walter
Tildesley C.
Tilford Ernest B.
Tilford James Frederick
Tilford Joseph Henry P.
Till Wilfred George
Tiller Frederick Thomas
Tiller Maurice Edwin Bailey
Tilley Albert Charles Courtney
Tilley Albert Edward
Tillinghast Edgar
Tillinghurst William Sidney
Tillman G.
Tillotson Willie
Tilney F. W.
Tilney Frederick William
Tilsley C. J.
Timbrell E.
Timewell Arthur Upton
Timewell William J. H.
Timmins John
Timmins S. J.
Timmis T. F.
Tims Archibald J.
Tindale Sydney
Tindall William W.
Tingham A.
Tinkler Almond
Tinkler George
Tinkler Norman Rothwell
Tinkler Ralph Maurice
Tinney Thomas
Tiplady Alexander L.
Tiplady Reginald Turner
Tiplady Rowland
Tiplady Thomas Percy

Tipler Walter
Tipling Arthur M.
Tippett Alexander Henry
Tippett Ralph William
Tipping Reuben
Tipping Wilfred George
Tipple John Robert
Tipple Sidney Riches
Tipple Walter James
Titford Charles Frank
Titford William Frederick
Titheradge Charles Edward
Titherington Thomas
Titmus Edward John
Titterington Leonard
Titterington Robert
Titterington Thomas
Tod Guy Edwin Laurence
Tod John A.
Todd Arthur James
Todd David
Todd John
Todd John
Todd Joseph Hall
Toes Henry
Toft Alfred
Tolchard W.
Toll Alfred Norman
Toll Edward Albert
Toller John
Tolson Newman
Tomalin John Percy
Tomes Alfred
Tomkin John
Tomkins Edward Charles Alfred
Tomkins John
Tomkinson John W.
Tomkinson L.
Tomlin H.
Tomlinson A.
Tomlinson Arthur
Tomlinson B. A.
Tomlinson F. C.
Tomlinson Harry
Tomlinson J. N.
Tomlinson J. S.
Tomlinson S. G.
Tompkins Albert
Tompkins Cyril George
Tompkins F. G.
Tompkins William R.
Toms Harold Gibbs
Tong W. T.
Tonge Harold
Tonge Norman
Tonge William Henry
Tonge Willie
Tonks Arthur Cornelius
Tonks James William
Tonks Thomas Henry
Tonks Wilfred
Tooby George
Toogood Ralph
Toon Christopher
Toovey C. G.
Tooze Thomas George
Tooze Walter Henry
Toplass Joseph
Topley Harry
Topper M.
Torr Richard Ernest
Torrance James
Torrance Thomas
Torry Harold
Toscenie John Sheridan
Totman Ernest Henry
Tottenham Percy M.
Tourney Arthur
Towers A. E.
Towle Gordon
Towler James
Towler John
Towler Stephen
Towler William
Town F. G.
Towne Reginald John
Townend A.
Townend Dennis Llewellyn
Towner Benjamin Edward
Townley Ernest
Townley George
Townley William
Townsend Arthur Charles
Townsend Enoch Albert Edward
Townsend Ernest Samuel
Townsend Lewis William
Townsend V. W.
Tozer E. F.
Tracey Sydney Thornhill
Tranter Arnold Victor
Trapnell Arthur Lumsden
Trapp William Henry
Trappitt George Arthur
Travers Howard M. O.
Travers James
Travis Arthur
Travis Harold
Travis W. H.
Trayler A. A.
Treacher Joseph
Treadgold Walter
Trebble Thomas James
Trebilcock John
Treble Walter
Tregelles Joseph Hingston
Tregenza Alan
Tregenza Charles Wilfrid
Tregenza Douglas
Tregenza Walter A.
Treharne Edgar
Treherne Francis William
Tremewan John Edward Nankiwell
Tremewan Thomas Bernard
Trenchard Frank
Trent Gerald Ewart Sherborne
Trent Hubert Charles
Trenwith Albert Edward
Trevascus S. J. S.
Trevelyan Robert C.
Trevena John  George
Trevett John Henry
Trew Harold F.
Trezise W. W.
Tricker William Ebenezer
Tridgell Arthur E.
Trigg Jonathan
Trillon C.
Trim Walter
Trimnell Abraham Joseph
Trimnell Henry John
Trimnell William
Tring Francis William
Tring William Edward Henry
Tritton Charles Edward
Tritton Frederick James
Tritton Frederick John
Tritton William A.
Troman Edmund Henry
Trotman Hedley Charles
Trotter Eli Ernest
Trotter Johnson Crawford
Trotter William
True J. C.
Trueman Harold
Tipling Arthur M.

Truman D. E.
Truman J. W.
Truslove William Joseph
Trussler Arthur William
Trussler Frederick William
Trustrum James Arthur
Truswell Arthur
Truswell Frederick
Truswell Philip
Tubbey E. W.
Tuck Albert
Tuck Arthur H.
Tuck Charles William
Tuck H. E.
Tucker A. G.
Tucker C. G.
Tucker C. H.
Tucker Daniel
Tucker E. F.
Tucker Frederick Leonard
Tucker Frederick Stanley
Tucker George Ernest
Tucker Herbert Victor
Tucker John
Tucker Samuel Arthur
Tucker William
Tudge James Josiah
Tuke Foston
Tulloch Alexander Guthrie
Tulloch Thomas Charles
Tunbridge George Alfred
Tunks Charles G.
Tunley A. A.
Tunstall R.
Tunstall Ralph Thomas
Tuppen C. G.
Turland Harry Frank
Turnage Robert Charles
Turnbull A. W.
Turnbull Gilbert
Turnbull R. S.
Turnbull Robert
Turnbull William
Turner Alfred
Turner Arthur E.
Turner Arthur Edgar
Turner B. S.
Turner C. E.
Turner C. F.
Turner Charles Henry
Turner Coupe
Turner E. A.
Turner Edwin
Turner Ernest Harry
Turner Ernest James
Turner Ernest Walter
Turner F. D.
Turner Fred
Turner Frederick W.
Turner G. A.
Turner George
Turner H.
Turner Holmes
Turner J.
Turner James Bedell
Turner Lewis George
Turner Malcolm
Turner S. W.
Turner Samuel
Turner Stanley
Turner Sydney
Turner Sydney
Turner Sydney Robert
Turner T. L.
Turner W. E.
Turner Walter F.
Turner Walter John
Turner William
Turner William Edwin Oatway
Turner William Frederick
Turner William Henry
Turpin Herbert William
Turtle Arthur
Turton Harold
Turton J. E.
Turton Thomas
Turton William Leonard
Turvey Andrew
Turvey John Hilton
Turvey Norman
Twaites Arthur J.
Tweedale T.
Twelves Edwin C.
Twelves Walter K.
Twilley F. C.
Twilley Horace Gladstone
Twiney Walter Owen
Twist Charles
Twort Henry Allen
Twort James Lionel
Twyman Frederick
Twyman Thomas Alonzo
Tydeman W. E.
Tye Ernest
Tyldesley Richard
Tyler F. J.
Tyler Gurney de Courcy
Tyler Harold  Victor
Tyler Percy Douglas
Tyrer Arthur Edward
Tyrrell A. J.
Tyrrell Alfred William
Tyrrell Frederick Augustus
Tyrrell G. W.
Tyrrell William George
Tysoe Victor W.
Tyson David