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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the namse of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
Your support by helping us increase, update or correct information is welcome and can easily be made via this form.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.

Jack P.
Jackaman R. W.
Jackson A. R.
Jackson A. R.
Jackson Alfred Henry
Jackson Archibald
Jackson C. J.
Jackson Charles
Jackson Charles E.
Jackson Charles Rowland
Jackson E. A.
Jackson E. W.
Jackson F. D. S.
Jackson F. G.
Jackson Francis Frederick
Jackson G. E.
Jackson George Davies
Jackson H. S.
Jackson Harmand
Jackson Harry
Jackson Herbert Guy
Jackson Howard Bevington
Jackson Hugo Harrison
Jackson J.
Jackson J. B.
Jackson James
Jackson James
Jackson James
Jackson John
Jackson John
Jackson John Herbert
Jackson John Merton
Jackson K. T.
Jackson Lawrence Thwaite
Jackson Matthew Henry
Jackson Reginald Walsh
Jackson Richard
Jackson Stanley H.
Jackson T.
Jackson Theodore Stanley
Jackson Thomas
Jackson Thomas
Jackson Thomas Alfred
Jackson Thomas E.
Jackson Thomas Harry
Jackson Thomas Salton
Jackson W. H.
Jackson W. H. McI.
Jackson Walter H.
Jackson Wilfrid R.
Jackson William
Jackson William
Jackson William
Jacobs Harry
Jacobs Harry
Jacques Frank
Jacques William
Jagger J.
Jakeman D. C.
James A. H.
James A. R.
James Albert
James Albert Leverson
James Alfred Ernest
James Allen Collier
James Arthur
James Arthur
James Benjamin
James Conway Godfrey
James Edward Belcher
James Edwin Bede
James Ernest J.
James Frank Ernest
James Fred
James G.
James George Douglas
James Harold
James Harold Ernest
James Henry
James Horace William
James Hubert Thomas Edwin
James Ivor Baillie
James Jenkin William
James Norman Harold
James Reginald Turner
James T. G.
James T. H. K.
James Tom Herbert
James Walter
James William Bevan
Jameson Ernest
Jamieson Archibald
Jamieson J. D.
Jamieson J. G.
Jannaway Arthur Herbert
Jardine Irvine George
Jardine W.
Jardine Walter
Jarrett Harold Frank
Jarrett J. C.
Jarrett Sidney Frank
Jarvie James
Jarvie John
Jarvis A. G.
Jarvis A. R.
Jarvis Arthur J.
Jarvis C.
Jarvis C. H.
Jarvis Frederick
Jarvis John
Jarvis Leslie G.
Jarvis Sidney F.
Jarvis Walter
Jarvis Walter W.
Jay Benjamin Thomas
Jay Herbert Samuel
Jaycock Harry Albert
Jeacock William Robert George
Jeanes William Ernest
Jeans Robert Alexander
Jeavons George D.
Jeffcoat J.
Jefferey Alfred
Jefferey Arthur
Jefferies H.
Jefferson H. Lewis
Jeffery C. J.
Jeffery F. C.
Jeffery George Barker MA BSc.
Jeffery John Clement Hamilton
Jeffery William J. Eaton
Jefferys Guy
Jefferys Harold
Jeffrey Bernard
Jeffrey E. M.
Jeffrey Laurence Frederick
Jelley Charles Thomas
Jelleyman William C.
Jenkin John Harold
Jenkins A.
Jenkins A. L.
Jenkins Arthur
Jenkins B.
Jenkins D. I.
Jenkins D. L.
Jenkins Daniel
Jenkins Daniel
Jenkins David
Jenkins E. J.
Jenkins E. L.
Jenkins F.
Jenkins Frank Victor
Jenkins Frederick
Jenkins G.
Jenkins George R.
Jenkins J.
Jenkins J. V.
Jenkins James
Jenkins John Owen
Jenkins Oliver
Jenkins P. M.
Jenkins S.
Jenkins W. J.
Jenkins Wilfred
Jenkins Wilfred
Jenkins William James
Jenkinson J. T.
Jenkinson James Albert Theodore
Jenks James Thomas
Jenner Ernest William L.
Jenner Sydney
Jenner William Stanley
Jennings G. S.
Jennings J. H.
Jennings J. P.
Jennings L. C.
Jennings Silvanus James
Jennings Stanley S.
Jennings Thomas Edward
Jennings W.
Jennings Wilfred E.
Jennings William Henry
Jermy Willie Golder
Jerrett William James
Jervis Richard Henry
Jesper Arnold
Jesper Wilfred
Jessop Arthur
Jessop Frederick George
Jessop Lawrence
Jessop Leonard Samson
Jessop Percy Phillipson
Jessop W. S. L.
Jessop W. W.
Jewell Alfred George
Jewell F.
Jewson John Christopher
Jigins Harold Alfred
Jillings Frederick Thomas William
Jobson John George
John (or 'Jones') Charles W.
John B. B. Jones
John Gwilym
John Ivor
John J.
John J. L.John James A.
John W. N.
John W. R.
John William Dudleck
Johncock Ernest George
Johncock Ernest Henry
Johns Arthur Edward
Johns George William
Johns John
Johns William
Johnson Albert
Johnson Albert Mordecai
Johnson Albert W.
Johnson Bernard
Johnson Charles Henry
Johnson David Henry
Johnson E. H.
Johnson Edward Henry
Johnson Edward W.
Johnson Edward
Johnson Eric B.
Johnson Ernest A.
Johnson Ernest Leonard
Johnson Ernest Norman
Johnson Ernest William
Johnson F. L. G.
Johnson F. R.
Johnson Fred. W.
Johnson G. P.
Johnson George James
Johnson H. B.
Johnson H. E.
