International Conscientious Objectors Day
May 15th 2019
Peace Walk, Victoria Park

In Leicester we will be gathering at the memorial stone to
Conscientious Objectors on Peace Walk, Victoria Park on Wednesday May
15th from 6pm-7pm. We will remember those who refused to fight in WW1
and WW2 and those who are in prison around the world now for refusing to
fight. There will be readings, poetry and singing with Red Leicester
Choir. We will review the progress of the 2017 charter against the
militarisation of young people in Leicester which sets specific tasks
each year and we will commit to working actively for peace.

Leicester has been holding events for International
Conscientious Objector's Day since 2014 and erected a
memorial stone to WW1 COs in 2016.
Penny 07414 465695