the men who said no  



Below are some of the occupations of the conscientious objectors from which they were forcibly wrenched and made to perform mostly pointless, sometime punitive work or languish in prison.  
Apprentice wire-drawer
Rough armature winder
Partner in a firm of Perambulator manufacturers
Director/manager of wood-cutting company
Part-time GPO sorter and tailor's presser
Cloth Looker in cotton mill
Electrical plater
Surveyor and draughtsman
Publisher's manager
Watch and clock repairer
Boot merchant
Baker and grocer
YMCA Camp Leader
Warehouse porter
Small holder
Woollen draper
Scythe stone maker
Process artist
Journalist and writer
Surveyor's assistant
Artist. Official War Artist after FAU service
Pharmaceutical chemist/dispenser
Cambridge graduate, research assistant
Post Office Engineer
Salt Carter
Grocer's assistant
Boot maker/manager
Farmer and Boot maker/dealer
Tailor and trade union officer
Tailor and Baptist minister
Author and critic etc.
Cloth warehouseman
Cartman and warehouseman
Art and antiques dealer
Publisher's porter
Piano case maker, piano tuner
Scientist and Egyptologist
Painter and glazier
Draper's warehouseman
Book-keeper and plasterer - family firm
Grocery and provisions
Science student former merchant navy
Slate worker
Sett maker
Insurance agent
Civil servant
Boot repairer
Oil depot manager
Leather worker
Coach and motor trimmer
Warehouseman and salesman
Slate maker
Boats salesman
Hosier's assistant
Furniture salesman
Army saddler
Painter, glazier and paper-hanger
Marine insurance
Electric car driver
Grocer and Secretary of Friendly Society
Market porter
Pastry cook
'Domestic duties' - living with parents
Grocery Warehouseman
Watch and clock jobber
Bread maker
Clerk and Missionary colporteur
Cabinet maker, carpenter and Missionary
Blacksmith's hammerer and quarryman
Coal merchant
Fitter's improver
Brick manufacturing and market gardening
Greengrocer's assistant
Storeman, tailor, salesman
Municipal officer
Stuff patternman
Manager, furniture depository
Telephone operator
No trade or calling recorded
Colliery Banksman
Merchant and agent
General draper
Sponge dealer
Assurance Agent
Poster tracer
Stores porter
Farmer, carter, cowman
Piano salesman
Draper and window dresser
Manager of a draper's shop
Student engineer
Photographer/artist's draughtsman
Manufacturer's agent
Cloth packer
Wholesale drapery salesman
Asst. Superintendent, Salvation Army Assurance; former tailor
Salesman and traveller, drapery
Warder FOR Colony
Manufacturing confectioner, own business
Ladies' costume cutter
Grocer's manager
Provisions manager
Paintbrush maker
Author, writer, Art and Literary critic
Cotton operative
Boot maker working as a coal trimmer
Manufacturer's agent
Coal hewer
Sign and glass writer
Photographic artist
Manager and commercial traveller, film trade
Gas Labourer
Garden contractor
Sign writer
'Player piano' mechanic
Chief Technical Officer, approved society
Photographer, half-tone process work
Veneer three-ply dryer
Retail van salesman
Mechanical Engineer and export buyer
Fruiterer and greengrocer, own business
Engineer's manager
Sight testing optician
Wholesale Clothier's assistant
Turner and fitter
Salesman, wholesale and export stationery
Junior partner in family building firm
Artist, painter and designer
Railway engineering assistant
Carpet planner and fixer
Street hawker
Draughtsman, GPO
Pipe mounter
Fitter's labourer
Printing trade
Not stated
Bread baker, journeyman
Grocer and provision dealer, own business
Collier's assistant
Hay and corn merchant
Corn merchant's haulier
Master baker/packer
Manufacturing milliner
Controller of a dept. at R. White & Sons.
