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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the names of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.

Eagle Edgar Cyril
Eagle Frederick John
Eagle Ronald Clarke
Eagleton L. A.
Eames A. H.
Eames Felix Henry
Early Walter William
Earnshaw Arthur
Earnshaw J. S.
Earnshaw Robert
Earp John Rosslyn
Earthy Charles James
Earwaker G.
Eason Alec B.
East C. B.
East F.
East Frederick Richard
East R.
Easter Edward Frederick
Easterford William George
Eastman A. H.
Eastman D. C.
Eastman D. S.
Eastman Walter Weldon
Easton H. J.
Easton Thomas
Eastwood Albert Victor
Eastwood David
Eastwood Frank
Eastwood George Henry
Eastwood John Charles
Eastwood John Wilfred
Eastwood William
Eaton George Henry
Eaton Horace
Eaton J. J.
Eatough Richard
Eaves H. W.
Ebben H.
Ebeling H. P.
Ebeling Leslie Edgar
Eccles H.
Eccles Herbert
Eccles J.
Eccles W.
Eccleshall Frank Leslie
Ecclestone Percy
Eckersley Herbert
Eckersley Stanley Baron
Eckert J.
Ecroyd Wilfrid R.
Eddie George Brand
Eddington Arthur J.
Eddington Arthur Stanley
Eddington W. C.
Eddington W. F.
Eddleston Robert
Edees Harold
Eden Christopher Gabriel
Eden Henry W.
Eden William Denis
Edgar Thomas
Edge Albert
Edge Herbert
Edge J. G.
Edkins Cyril
Edkins William H.
Edmond George William
Edmond P. C.
Edmond William B.
Edmonds A. C.
Edmonds Joseph Richard
Edmonds Thomas Stephen
Edmondson A. E.
Edmondson H. H.
Edmondson S.
Edmondson William Hollingsworth
Edmund P. C.
Edmund William
Edmunds Martin
Edmundson Herbert Henry
Edmundson Herbert Henry
Edmundson Herbert W.
Edmundson John E.
Edney A. E.
Edward J. B.
Edwardes F. W.
Edwards A. R.
Edwards Alfred Robert
Edwards Allen
Edwards Dan
Edwards E. J.
Edwards E. O.
Edwards E. W.
Edwards Ernest
Edwards F.
Edwards F. E.
Edwards Francis Henry
Edwards Frederick Ernest
Edwards George William
Edwards H. Norman
Edwards Harold
Edwards Harry
Edwards Henry
Edwards J.
Edwards Leonard
Edwards M. H.
Edwards Onesimus
Edwards Owen
Edwards Philemon James
Edwards Plenydd
Edwards Stewart
Edwards Thomas Griffiths
Edwards William
Edwards William
Edwards William Henry
Eele Arthur George
Eeles S.
Efemy Ernest Alfred
Efemy Frederick Elijah
Efemy Leonard Robert Kerton
Efemy Walter E.
Effield Fred Harrison
Egerton Herbert
Eggleston Albert
Ehrbach A. E.
Ehrlich Bertram A.
Elam Lawrence
Eland Richard Whinster
Elcock Charles Ernest
Elder Frank
Elding Lawrence
Eldon G.
Eldridge Alfred
Eldridge Ernest George
Eley Alfred
Eley H. C.
Elford Harry Woolley
Elgar R. W.
Elias Edgar
Elias Ernest Rutherford
Eliott Arnold
Eliott Ralph
Elkins Harry
Ellarby Stanley
Ellerton F. C.
Elliman Albert
Elliott Albert Ernest
Elliott C. A.
Elliott D.
Elliott Edwin
Elliott Frank
Elliott George William Herbert
Elliott Griffith
Elliott Hedley R.
Elliott Henry
Elliott J. J.
Elliott J. P.
Elliott James
Elliott John William
Elliott Joseph Charles Stuart
Elliott Norman Rowley
Elliott Thomas Charles
Elliott William
Elliott William George
Elliott William George
Ellis Alexander
Ellis Arthur
Ellis Bernard John
Ellis C. H.
Ellis E. M.
Ellis Edgar Whittaker
Ellis Edward R.
Ellis Evan Thomas
Ellis G. H.
Ellis George John
Ellis H.
Ellis H.
