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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the names of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.

Lacey William Samuel
Lack Albert Henry
Lack Nehemiah
Lack W. P.
Lacroix Alphonse Henry
Ladler Mowbray Davis
Lafferty Henry
Laidlaw A. D.
Laidler George
Laight Herbert
Lailey John Edward
Lailey T. H.
Laing Allan McDonald
Laitner Myer
Lake A. H.
Lake Albert
Lake C. E.
Lake Ernest Trevelyan
Lake Horace Frederick
Lake R. J.
Lake Samuel E.
Lake William
Laker O. H. or C. H.
Lale Charles William
Lamb Ernest W.
Lamb G. H.
Lamb George F.
Lamb John Alexander
Lamb John Tempest
Lamb Joseph
Lamb Joseph Binnie
Lamb Leonard Benjamin
Lamb Robert Francis Thomas
Lamb Stanley W.
Lamb W. J.
Lambert Brothers
Lambert Archie
Lambert Edward
Lambert Philip Molineaux
Lambert R. S.
Lambert R. T.
Lambert Spencer Richard Hordy
Lambert T. W.
Lambert W. F.
Lambert Wilfred
Lamborn George William
Lambourn Alfred
Lambourn H.
Lamburn Samuel
Laming William E.
Lamont Donald
Lamont John Ferrier
Lamprell Alliston J. C.
Lancaster James Leslie Stafford
Lancaster John Henry
Lanchester Waldo Sullivan
Land J. W. C.
Land W. H.
Lander Albert Jesse
Lander Charles
Lander H. Clapham
Lander Percival
Lander Raymond H.
Lander W. H.
Landers James
Landless Hubert
Lane Albert
Lane Alfred John
Lane Arthur
Lane Edward George
Lane F.
Lane F. H.
Lane Frederick Perryman
Lane H. J.
Lane Hubert
Lane J. W. T.
Lane Percy
Lane Terence
Lane Thomas
Lane W. G.
Lane W. H.
Lane William Percy
Lane William Thomas
Lang Samuel
Langdale Walter
Langdon-Davies Bernard Noel
Langdon-Davies John Eric
Langford Arthur Stanley
Langford Frederick Robert
Langford Thomas William
Langford W. H.
Langford W. J.
Langleben Isaac
Langleben Maurice
Langley Harold William
Langmead Sydney Albert
Langston Harold Kalen Warr
Langton Percy Osborne
Lansdell Arthur Norman
Lansdell William H. S.
Lansdowne Winchcombe Howard Hartley
Lapish E.
Lapish Frank Aubrey
Lapwood Charles
Lapworth Francis J.
Larden Frederick Arthur
Lardent Joseph Charles
Larkin R.
Larkinson Albert Gazeley
Larkman Percy Horace Payne E.
Lash Alfred William
Lasinsky Abraham
Laskell E. G.
Laskey J. J.
Latchmore Thomas William
Latham Frederick
Latham William Walter
Latimer William
Latter Alfred Edward
Laucht Carl
Laurence Albert G.
Laurence John
Laurie Charles Weson
Laurie John Munro Beauley
Lauriston Alexander
Lauth Clarence Harold
Laverack Albert
Laverack Reginald
Lavers G. S.
Law Ashley Charles
Law Ernest
Law Godfrey Eldon
Law Herbert George
Law J. L.
Law Mark
Law William Edwin
Law Wright
Lawes A.
Lawes Arthur
Lawes Arthur John
Lawes Ernest H.
Lawes Frank Burgess
Lawless George
Lawley Francis Edmund
Lawrance Albert George
Lawrence Albert
Lawrence Archibald Thomas
Lawrence Arthur Gordon
Lawrence James William George
Lawrence Joseph
Lawrence Richard Edward
Lawrence William Henry
Lawrie Allan Scott
Lawson A. W.
Lawson Bernard Griffin
Lawson Ernest
Lawson Frederick
Lawson George H.
Lawson J.
Lawson J. W.
Lawson R. G.
Lawson Thomas Henry
Lawson Walter
Lawson Walter
Lawther E.
Lawton E.
Lawton John
Lawton Robert W.