Journalist, author, poet, drama critic
Actor and stage manager
Fireman, London Fire Brigade
London Representative, Oil Company
Silk and blouse merchant
Musician, Composer, Violinist
Greaser at Iron works
'Private means'
Motor cab owner and driver
Showcard writer
Tea buyer
Medical practitioner
Blind maker
Assistant schoolmaster
Apprentice scientific instrument maker
Chief cashier
Manager, wholesale haberdashery warehouse
Bus conductor
Boot maker and repairer
Proprietor of a restaurant
Agent for pianoforte materials
Private secretary, marine engineers and part-time teacher
Assistant, catering firm, family business
Milk vendor, formerly printer
Director/Secretary, Printing Co.
Working partner in sawyer's business, family firm
Sawyer in family firm
Stone-hand and linotype operator
Wood worker, circular sawyer etc.
Chief assistant, grocery and provisions store
Former harness and leather worker, working as a gardener
Sign writer, former soldier
Dairy Manager
Fishmonger and poulterer, own business
Pipe fitter/greaser and metal polisher
Variety artist, novelty instrumentalist, with sister
Civil engineer
Manager, motor transport dept
Assistant in warehouse, gents outfitters
Foreman in despatch department
Chair shaper
Tailor's presser and manager
Welsh sheet mill doubler
Printer's pressman
Boot and shoe salesman
Dining room manager
Electrical engineering instructor
Hotel porter
Wholesale drapery warehouseman
Saw miller, own business
Apprentice to clock and watch dealer
Storeman in cold store
Bookseller's collector and packer
Despatching packer
Apprentice motor engineer
Musician, violinist
Machine minder
Butcher and provisions manager
Boot and shoe machine operator
Artist, painter and illustrator
Shop-fitter's manager
Signwriter and decorator
Cabinet maker's apprentice
Book-keeper (Miner?)
Grocery and domestic store manager
Jute merchant's manager
Night attendant, boilerman
Lamp lighter and glazier
Pawnbroker's manager
Salesman, partner in Ladies tailoring shop
Locomotive engineman
Gold blocker and finisher
Pastor, in training for Baptist ministry
Apprentice, building trade
Foreman motor mechanic
Expert financial statistician
Managing director, jeweller and pawnbrokers
Book-room assistant
Shoemaker and repairer
HM Customs and Excise Officer
Printing machine manager
Foreman, shoe and slipper finisher
Tinplate doubler
Director and traveller
Shop assistant, provisions trade
Goods porter
Grocery manager
Insurance agent and clerk to Sheet Metal Workers' Union
Commercial traveller and builder's merchant
Copper turner
Foreign advertising agent, self-employed
Engine driver
Weaver, cotton, and part-time insurance agent
Wholesale provisions/groceries warehouseman
Upholstery trimming maker
Coal Heaver
Spinner and weaver
Weaver, woollen
Oilman, shop assistant
Yarn Agent's Manager
Motor body builder, own business
Woollen weaver/Evangelist
Jeweller and clock repairer
Night Foreman
Boot, shoe and clog maker/repairer
Grocer's manager
Flour mill foreman
Dock Labourer
Machine fitter
Fancy leather worker
Grocer's assistant
Coal weigher
Manual training instructor
Gas stove fitter
Woollen machine warper
Director of Daily News Ltd.
Pre-war miner and colliery timberman
Manager in Scotland for E. S. & A. Robinson Ltd., Bristol
Assistant to dental surgeon
Foreman fruit grower
Carpenter's assistant
Boiler stoker
Working at Huntley & Palmers
Moulder (Iron founder) for machine tool maker
Shop assistant
Saddle and harness maker
Chair and cabinet maker
Meat buyer and butcher's manager
Carriage builder
Coal agent
Butcher and small-holder
Builder's labourer, former sailor
Dairy farmer
Engineer's marker-off
Shop assistant
Furniture dealer's assistant, family firm
Carrier, market gardener and shopkeeper
Farm worker
Lace maker
Partner, family firm, carpenters, builders, undertaker
Woollen trade worker
Ericsson's telephone factory
Midlands Railway ballast labourer
LCC Education Officer
Mantle Cutter
Shop assistant, boot trade
Sawyer and woodworking machinist
Tenant farmer
Railway shunter
Gun turner
Toolroom turner
Employers - Alliance of Honour - 'Social Purity' work
Vegetable salesman
Corn dealer's ledger keeper, family firm
Carpenter's labourer, house building
Carpenter and joiner building munitions factories
Buyer and salesman
Engineer and motor lorry driver
Coal merchant
Former manager boot and shoe dept.
