the men who said no

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Little is know about World War One conscientious objection in general or about the men in particular and their varied experiences and beliefs.

Our project aims is to fill this blank space not only by recovering the stories and experiences of COs and their supporters but perhaps just as importantly to keep alive the values that animated their objection to war.

Many of the Peace Pledge Union’s early members were World War One COs who continued to work for a world without war. Today the PPU is the only organisation committed to promote a better understanding of conscientious objection and the values of the objectors irrespective of their political or religious affiliation.

Letter extract

Letters, even without much detail can throw a light on social conditions as in this extract that hints at problems caused to family and friends by a young man refusing to be conscripted.

For a fuller picture we need more such material from relatives, archives or newspapers and tribunal reports Are you interested to joining our researches? We would be please to hear from you and send you further details. | contact

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