Johnson H. J.
Johnson Harry Chadwick
Johnson Henry
Johnson Horace Pugsley
Johnson J.
Johnson J.
Johnson J. H.
Johnson James William
Johnson John
Johnson John Frederick
Johnson Joseph
Johnson Leonard Charles
Johnson Leonard Geoffery
Johnson M. C.
Johnson Percy
Johnson Percy John
Johnson Reginald
Johnson Richard W.
Johnson S.
Johnson Samuel
Johnson Sidney
Johnson Stephen K.
Johnson T.
Johnson Terence Charles
Johnson Thomas
Johnson W.
Johnson W.
Johnson W.
Johnson W.
Johnson W. N.
Johnson William
Johnson William E.
Johnson William Oliver
Johnston A.
Johnston Arthur Joseph
Johnston B. J.
Johnston Edward William
Johnston George
Johnston Stephen Vayro
Johnston Walter
Johnstone David
Johnstone James
Johnstone James
Johnstone Thomas
Johnstone William
Johnstone William Arthur
Joiner Arthur W.
Joll A. N.
Jolley Charles
Jolley Robert
Jolley Walter
Jolliffe Eric Reginald
Jones A. E.
Jones A. E.
Jones A. E.
Jones A. E.
Jones A. J.
Jones A. S.
Jones A. W.
Jones Albert Francis
Jones Alfred
Jones Aneurin
Jones Arthur
Jones Arthur Creech
Jones Arthur E.
Jones Arthur E.
Jones Arthur G.
Jones Arthur Morley
Jones Arthur Stephen
Jones B. A.
Jones B. T. L.
Jones Ben Albert
Jones Ben Hwyrnos
Jones Benjamin
Jones Benjamin
Jones C. O.
Jones C. T. T.
Jones C. W.
Jones Charles Henry Stanley
Jones Charles W.
Jones Charles William
Jones Cyril Trevor
Jones David
Jones David
Jones David A.
Jones David Caradog
Jones David Henry
Jones David James
Jones David Lewis
Jones David Lloyd
Jones Doyley Amos
Jones E.
Jones E.
Jones E.
Jones E.
Jones E. L.
Jones E. P.
Jones Eddie
Jones Edmund
Jones Edward
Jones Edward
Jones Edward Albert
Jones Enoch
Jones Ernest
Jones Evan
Jones Evan Griffith
Jones F.
Jones F. G.
Jones Francis
Jones Francis Duncan
Jones Frank Ernest
Jones Frederick Albert
Jones G.
Jones G. W.
Jones George
Jones George H.
Jones Griffith Richard
Jones H.
Jones H. B.
Jones H. C.
Jones H. J.
Jones Harry
Jones Harry William
Jones Henry R.
Jones Horace John
Jones Horace Arthur
Jones Howard Barrow
Jones Howell Emrys
Jones Hugh Stanley
Jones Hugh Thomas
Jones I. J.
Jones Iolo
Jones J.
Jones J.
Jones J.
Jones J. E.
Jones J. Eli
Jones J. G.
Jones J. H.
Jones J. H.
Jones J. J.
Jones J. McD.
Jones J. P. or J. G.
Jones J. R.
Jones Jack
Jones James
Jones James
Jones James
Jones James G.
Jones James J.
Jones James Rushton John Llewellyn
Jones Joe
Jones John Lewis
Jones John Parry
Jones John Selwyn
Jones John T.
Jones Jonathan
Jones Joseph
Jones Joseph Omri
Jones Joseph Parry
Jones Joseph William
Jones L.
Jones L. J.
Jones Laurance Egerton
Jones Lawrence
Jones Leonard
Jones Lewis Emlyn
Jones Llewellyn
Jones M.
Jones M.
Jones Matthew
Jones Morell Hopkins
Jones Morgan
Jones Owen
Jones Owen
Jones Owen A.
Jones Patrick
Jones Percy Ogwen
Jones Percy P.
Jones Philip John
Jones R.
Jones R. Ivor
Jones R. J.
Jones Richard Dawson
Jones Richard John
Jones Robert
Jones Robert
Jones Robert Arthur
Jones Robert Charles
Jones S
Jones S.
Jones S.
Jones S.
Jones S. L.
Jones S. W.
Jones Samuel
Jones Samuel J.
Jones Sydney Langford
Jones T.
Jones T. E.
Jones T. I.
Jones T. J.
Jones T. W.
Jones Tachweddyn Gyn
Jones Thomas
Jones Thomas
Jones Thomas
Jones Thomas Bryn
Jones Thomas H.
Jones Thomas Henry
Jones Thomas William
Jones Tom
Jones V.
Jones W. A.
Jones W. E.
Jones W.
Jones W. O.
Jones Walter
Jones Walter Henry
Jones Watkin Ivor
Jones Wilfred
Jones Wilfred Thomas
Jones Wilfrid
Jones William
Jones William
Jones William
Jones William
Jones William Ewart
Jones William Henry
Jones William Henry
Jones William Owen
Jones William Owen
Jones William Percival
Jones William Stanley
Jope Eddy Thomas
Jordan Archibald
Jordan Philip Belcher
Jordan William Henry
Joscelyne Albert E.
Joselin Harry Vernon
Joseph Edward
Joseph Edward
Josey Arthur
Joslin Leonard Ernest
Joslin William Maurice Charles
Josling Frederick Richard
Jowett Herman
Jowett Hermon Melville
Jowett J. W.
Jowett Verney Harcourt
Joy Henry
Joyce James Henry
Joyce Samuel Graham
Joynes Henry Lewis
Judd A. C.
Judd Arthur Edwin
Judd Robert William
Judge Ernest
Judson William
Juleff Stuart
Jullie Frederick Gustave