Manager, oil and domestic store
Letterpress machineman
Civil servant and Minister
Iron Turner
Farm manager
Former civil servant
Printer's cutter
Brewer and brewer's manager
Boot operative
Plate Glass Merchant, employer
Congregationalist Minister
Carpenter and joiner
General jobbing work
Draper's porter and allotment gardener
Cycle and motor cycle agent's manager and mechanic
Footballer, Burnley and England
Engine fitter
Pork butcher, slaughterman and bacon curer
Manager, Electric Company
Baker's assistant
Printer and stationer
Shop assistant - tailor
Asphalt layer
Master grocer and dairyman
Shop branch manager
Former munitions worker
Manager of ironmongery shop
Provisions merchant
Operator and Electrician
Beer, wines and spirits retailer
Coal bagger
Dyer's Labourer
Clogger's apprentice, Photographer
Clerk and Insurance agent
Finishing department, Dyeworks
Drapery department manager
Oiler, worsted machinery
Deputy Art master
Preacher and Editor
Paraffin refiner
Plate glass and overmantle fitter
Picture framer
Chemical works
Miner and student of religion
Case maker
Factory hand
Sculptor and Insurance agent
Foreman packer
Wholesale and retail boot repairer
Wood carver
Butcher's manager
Assisting in father's business as licensed victualler
Wholesale grocer's carman
Typewriter mechanic
Wood sawyer's stock room assistant
Varnish Factory worker
Tool maker, machine setter, brass finisher
Grocery relief manager
Engineer's turner and grinder
Paperhanger and house repairs
Estate agent
Printer and stationery mfr.
Pharmaceutical 'tablet maker'
Market gardener and nurseryman
Master motor engineer and toolfitter, garage proprietor
Gents' outfitters assistant
Domestic ironmongery and general store worker
Theatrical and musical professional
Invoice clerk, wholesale chemist
Letter order dept. wholesale draper
Skilled metal worker, optical instruments
Estate and patent agent
Blacksmith's mate
Inspector of aeroplane fittings
Grainer, decorator and waterfitter
Builder's manager, family firm
Salesman, surgical manufacturing company
Telegraph and telephone linesman
Lithographic artist
Manufacturing optician
Metal worker and rubber tyre maker
Consulting Electrical engineer and contractor
Dressmaker, ladies' cutter and fitter
Metal worker and sorter
Shop assistant
Assistant manager and roundsman
Preserved provisions manufacturer
Architectural woodworker
French polisher
Photographic industry - stock-keeper
Manager, stationery and printing business
Ship's joiner
Clerk and foreign correspondent
Manager, court dressmaker and furrier
Salesman, electrical lighting, heating etc.
Assistant to shorthand writers, courts etc.
Assistant grocery manager
Gilder, fitter and packer
Builder, gas and water fitter decorator etc.
Practical furnisher
Manager in charge of a brickfield
Photographic worker
Dock Worker
Draper's buyer
Silk salesman
Printer's assistant
Labourer on trunk work in two shops, gas meters
Builder and estate agent
Trimmer of officer's uniforms
Aeroplane draughtsman
Manager, glass workers
Butcher's carman and horse-keeper
Insurance official
Pianoforte repairer and polisher
Gardener and former Post Office sorter
Colliery undermanager
Motor tractor ploughman
Actor and producer of plays
Minister of religion
Gas fitter
Music engraver's apprentice
Joiner making telegraph and wireless fittings
Piano repairer
Scientific research
Mechanical engineer for motor manufacturer
Printer's overseer
Designer and draughtsman, marble and granite work
Oven builder, retort setter and chimney sweep
Post Office telephone maintenance
Warehouseman, tea trade
Refrigerating Engineer
Post Office engineer - fault clerk
Company director, limited company
Agricultural engineer, merchant and repairer
Architect and surveyor
Farm labourer
Cotton Spinner
Manager, grocery and provisions store
Chemical Engineer
Card puncher
Underground labourer
Lace draughtsman
Tobacco cutter
Wallpaper factor's assistant - family firm
Slate Quarryman
Works manager, Employment Exchange
Colliery haulier
Railway manager
Coach and motor body builder
Telephone linesman
Machine minder
Manager and buyer, engineer's tool dept.
