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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the names of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.

Nachman D. L.
Naesmith John Sinclair
Nairn David
Nairne Stanley
Naish Arthur Duncan
Naish Paul John
Naish Samuel C.
Naismith Thomas Robertson
Napthine Edwin David
Napthine Frederick John
Napthine George Lawrence
Napthine Robert Amos
Narraway Robert Henry
Nash Charles Henry Prentice
Nash Eric L.
Nash G. W. or W. G.
Nash George
Nash Herbert James
Nash John Edward
Nash Joseph George
Nash Percival Edward Gumm
Nash R.
Nash S.
Nathan Samuel
Naulls J. C.
Naumann Ludwig
Nay J.
Naylor Albert
Naylor James William
Naylor S.
Naylor Walter Herbert
Naysmith Archibald Brown
Neal Graham H.
Neal John Wilfred
Neale D.
Neale Frederick George
Neale George Henry Edward
Neale Henry G.
Neale W. R.
Near Herbert W.
Near Stanley Robert
Neate Charles John
Neate Reginald Aslin
Neate Robert Dockerill
Neave Basil
Neave Newman
Neaves(or 'Neeves') Percy
Nedder man George Herbert
Neeve C. A.
Negri Ricardo
Negus Francis Ebenezer
Neighbour George John
Neil C.
Neilly G.

Neilson George Alexander
Neilson John
Neilson John Clifford
Neilson Richard Scott
Neilson William
Nelmes Howard
Nelmes W. Norman
Nelmes William
Nelson A.
Nelson C. E.
Nelson Edwin
Nelson Frank
Nelson George
Nelson George
Nelson John Millar
Nelson Leonard
Nelson Robert Alexander
Nelson Robert Percy
Nesbitt Ashton
Nesbitt John Moxon
Ness Thomas
Ness William
Nettleton David
Neturil R.
Neuville F. M.
Nevard Frederick
Neville A. E.
Neville J. P.
Nevines Albert
Nevins Joseph
Nevinson Christopher R. W.
Nevinson Henry Wood
New Arthur Allen
Newall John William
Newbery A. C.
Newbery A. E.
Newbold Fred
Newbold George Richard
Newbold J. T. Walton
Newby William Henry
Newby William Theodore
Newell George  Herbert
Newell Stanley Terrell
Newell Wilfred Samuel
Newey Albert Henry
Newland George Douglas
Newlands Alex M.
Newlands Alexander
Newlands J.
Newlove Samuel J.
Newman A.
Newman Arthur
Newman Arthur Edward
Newman Bertie Oliver
Newman E. W.
Newman F. E.
Newman F. H.

Newman F. H.
Newman H.
Newman Jack/John
Newman John Henry
Newman Lionel
Newman Mark
Newman Maximilian H.A.
Newman Septimus
Newnham C. J.
Newnham F. G.
Newnham W. E.
Newsome William
Newton A. M.
Newton Clifford
Newton Edward Davey
Newton James
Newton Norman Ewart
Newton William Robert
Nice Richard
Nichol H.
Nichol James
Nicholas Nun
Nicholas R. A.
Nicholas R. J.
Nicholas Robert J. S. or W.
Nicholas Thomas Evan
Nicholl Ernest Hodgson
Nicholl Samuel
Nicholls E. H. C.
Nicholls Edvard J.
Nicholls Ernest E.
Nicholls H. R.
Nicholls Thomas A.
Nichols E.
Nichols Frank
Nichols Percy
Nicholson Bertie
Nicholson Frank Cockroft
Nicholson Frederick
Nicholson Harold
Nicholson John
Nicholson John
Nicholson John Main
Nicholson Joseph Urbane
Nickalls John  Lawrence
Nickells George Douglas
Nickson Leonard
Nicol James
Nicol James Bell
Nicol Robert
Nicol Robert
Nicoll Samuel Arthur John
Nicols Ernest A.
Nicolson Alexander
Nidd H. T.
Nield George
Nield H.
Nigh Robert

Nightingale Stanley
Nightingale Thomas
Nilsson George Edward
Niman Abraham
Nimmo William Charles
Nimun J.
Nisbet A. G.
Nisbet Matthew
Nissen Albert William
Nix John William
Nix Leonard Thomas
Nix Sidney Richard
Nixon Isaac
Nixon Job
Nixon Leonard Ewart
Nixon William
Noakes Alfred Smith
Noakes Ernest
Nobbs Frederick
Nobbs William James
Nobes Sidney H.
Noble Ben Allen
Noble D. A. or D. H.
Noble George
Noble J. B.
Noble Nicholas
Noble Oliver
Noble Robert Henry
Noble William
Noblett Henry
Nockels A.
Nockolds H
Noel-Baker Phillip John
Noel George
Nolan David
Nolan W.
Nolan William J.
Nonweiler Frederick Henry William
Noonan George William
Norcliffe Fred
Norcross William
Noreland G. A.
Norman Alfred Edward
Norman Clarence Henry
Norman David William
Norman E. R.
Norman Frank
Norman Frederick William
Norman George
Norman Henry John
Norman Isaac Leonard
Norman Percy William
Norris Arthur Whitaker
Norris George Edward
Norris Gilbert Somerset
Norris H. G.
Norris Herbert

Norris Reginald Frank
Norris Rutherford Charles
Norris Stanley
Norris T.
Norris William Walter
Norrish Henry Frank
Norster Henry Charles
North Alec
North Ernest E.
North John
North Stanley Kennedy
Northcott Ernest W.
Northing Clarence Willie
Norton Albert
Norton Arthur
Norton Eddy
Norton Henry
Norton Henry T. J.
Norton J. C.
Norton J. C.
Norton John William
Norton Philip Albert
Norton William Henry
Norwood D.
Norwood William
Norwood William Ernest
Noschke Richard
Notley Arthur Ralph
Nott W. J.
Nottingham P.
Nowell Herbert Wilfrid
Nugent Alec B.
Nunan Ernest
Nunan John
Nunn Ernest
Nunn George
Nunney R.
Nursaw James Andrew
Nurse Edmund
Nurse Frank
Nurse Walter Reuben
Nutman John William
Nutt John Alfred
Nuttall Arthur
Nuttall B.
Nuttall George
Nuttall George
Nuttall James
Nuttall Thomas
Nuttall William Vernon
Nutter Archibald
Nutter Henry
Nutter W. H.
Nye Oscar Sears