Ellis Harold T.
Ellis Herbert Edward
Ellis Hiram
Ellis J. A.
Ellis James M.
Ellis John
Ellis L.
Ellis Percy
Ellis Phillip
Ellis R. M.
Ellis Richard E.
Ellis T. L.
Ellis Thomas
Ellis Thomas Ernest
Ellis W. A.
Ellisbury A.
Ellison Sidney
Ellison Thomas Henry
Ellison William John
Elliss Edwin
Elloway Percy
Elphick Geoffrey Horace
Elsdon Arthur James
Elsdon J.
Elsdon J. A.
Elsey Alfred J.
Elson Horace Henry
Elson Ronald John
Elson T. A.
Elston C. Victor
Elston E. H.
Elsworth Richard
Elvin Herbert Henry
Elwell John Herbert
Ely Harold
Emberson E. T.
Emberson Frederick Francis Thomas
Emberton Edgar
Emeny A.
Emery Charles
Emery Clifford James George
Emery E.
Emery Edward John
Emmens Ernest Joseph
Emmett Arthur
Emmett Ernest William
Emmons A. L.
Emsley Arthur Mario
Emslie David
Emson E.
Emson Edmund
Endbinder Harris
England A. G.
England E. H.
England Ernest
England G. W.
England Habbersh
England Horace
England John W.
England Luther
England Matthew
England Noel B.
England P. G.
Engleman Jonah
English George F.
English Harold
English J.
English John M.
English W. E.
Enock Arthur Graham
Ensoll Theodore John
Ensor John Percival Stanley
Entwistle Arthur
Entwistle Ernest LeRoy
Entwistle John
Entwistle Joseph
Entwistle Maurice
Entwistle T.
Entwistle Tom
Entwistle W. R. L.
Entwistle W. T.
Entwistle William
Entwistle William M.
Eoare J.
Eppstein J. C. N.
Epstein Alexander
Epstein Elias Maurice
Erasmuson William
Erfurt Max Henry
Erith Walter J.
Ermons A. L.
Errington J.
Errington Percy Willie
Errington Robert George
Erskine J. C.
Escott Frederick
Esmond A. W.
Espiner J. T.
Essam Horace G.
Estell Jacob
Estell Sydney
Etheridge Ernest William
Etheridge Timothy
Eungblut Alfred E.
Eustace F. H.
Evans Albert Edward
Evans Alfred William
Evans Arthur
Evans Arthur D.
Evans D. J.
Evans D. L.
Evans David
Evans David
Evans David J.
Evans E.
Evans E. D.
Evans E. J. B.
Evans E. W.
Evans Edward William
Evans Edwin James
Evans Emlyn Evan
Evans Evan Ellis
Evans Fred W.
Evans Frederick Bowen
Evans G.
Evans G.
Evans H.
Evans H. A.
Evans Henry Rees
Evans Herbert
Evans Howard Vincent
Evans I. P.
Evans Ivor
Evans J.
Evans J. H.
Evans J. J.
Evans J. W.
Evans John Llewellyn
Evans John Llewellyn
Evans John William
Evans John William
Evans M.
Evans M. L.
Evans Morgan
Evans N. L.
Evans Owen James
Evans P. L.
Evans R. Glyn
Evans Richard
Evans Robert
Evans T.
Evans Thomas
Evans Thomas H.
Evans Thomas Henry
Evans Urim Ceri
Evans W.
Evans W. B.
Evans Warren Ernest
Evans William
Evans William
Evans William
Evans William John
Eve Marcus Huntington
Evennett Wallace
Evens E. D.
Evens Frederick William
Evens T. Nelson
Everall Edgar
Everest J.
Everett Ernest F. Cecil
Everett H. G.
Everett M.
Everett Russell Benjamin S.
Everitt Arthur J.
Evershed Frederick Francis
Evershed Percival
Evill Louis Herbert
Evill Wilfrid Ariel
Evison G.
Ewan George Alfred
Ewen Clarence
Ewen George W.
Ewer William Norman B.A.
Ewing Robert
Exton William Cornelius
Eyers Horace Percival
Eyland Laurance Oliver Victor
Eyley Horace
Eyre Leonard
Eyre Thomas Jackson
Eyres Ernest Frederick
Eyres Herbert R.