Lay H. G.
Lay Maurice Ralph
Laybourn Albert
Laycock Ernest
Laycock Isaac
Laycock James
Laycock William
Layton Joseph
Layton Matthew George
Lazarus Abraham
Lazarus Isaac
Lazarus Joseph
Lea Francis
Leach Edward Amos
Leach Hubert
Leach Joseph
Leach Joseph
Leach L. C.
Leader Eric Ernest
Leaf Fred Walton
Leah Harry Leslie
Leah Herbert Humphrey
Leah John Henry
Leal Harold
Leamy Albert Douglas
Lean Francis W. LeB.
Lean Oscar Bevan
Leaney Jarrett Edward
Lear William E.
Lear William Snowdon
Leary A. J.
Leary A. T.
Leary Ernest E.
Leary Joseph William
Leathley Arthur
Leaver Benjamin
Leaver Frank
Leaver George C.
Leaver N. H.
Leaver Walter Frederick
Leaver William
Leaver William
Leaver William Edward
Leavis Frank Raymond
Leavis Ralph Moore
Lebon John
Leck Arthur S.
Leckie John I.
LeClercq Francis Renouf
LeDieu C.
Lee Albert Charles
Lee Albert G.
Lee Albert Victor
Lee Arthur Frederick
Lee Arthur Isaac
Lee Arthur William
Lee Bernard
Lee C.
Lee Charles
Lee E. R.
Lee Ernest A.
Lee Ernest Alfred
Lee Ernest John
Lee F.
Lee George H.
Lee Irving
Lee J.
Lee J.
Lee J.
Lee Jabez
Lee Joseph David
Lee P.
Lee Richard Harper
Lee Sam
Lee Stanley Henry
Lee W. H.
Lee William H.
Leech Alfred
Leech Briggs
Leech Robert
Leeder Arthur Albert
Leeder Edward Ernest
Leek A. B.
Leek Charles Edward Ernest
Leek J.
Leeming Ernest
Lees Abraham
Lees Alva
Lees B. B.
Lees Charles Cholmley
Lees G. T.
Lees Geoffrey Austin
Lees George Thomas
Lees John Hall
Lees Robert
Lees Walter
Lees William
Lees William
Lees William Charles
Leese C. L.
Lefcovitch Harris
Lefcovitch Harry
Lefcovitch Harry C.
Legg William H.
Leggatt R.
Leicester Bryce
Leicester Edward Frederick
Leicester Mark
Leicester W. M.
Leif John Bertie
Leigh E. S.
Leigh Francis
Leigh Leonard Llewellyn James
Leigh M.
Leighton C.
Leighton Charles
Leighton Jack
Leitch James
Leitch Robert
Leitch William Gladstone
Leivers Harry
LeMaitre John Wilfred
Lempke Alec
Lempke Marks
Leng Charles W.
Leng R.
Lennard Harry
Lennell William Ernest
Lennie R.
Lennie William Newall
Lennox James
Lenton Frank
Lenton Harry
Leonard Ernest T.
Leonard Francis
Leonard J. R.
Leonard Owen
Leonard Percy Albert
Lerpiniere Horace Walter
Lesinsky A.
Leslie John
Leslie William
Lester Alwyn Leicester
Lester Arthur Verry
Lester C. R.
Lester Herbert
Lester Herbert Martin
Lester John Milner
Lester Thomas
Letheren William Harry
Lettin Henry C.
Levenson A.
Lever Charles
Lever Hector
Lever Thomas Stanley
Levinson Jacob
Levy Aaron
Levy Bernard
Levy Daniel Leon
Levy Jacob Marcus
Levy Lazarus
Levy William
Lewer Leonard
Lewington William
Lewis A.
Lewis A. F.
Lewis Albert Edward
Lewis Albert Ernest
Lewis Albert John
Lewis Austen Mansel
Lewis C.
Lewis Charles Gordon
Lewis D.
Lewis D. J.
Lewis David
Lewis David Stanley
Lewis David Thomas
Lewis David
Lewis E.
Lewis Eden
Lewis Edmund Roger
Lewis Edward Cyril
Lewis Evan
Lewis F.
