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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the names of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
Your support by helping us increase, update or correct information is welcome and can easily be made via this form.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here.

D'Aprano Francis
Daby J.
Dacres B.
Dagnall E. M.
Daines Donald Himson
Daish Albert W.
Daker Lawrence
Dakin Herbert Samuel
Dakin W.
Dalby Joseph
Daldry G. W.
Dale Arthur G.
Dale Herbert Ellis
Dale Robert Wilfrid
Dale W.
Dale William
Dales Sidney Phillips
Daley P. O.
Dall Charles Wallace
Dalton Asquith Archibald
Dalton James Arthur
Dalton Richard Clarence
Dancer G. E.
Danders R. H.
Dando Edgar A.
Dando Gilbert
Dando John G.
Dane J. W. A.
Dangerfield F. J.
Dangerfield Richard
Daniel A. L.
Daniel Albert Victor
Daniel H.
Daniel L. D.
Daniell A. N.
Daniell Albert Everard
Daniell Harold Sydney
Daniell J.
Daniell John
Daniell W. F.
Daniels Aaron
Daniels Charles
Daniels Enoch
Daniels Lancelot
Daniels N.
Daniels Norman
Daniels S.
Daniels Samuel Joseph
Daniels W.
Dann J. S.
Dann John Dorland
Dann Reginald
Dann William Leighton
Danser Gabriel
Dant Frank
Darbishire H. C.
Darby Arthur Walter
Darby H. Basil
Darby Robert Edwin
Darbyshire H.
Darbyshire J. W.
Darbyshire John
Darbyshire William Newton
Darbyshire William Ernest
Darch Charles
Darch John H.
Darch Robert
Dardis George Henry
Dare Joseph Henry Stanley
Dare William Lawrence
Darker W.
Darley Leonard
Darling A. E.
Darling F. G.
Darling Herbert
Darling James E.
Darling Leonard George
Darroch William
Dart Sidney Henry
Darwen F.
Darwood Cecil
Darwood William B.
Dascombe Lewis George
Dashfield Tom
Dauben Edward
Dauncey Reginald George
Davall Albert Whittaker
Davenport Albert Edward
Davenport Frank
Davenport Joseph
Davey James William
Davey John T.
Davey Joseph Henry
Davey Percy
Davey Reginald N.
Davey T. P.
Davey Thomas George
Davey W. J.
Davey Walter Edward
Davey William Edward
David John
Davidge A.
Davidson A.
Davidson Alexander
Davidson Arthur M.
Davidson Asher
Davidson Benjamin
Davidson Francis
Davidson Frederick Charles
Davidson George William
Davidson James Tindall
Davidson Walter
Davidson William
Davies Albert
Davies Albert
Davies Albert Glyn
Davies Arthur Emlyn
Davies Arthur Gordon
Davies Arthur H.
Davies B. G.
Davies B. H. C.
Davies Benjamin
Davies Charles Donald
Davies D.
Davies D. H. J. J.
Davies D. J.
Davies Daniel Thomas
Davies Daniel Thomas
Davies David
Davies David
Davies David
Davies David Robert
Davies E.
Davies E. Gladstone
Davies E. R.
Davies E. T. I.
Davies E. W.
Davies E.
Davies Edgar James
Davies Edgar Reynolds
Davies Edward
Davies Edward Morgan
Davies Evan Daniel
Davies F. W.
Davies Frank E.
Davies Fred
Davies Fred W.
Davies Frederick Leonard John
Davies Frederick Lorenzo
Davies G. L.
Davies Garn Brinley
Davies George
Davies George Maitland Lloyd
Davies Gethin Idris
Davies Griffith H.
Davies Griffith H.
Davies H.
Davies H.
Davies H. A.
Davies H. L.
Davies Hansel
Davies Harold
Davies Harry
Davies Henry
Davies Henry
Davies Herbert J.
Davies Herbert J. or J. H.
Davies Ithel
Davies J.
Davies J.
Davies J. C. J.
Davies J. E. L.
Davies J. Harold
Davies J. R.
Davies James
Davies James Alfred
Davies James George
Davies John
Davies John
Davies John Camfield
Davies John H.
Davies John Joseph
Davies John Percival
Davies Joseph
Davies Joseph
Davies Joseph Herbert
Davies Joseph M.