Manager's assistant, tobacco and fancy goods
Manager and partner
Agricultural labourer
Shopkeeper and coffee merchant
Asphalt layer
Weighing machine maker
Lift porter
Drapery and dressmaking, own business
Paper warehouseman and printer
Steel worker
Printing works manager
English and foreign timber salesman
Architect's draughtsman
Antiques and furniture dealer
Superintending Inspecting Civil Engineer
Fruit grower
Leather cutter/boot shop assistant
Chimney sweep and gardener
Partner, stationery and fancy good firm
Jobbing and market gardener
Draughtsman and construction engineer
Cocoa and chocolate packer
Nut food maker
Stone cutter/sculptor
Artist, painter and engraver
Sand and gravel merchant
Stationer and bookseller
Clothing worker
Railway Labourer
Harness maker
Confectioner's foreman, family firm
Baker or Artist
Manager, tea shop
Painter, decorator, signwriter
Farmer and grocer
Frame sawyer
Draughtsman, free-lance
Butcher's assistant
Tramways car cleaner
Engineer's pattern maker
Engineer - Repairer Commercial and Agricultural vehicles
Builder's foreman
Motor engineer
Colliers trammer and driver
Sheet glass maker
Insurance official
Draper's traveller, former gardener
Gas meter maker
Shop assistant, traveller in oils and hardware
Road sweeper
Umbrella stick manufacturer
Music Librarian
Furniture store manager
Photographic Retouch process worker
Head street sweeper
Ploughman also roadman
Bursar, college
Draft stamper
Linotype operator mechanic
Silk tie cutter
Insurance agent and broker
Ironstone miner
Shop assistant, chauffeur and gardener
Outfitter's manager
Relief stamper
Military store canteen
Canvasser and publisher's agent
Hairpin machinist
Artist designer
Engineer's mate
Gas fitter
Decorative tile fixer
Iron worker
Jeweller's assistant
Quaker Chaplain
Glass packer
Upholsterer/Piano tuner
Carrier and cartage contractor
General farm worker
Lace commission agent
Barber and hairdresser
Coal carter
Farm worker and cattleman, family farm
Wholesale stationer's branch manager
Agricultural machinist
Linotype operator
Lime keeper
Window cleaner and carpet beater
Lithographer and transferrer
Periodical publisher
Auxiliary postman, sawyer and cycle repairer
Upholsterer and dental chair fitter
Former theology student working as a baker
Cinema operator
Store-keeper for potato merchant
Builder and undertaker
Insurance superintendent
Colporteur (Hawker of books) and Health Foods
Stockman and milker
Assistant manager, tinplate works
Behinder, tinworks
Warehouseman/furniture shop assistant
Calendar worker
Cycle and motor repairer
Tanyard worker/Labourer
Assistant chemical worker
Tool merchant's manager
Postman and night telephonist
Highway Surveyor
Trade Union secretary and organiser
Cycle inspector
Outfitter/draper's assistant
Gas fitter/pipe fitter
Printer's apprentice
Carpenter and Master Builder
Watchmaker, jeweller etc.