Lewis F.
Lewis F. T. W.
Lewis Francis Arthur
Lewis Frederick
Lewis G.
Lewis John
Lewis J. A.
Lewis John Alfred
Lewis John L. T.
Lewis John Robert
Lewis Joseph
Lewis Leonard F.
Lewis Max Morris
Lewis R.
Lewis R.
Lewis Reginald
Lewis Russell J.
Lewis Stanley
Lewis Stanley
Lewis Sydney
Lewis T.
Lewis T.
Lewis T.
Lewis Thomas
Lewis Vivian
Lewis W.
Lewis W.
Lewis W.
Lewis W.
Lewis W.
Lewis Walter
Lewis Walter Henry Christopher
Lewis Walter Thomas
Lewis William
Lewis William
Lewis William A.
Lewis William Arthur
Lewis William Edward
Lewis William James
Lewis William John
Lewison George H.
Lewsey Robert
Ley Reginald Henry
Leyland J. T.
Libovitch Morris Abraham
Lichtenberg Arthur
Lidbetter Hubert
Lidbetter James
Liddy Douglas George
Lief John Bertie
Liery A.
Liesching William Enwright
Light William H.
Lighton Charles
Lightowler Ernest
Lightowler Gilbert
Lill Asher Samuel
Lilley Harold
Lilleyman Harry
Lime J. T.
Limond William G.
Linaker Frank
Lindars Cecil Henry
Lindars Frank Edwin
Linday James Alan
Linday Robert Keith
Linden Thomas
Lindley William
Lindsay R.
Lindsay S. G.
Lindsay Thomas McNeill
Lindsay William
Line David
Lines Frederick Thomas
Ling Ronald Julius
Lingard J. G.
Lingford Alexander
Lingford Henry Sutton Wheeler
Lingford Herbert Mushamp
Linley John
Linn Adam
Linney Bernard
Linscott Sidney
Linton A.
Linton Francis James
Lintott Charles William
Lipman Isaac
Lipschitz Abraham
Lipscombe C.
Lipscombe Frederick Charles
Literland James
Litherland W. H.
Lithgow Hector
Lithgow Samuel
Litten Aubrey Ernest
Litten Herbert Osborn
Litterington L.
Little Alfred Noah
Little Christopher
Little Ernest Thomas
Little F.
Little James C. H.
Little James Raymond
Little John F.
Little Wilfred R.
Little William Henry
Littleboy Alfred Herbert
Littleboy Geoffrey
Littleboy Gerald
Littleboy Maurice
Littleboy Ronald. J.
Littleboy Thomas Francis
Littleboy Wilfrid Ernest
Littlefield Charles A.
Littlejohn James
Littlejohn James Joseph
Littlejohn Joseph James
Littlewood Arthur
Littlewood Ernest
Littlewood John James
Littlewood Willie
Livermore Harry
Livermore William Henry
Livesley Charles Twemlow
Living Edwin
Livings Leonard James
Livingstone Alex Graham
Livingstone Douglas Charles
Livingstone John P.
Livingstone Neil
Livingstone William
Livingstone William Borthwick
Livock Stanley Gage
Lizar John
Llewellyn A. B.
Llewellyn E. J.
Llewellyn Ivor
Llewellyn J.
Llewellyn John
Lloyd A. George
Lloyd A. W.
Lloyd Albert
Lloyd Bertram
Lloyd Charles Alfred
Lloyd Edward Thomas
Lloyd Eric J.
Lloyd F. J.
Lloyd Frank Godwin
Lloyd Gerald B.
Lloyd Isaac B.
Lloyd John
Lloyd John E.
Lloyd John Edward
Lloyd Jonathan
Lloyd Ronald Llewellyn
Lloyd T. Alwyn
Lloyd Thomas
Lloyd W. Davies
Loader E. G.
Lobb Thomas William
Lobikis Joseph
Lock Cyril Edward Leonard
Lock H. G.
Lock H. W.
Lock Harold William
Lock T. H.
Lock William Roland
Locke A. R.
Locke Albert
Locke Ernest A.
Locke H. W.