Davies Joseph
Davies Leyshon
Davies M.
Davies Oscar
Davies Percy W.
Davies Peter
Davies Peter
Davies Philip Taliessen
Davies R.
Davies R.
Davies R. V.
Davies Robert I./J.
Davies Samuel
Davies Samuel Henry
Davies Silvester
Davies Stanley Webb
Davies T.
Davies T.
Davies T. H.
Davies T. M.
Davies Thomas Harold
Davies Thomas N.
Davies Thomas Richard
Davies Walter E.
Davies William D.
Davies William Meyrick
Davies William Thomas
Davis Alfred
Davis Alfred Milton
Davis Alfred William
Davis Arthur
Davis B. H. W.
Davis Cyril A.
Davis E. Leonard
Davis E. R.
Davis F. J.
Davis Fred L.
Davis G.
Davis G. A.
Davis G. H.
Davis G. H.
Davis George Albert
Davis Henry
Davis Henry Arthur
Davis J.
Davis J. D.
Davis J. E.
Davis P. W.
Davis P. W.
Davis Percy
Davis Percy
Davis Reginald John
Davis Richard
Davis Robert
Davis S. H.
Davis T. E.
Davis Thomas
Davis Thomas H.
Davis Walter George
Davis William
Davison George Harley
Davison Harry Harley
Davison Samuel Winchester Harley
Davison W. A.
Davitt Will
Davott A. S. or A. W.
Davy A.
Davy Leonard Robinson
Davy Thomas Proctor
Daw Arthur J.
Daw Athelstan
Daw Tom
Dawe Ernest W.
Dawes E. A.
Dawes George
Dawes N. D.
Dawes Thomas George
Dawns A.
Daws E. W.
Daws Frank
Daws R.
Daws William David
Dawson Alfred Walter
Dawson Arthur
Dawson David
Dawson E.
Dawson E. C.
Dawson Edwin
Dawson Ernest A.
Dawson Ernest Barker
Dawson Ernest Charles
Dawson Frederick
Dawson G. C.
Dawson H.
Dawson Henry Norman
Dawson Howard
Dawson John Percy
Dawson Leonard John
Dawson Robert Tuck
Dawson William Henry
Daxy Leonard H
Day B.
Day Charles
Day F. C.
Day Frank A.
Day George
Day H.
Day John
Day John Bigland
Day M. J.
Day O. H.
Day Walter J.
Day William Burton
Day Wilton Henry
Daye Ernest
De Bonnaire S.
De Saulles R. H.
De Save Archibald
Deacock Alfred Stanley
Deacon George Leonard
Deakin Arthur Kenning
Deakin Frederick Ernest
Deakin William
Dean A.
Dean A. L.
Dean Frank
Dean Frederick Richard
Dean Harold Victor
Dean Ronald
Dean Thomas Collyer John
Deane B. F.
Deane Bedford
Deane Cedric
Deaner Israel
Deans David
Deans George
Deans William
Dearden Henry
Dearden John William
Dearlove A. C.
Dearlove Frederick Charles
Dearne John Harry
Deas William Neilson
Death H. W.
Deeley H. S.
Deeley James H.
Deer George
Deetman William
Deighton Harold
Deiley James Howard
Delbridge Cecil Francis Robert
Dell Anthony Warner
Dell Henry Ernest
Dell John Alexander
Dell Mark Oliver
Deller Albert Edward
Deller Lawrence
Dellow W. S.
Delves Edwin
Delves John Edwin
Delves T.
Demaine George Frederick
Dembovitz Joseph
Demmery Albert E.
Demmery Albert Victor
Demmery William Gilbert
Dempster E. W.
Dempster Frederick Hugh W.
Dempster W.
Denham Alan Edgar
Denham Harry
Denne Ronald Davidson
Denne William
Dennett Frank Cecil
Dennett W. S.
Denney G. H.
Denning William
Dennis Arthur
Dennis D. C.
Dennis Hedley Charles
Dennis Herbert
Dennis John
Dennis S.
Denny Arthur Dowell
Denny Arthur John
Denny Percy Edward James
Denny Walter George
Dent George Frederick
Dent Harry T.
Dent Philip Charles
Derbyshire Harold/Harry
Derbyshire Nathan
Derbyshire Robert
Dessurne Louis Alfred
Detmold E. J.