Farm labourer
Lithographic Printer/Student
GWR platelayer
Agricultural labourer
Dental operating mechanic
Baker's van man
Picture frame manufacturer
Photographic assistant and salesman
Flax Warehouseman
Social Worker among the poor
Manager in Outfitters shop
General servant
Pattern card maker
Steel Worker
Apprentice upholsterer
Fruit farmer
Manager of fruit farm/market gardener
Pattern Weaver
Railway porter
Boot shop assistant
Packer (manufacturing)
Tobacconist/Cigar manufacturer
Farm hand, family farm
Fishmonger's assistant
Concrete worker
District superintendent, Friendly Society
Foreman Hand hackler - rope-making
Brush maker
Boot maker/ repairer and finisher
Partner, with his father, in firm of outfitters
Plasterer and builder
Farm carter
Timber cutter
Belt maker
Clerk/Baker's assistant
Wholesale grocer
Cattle-man, family farm
Music Hall Artist
Fountain pen repairer
Boilermaker's apprentice
Leather factor
Shop assistant
Labourer/Road maker
Apprentice process artist
Timber feller
Hosiery counterman/Warehouseman
Cloth inspector
Cinematograph operator
Deputy Insurance agent
Chemist's assistant and post office clerk
Fruit salesman
Ship's chandler's book-keeper
Printer's/Tailor's (?) cutter
Licentiate of United Free Church of Scotland
Miner's drawer
Postman and farm labourer
Manager umbrella warehouse
Warehouseman and doorman
Box cutter
Gas meter reader and collector
'unskilled labourer' - later a writer and novelist
Shipyard worker
Sheet mill shearer
Automatic lathe hand
Salesman and boot maker
Steel erector
Sheet mill roller
Tool maker
Sewing machine mechanic
Consulting engineer/draughtsman
Goods guard
Steel moulder/coal miner
Machine driller
Beam and scale maker/weighing machine fitter
Shale miner
Accountant, Shakespearian and general reciter
Clerk and stenographer
Pit sinker/Grocer
Envelope cutter
Aerated water manufacturer's assistant
Baker's labourer
Boot and shoe dealer
Stone cutter
Town Councillor, West Ham
Wool spinner
Dyed wool blender
Manager of sewing machine company
Poulterer and market gardener
Cycle agent, cycle mechanic, own business
Weights inspector
Steel moulder
Shop worker
Traveller - ostrich feather manufacturer
Coal merchant
Market gardener and salesman
Fish buyer and merchant
Blacksmith's hammerman
Fruit grower
Fish merchant
Fish curer and partner in a drapery business
Shop assistant
Shop assistant
Assistant Minister
Locomotive engine driver
Electrical switchgear and instrument maker
Farm labourer
Roadworker and Minister of the Gospel
Drapery warehouseman
Shoe operative
Heeling machine operator
Wagon builder's labourer
Apprentice Butcher
Mason's Labourer
Chemist/Carbon tester
Civil engineer
Mill hand, warehouseman
Grain merchant
Jute dresser, carpet factory
Pit sinker
Painter and sign writer
Shop assistant/Grocer
Boot trade - leather stitcher and machine finisher
Boot repairer
Lace weaver
Boot and shoe inspector
Boot salesman
Ironfounder's head stockman
Vanman and Chauffeur
Bobbin checker
Telephone mechanic
Van salesman
Bread vanman
Apprentice iron moulder
Rabbit trapper and shepherd
Dental Practitioner
Cotton spinner, managing director
Silversmith and general mounter
Quaker 'chaplain' at Walton
Director in cotton drying and finishing works
Load bread baker
Van salesman
Book Edge Gilder
Farm labourer
Salesman, Company Director
Stationer's Assistant
Farm worker
Motor bodymaker
Draughtsman Cartographer
Oil worker and insurance representative
Furniture dealer's assistant
Reed manufacturer
Permanent way inspector
Book hawker
Ploughman, stacker and thatcher
Hay and straw dealer and carter, own business
Literary agent.Typewriting Bureau
Publisher's editor/Unitarian minister
Home furnisher
Clothiers and drapers, partner
Weaving overlooker
Tailor's trimming warehouse assistant
General jobbing blacksmith
Tower clockmaker
Grinder and glazer
Editor and contributor
Reeves & Son paint makers
Civil Service, Ministry of Labour
Hosiery assistant
Civil engineer
Musician, pianist, music conductor at cinema
Shop manager, furniture and ironmonger
Manager, wholesale stationery company
Dissenting Minister
Corporation employee
Foreman joiner
Coal carman
Work booker, clothing factory
Bacon curer and dealer
Colliery worker
Woollen operative/Warehouseman
Cotton manufacturer
Stone Labourer
Greengrocer's manager
Chemist turned market gardener
Dental surgeon's apprentice
Asst.Organiser Bakers' Union
Engine fitter
Lathe maker
Auxiliary postman and 'Minister of the Gospel'
Carpenter and painter
Licence of Divinity
Wheelwright and smith
Ironworker also 'tinman'
Cotton spinner/piecer
Colliery day wageman
Driver and salesman
Sea merchant and grocer
Boot and shoe maker
Foreign Correspondent
Musician , composer and conductor
Cloth finisher
Designer, fine worsteds
Explosives worker
Motor driver and stonemason
Portrait painter and artist
Spring roller blind maker
Mount cutter
Assistant secretary and translator
Shop Manager, China, Glass, domestic
Carpenter and farmer
Shop manager, rubber stamp mfrs.