Locker William Henry
Lockett Spencer Alfred
Lockton Harry
Lockwood G. W.
Lockwood William Henry
Lodge A. J.
Lodge Harold
Lodge Irvin
Lodge Simon Dinsdale
Lodge Thomas
Lodge William Henry
Lodington H. E. W.
Lodwig John Harris
Lofthouse Norman
Lofthouse Thomas George
Lofty G.
Logan James
Logan John
Logan Ross
Logan William Livingstone
Lomas Charles
Lomax Albert William
Lomax Henry Edward
London E.
London James Purdy
London John
Long Arthur Henry
Long C. W.
Long David Staples
Long Douglas Nevill
Long E. N.
Long Ernest
Long Frederick
Long J. N.
Long James Ronald
Long John Albert
Long Kenneth Yorke
Long O.
Long Robert John
Long W.
Long William Ewart
Long William James Henry
Longbottom W. H.
Longbottom W. S.
Longden Fred
Longes Sydney H.
Longfoot A.
Longley Cyrus
Longley John
Longman William H.
Longson J. E. or W. E.
Longstaffe C.
Longstaffe Herbert Harold
Longstaffe James Bramwell
Longton Ernest
Longworth A.
Longworth John
Longworth R.
Longworth William H.
Lonsdale William
Look Albert
Look Charles E.
Look George Frederick
Look Henry William

Look Walter
Looker Samuel
Loraine James Kinlayside
Lord Alexander Watson
Lord H.
Lord H.
Lord Harold
Lord Harry
Lord Samuel
Lord W. J.
Lord Walter
Lorden F. A.
Lorimer Peter
Lotcho Isaac Henry
Lothian George Yates
Lothian Sydney Caspar
Loudon John E.
Loudon Joseph E.
Loudon Joseph
Lound Bertram Robert
Lovedee W. H.
Lovegrove Joseph Charles
lovelace W. H.
Loveless W. A.
Lovell Edward P.
Lovell J.
Lovell James
Lovell R. P.
Lovell W.
Lovell Walter J.
Lovett William
Low Andrew
Low Ewan McKinnon
Low George
Low John
Low Ryan
Lowde Herbert Charles
Lowden G. H.
Lowe A. or H.
Lowe Arthur Chitty
Lowe Harry William
Lowe Henry William
Lowe Herbert
Lowe L. A.
Lowe Richard John Owen
Lowe Sidney B.
Lowe Thomas
Lowe W. H.
Lowe William
Lowe William Swart
Lowe William W.
Lowen Archibald Henry
Lowen George Frederick
Lower Albert Francis
Lower Arthur Andrew
Lower Marcus Anthony
Lown Robert Armstrong
Lowndes R.
Lowry William Robert
Lowson Thomas Cockeral
Lowther J. W.
Lowton W. H.
Loxton E. R.
Lucas A.
Lucas Albert
Lucas Frank Henry
Lucas Henry Edward
Lucas W. G.
Luck John Richard
Ludlam E. B.
Ludlam Ernest Bowman
Ludlow Arthur Herbert
Luff Charles
Luff Ernest
Luffman Harry Perceval
Luke Cecil Erastus
Luke E. S.
Luker Charles
Lumb Albert Briggs
Lumb John F.
Lumb Percy
Lummis Geoffrey
Lumsden George
Lundy Arthur
Lunn A.
Lunn A. H. M.
Lunn J. A.
Lunn William
Lunnon Robert G.
Lunt Henry Julian
Lunt Joseph
Lunt Samuel
Lunt Walter T.
Lupton Frank G.
Lupton H. B.
Lupton Harry
Lupton Samuel
Lupton Thomas Armitage
Lusher Thomas Heddle
Lusher Gordon
Lutman Alfred J. V.
Lutson A.
Luvers A.
Luxford Thomas
Lyall Laurence
Lycett Charles Vivien
Lye Frank Pascoe
Lyes Herbert Frederick
Lyle Charle. Erenest
Lyle William
Lynch Edward
Lyness John Samuel
Lynn Alfred
Lyon Arthur William Douglas
Lyon Franklin
Lyon J.