Deuchar Norman Douglas
Devereux Leonard Walter
Devitt Robert T.
Devlin James Edward
Dew Hubert/Herbert
Dew J. W. G.
Dewar Alexander
Dewar James Wilson
Dewar John
Deward C.
Dewey Alfred K.
Dewhirst A.
Dewhirst James Aspinall
Dewhirst L.
Dewhirst Samuel Greg
Dewhurst Albert
Dewsbery C.
Diamond E.
Diamond Francis
Diamond Howard A.
Diamond John
Diaper H. J.
Dibble W.
Dibden William E. L.
Dible Edward Henry
Dibnah Thomas Harold
Dick James Hugh
Dick Robert Coalfield
Dick Robert E.
Dickason Harry
Dickerson Alfred James
Dickes Ernest Walter
Dickie James Fowlie
Dickinson A. E.
Dickinson Francis W.
Dickinson G. W.
Dickinson Harry
Dickinson James Edward
Dickinson Joseph Bell
Dickinson R.
Dickinson S. H.
Dickinson Samuel
Dickinson Samuel
Dickinson T. H.
Dickinson W. C.
Dickinson W. E.
Dickman George
Dicks A. V. J.
Dicks Valentine Frank
Dickson H. C.
Dickson Horace Reginald
Dickson James
Dickson William Donald
Digby James Henry
Diggens W. W.
Dightam Edward Ernest
Dilkes Arthur
Dilley Ernest
Dilling W.
Dilthey Henry
Dimond George Henry
Dingle Charles Frederick
Dingsdale William
Dingwall Eric John
Dinsdale Ernest A.
Dinsdale Harold William
Dippie Thomas C.
Disley Henry
Divall Arthur
Divan Morgan
Dix Cyril
Dix V. F.
Dix W. K.
Dixey George William
Dixon A. D.
Dixon A. H.
Dixon Arnold Evan
Dixon Donald
Dixon G.
Dixon H. H.
Dixon Jabey
Dixon Leonard
Dixon N.
Dixon R.
Dixon Rodley
Dixon Thomas Alexander
Dixon William
Dixon William
Dixon William Lawrence
Dobbie William
Dobbing Alfred Herbert
Dobbs Harold T.
Dobson J.
Dobwoker M. S.
Dockrell G.
Dodd A. J.
Dodd Ernest Edward
Dodd H.
Dodd John Howard
Dodd Sidney
Dodd W.
Dodd W. H.
Doddimeade T.
Dodds James
Dodds Robert
Dodge Frank
Dodge Jesse A.
Dodge William James
Dodgshun E. J.
Dodgshun Geoffrey
Dodington Spencer Marriott
Dodson Herbert
Doggett Hugh Thomas Harold
Doherty Arthur
Dollan Patrick Joseph
Donabie W.
Donald James H.
Donaldson A.
Donaldson David
Donaldson H.
Donaldson H. J. or T.
Donaldson Robert W.
Doncaster Charles M.
Doncaster Leonard
Done J. T.
Done William Ralph
Dongton Ernest
Donley John
Donn James
Donnachie Archibald
Donnachie William D.
Donnelly Anthony Charles Joseph
Donnelly C. J. R.
Donnelly J.
Donnelly J. J.
Donnelly Norman
Donstan Ernest Charles
Dooley W.
Dootson Arthur T.
Doplett T. G.
Dopson William Thomas
Doran Frank
Doran J.
Dormer Harry James
Dott Eric McOmish
Doubt A. G.
Doughty A.
Doughty A. W.
Doughty Arthur Edward
Doughty J. J.
Douglas Arthur
Douglas E
Douglas Edward Simpson
Douglas F. C. R.
Douglas George Bell Anderson
Douglas Hinton
Douglas J. A. W.
Douglas Thomas Michael
Douglas Wilfred H.
Douglas William
Doust Alfred James
Dove J. T.
Dove Robert Toshack
Dover John Morgan
Dow Thomas Alexander
Dowbiggin William
Dowden Charles Henry
Dowie Andrew
Dowkes George
Dowler A. H.
Dowling William Cyril
Downes J. W.
Downes W. J.
Downie A.
Downie Hugh Kerr
Downing Arthur
Downing Reginald Ernest
Downing T.