Handy man building trade
Barrow salesman
Elocutionist, concert artist
Manager of a Picture Theatre
Photographer, operator of studio
Tool setter
Store manager
Civil servant
Cotton sample boy
Watch repairer
'Red Cross Orderly'
Warehouseman/furniture porter
Pawnbroker and clothier
Assistant display manager
Apprentice with London & Lancashire Fire Insurance
Insurance manager

Chartered Patent Agent
Motor body builder
Studying for the Bar
Lathe and vice hand
Salesman - china and glass
Wholesale Tea Merchant
Student of law; Secretary, Labour Party
Export Merchant
Post office clerk and temporary postman
Student and poultry farmer
Estate agent's surveyor and valuer
General foreman, building trade
'Jobmaster' and Horse dealer
Cycle repairer, self employed
Managing director, china and glass stores
Arc lamp tester
Shift Engineer
Coal dealer
Bookbinder and box maker
Telegraph Engineer
Milliner, own business
Nursery gardener's labourer
Landscape gardener and market gardener
Foreman Gardener
Fruit grower
Manager, Coal depot
Violinist/pianist and cinema musical director
Manager of foreign sales, Motor Co.
Walking stick dresser
Gardener and jobbing carpenter
Piano tuner and dealer
Manager of Maritime Insurance department
Unemployed former laboratory worker for Oil and Varnish maker
Boot salesman
Engineer's apprentice
Jobbing gardener
Hosiery assistant
Lorry man
Carter's contractor
Packer in walking stick factory
Boot retailer and repairer
Health food specialist
Corn and forage warehouseman
Veterinary Surgeon
Shopkeeper, own business
Shorthand writer and statistician
Agency sales manager, Motor Co.
Loco driver
Naval and military tailor, cutter and fitter
Tobacco dryer
Commission agent
Architect's articled pupil
Farm labourer
Boot salesman
Apprentice armature winder
Manager, hosiery section
General foreman, timber work
Manufacturer's agent, upholstery trimmings
Director of tea merchants
Tea merchant
Boot repairer and motor mechanic
Turner and borer, on a lathe
Auctioneer's stock-keeper, former baker
Motor engineer, tractor diver
Motor driver for greengrocer
Builder's foreman
Nurseryman's assistant
Nurseryman's labourer
Miller's roundsman
Assistant, wholesale fruit and veg.merchant, family firm
Master engineer (Electrical), own business
Railway booking porter
Foreman cabinet maker
Insurance messenger, former painter and decorator
Scientific instrument maker
Manager, wholesale cycle and motor factors
Departmental manager
'Job master', rent collector, former butcher
Shop porter and motor driver
Commission agent
Shepherd and stockman
Decorator and designer
Counting house manager and confidential clerk
Bread baker and roundsman
Boot repairer, own business
Gardener (domestic), former market gardener
Greengrocer/Head gardener(Domestic)*
Partner in woollen merchants
Carpenter and joiner, undertaker's work
Stenographer, translator,correspondence clerk
Composer, pianist and music teacher
Part owner and manager of a grocery store
Managing Director
Farmer and cowkeeper
Farmer and Market gardener
Aeronautical work
Farm worker
Bookseller's assistant
Van driver
Architectural wood carver
Grocer's cellarman
Motor driver/railwayman
Bookshop assistant/ Nursery labourer (?)