Downing Wilfred
Downs Alfred
Downs B. W.
Dowse Alfred Ernest
Dowsett W. T. H.
Dowson E. F.
Dowson James
Dowson S.
Dowson Thomas W.
Dowty Joseph M.
Drake H. A.
Drake H. J.
Drake Herbert
Dransfield Horace
Draper John Edwin George
Draycott Edward
Drayton Thomas Freeman
Dretman William
Drew A.
Drew Frederick James
Drewe Cyril Charles
Drewe Richard W.
Drewer Charles A.
Drewer S.P.or L.P.
Drewitt William
Drewry Albert
Drier G.
Dring Charles William
Drinkwater Alexander Percival
Drinkwater Bertram John
Drinkwater H.
Drinkwater Samuel Ewart
Drinkwater William Henry
Driscoll Idris
Driver B. W.
Driver C. H.
Driver Frank Ernest
Driver Lewis
Driver S. W.
Druce J. G. F.
Drummond J. R.
Drummond John Wardrope
Drury A.
Drury Frederick John
Drury William Albert
Dry Francis William
Dryden J.
Dryden S.
Dryden William John
Drysdale Alexander
Drysdale Neil
Dubowski Morris Sampson
Duce Frank
Duckers James Scott
Duckett J. T.
Duckworth Harry
Dudderidge Harcourt George
Duddington Cecil Ernest
Duddy Hugh
Duding Arthur J.
Dudley B.
Dudley Daniel
Dudley J. I.
Dudley J. Thomas
Dudley James
Dudley W.
Duerden Edgar
Duerden Harold
Duff David
Duff John B.
Duff Robert William
Duff William Morris
Duffett Charles William Earl
Dufton John
Dugmore J. H.
Duguid John B.
Duke Alfred M.
Duke B. M.
Duke Herbert Marshall
Dukes Charles
Dume T. W.
Dummoch R. M.
Dumville H. H.
Dunbar Andrew
Dunbar John
Dunbar T. D.
Dunbery P.
Duncan Alexander
Duncan Ernest
Duncan John Leonard
Duncan John Robertson
Duncan Leonard
Duncan W.
Duncan W. A.
Duncan William
Dunger Albert
Dunger Ernest
Dunham Alfred Percy Robert
Dunhill Frank
Dunlop R. R.
Dunlop Ronald Ossory
Dunlop Thomas
Dunlop William S.
Dunn Alfred Goodman
Dunn Charles Frederick
Dunn Clifford Arthur
Dunn Fred William
Dunn G. Stanley
Dunn Gilbert Moreton
Dunn Howard Oswald
Dunn J.
Dunn John
Dunn John S.
Dunn Kenneth M.
Dunn Lloyd Stafford
Dunn Randolf Ellis
Dunn Robert J.
Dunn Selwyn
Dunn Walter Douglas
Dunne Harry Stephen
Dunnett W. S.
Dunnico Ernest Owen
Dunning Edwin Wilson
Dunning Hubert
Dunning Percy Nicholas
Dunsford Frederick Lathy
Dunsford Henry Emmanuel
Dunstall W. J. W.
Dunstan Edgar Grieve
Dunstan Ernest C.
Dunstan Harry
Dunstan L. S.
Dunworth James Francis
Durance H. A.
Durant Philip Henry
Durbridge E. W.
Durell R.
Durell W.
Durham H.
Durham H. E.
Durkin Frederick
Durne T. W.
Durrant Alec Bugler
Durrant P.
Durrant William Emmanuel Henry
Durston Edward
Durston William George
Dutch George Frederick
Dutson W. J. F.
Dutt Rajani Palme
Dutton A.
Dutton William
Duxbury Lancelot
Duxbury Percy
Duxbury Thomas Howells
Duynkerk Solomon
Dwiston William
Dye William
Dyer Arthur Percy
Dyer Charles
Dyer F. H.
Dyer George
Dyer John William
Dyke Frederick William
Dyke Henry
Dyke T. W.
Dykes Arthur
Dykes Cecil
Dykes Frank
Dykes H.
Dyne H. M.
Dyne W. B.
Dyson Alfred Wrigley
Dyson Arthur Scott
Dyson John Willie
Dyson P. E.
Dyson Shaw