Auctioneer's assistant
Jobbing gardener
YMCA Warden
Book seller
Wholesale margarine dealer and traveller
Lithograph and process artist
Fireplace tiler (Family firm)
Congregationalist Minister
Advertising Agent, own account
Missioner to Cabmen, Brighton and Hove Town Mission
Drapery salesman
Estate Agent and House decorator
Railway signalman and porter
Farm Labourer/Under woodcutter
Bootmaker and repairer
Journalist and poultry farmer
Gardener and milkman
Accountant and company director
Cleaner of cars
Slater and builder's merchant (Family firm)
Boot repairer
Town missioner
Engineer in steam laundry
Motor man, Brighton Tramways, previously a motor bus driver
Clerk and salesman, wholesale potato merchant
Seedsman's manager
Assistant relieving officer
Tea garden proprietor
Colporteur evangelist and grocery salesman
Horsekeeper, vanman and gardener
Ironmonger's porter
Grocer's salesman
Vegetable salesman
Laundry washhouseman
Gem setter
Diamond setter
Cabinet case maker
Farm hand
Roadman contractor and market gardener
Machine tool maker and repairer
Grocer and fruit specialist
Shop assistant
Wholesale stationer, publisher, cardboard box mfr.
Manager in Engineering works
Farmer and former Research Fellow, Agriculture
Docker, former Machinist
Cycle maker
Organ builder, family firm
Engineer - cranes, excavators etc
Coal trimmer and dealer, family firm
Stationery engine man
Railwayman and Political Agent
Articled Clerk/Accountant
Architect's assistant
Assistant Foreman
Marine steward
Boot and shoe dealer - own business
Paint mixer
Co-operative Society branch manager
Dock labourer
Boot maker
Ironstone miner/Mines deputy
Bank Clerk/Gardener
Librarian and research assistant
Fitter's Labourer
Structural draughtsman and designer
Laboratory clerk
Mineral water manufacturer
Wood type engraver
Paris Rep. of stationery manufacturers
Wholesale bread deliveryman
Manager, Hardware and Furnishing Store
Junior draughtsman
Apprentice machine tool engineer
Chocolate manufacturer
Assistant salesman, cycle shop
Trainee journalist
Draughtsman on war contracts
Manufacturer of lifting cacks, pulleys, blocks, cranes. Employer
Metal merchant
Printer's salesman
Ship's scullion
Brass moulder
Iron moulder
Wire drawer, card makers
Shop manager
Student/GWR railway worker
Musician/Works foreman (?)
Counting House Manager and commercial clerk
Cotton twiner
Music teacher, clerk and cashier
Engineer's assistant
Manager, Boot and shoe business
Tailor and Music Teacher
Cotton spinner - mule minder
Cotton and cotton waste merchant
Machine ruler
Furniture porter/remover (Family firm)
Cigarette maker
Engine Fitter
Student, Royal College; Woodcarver/modeller
Mill mechanic, worsted yarn spinners
Worsted wool sorter
University Undergraduate - Classics
Weaver former Baker
Property repairer
Cooper and Market Gardener
Office boy
Farm labourer - 'Head man on milk farm'
Carriage builder
Quarryman and stone dresser
Boot machine repairer
Stock keeper
Builder's assistant/Engineer's joiner
Church worker
Boot repairer
Shop assistant
Assistant manager, Stuff and Woollen merchant
Engineer - ASE official
House painter, decorator and grainer
Consulting and Analytical Chemist
Boot repairer
Cloth Finisher
Fruit and plant grower
Railway coach bodymaker
Leather dresser/Farmer (?)
Estate Agent/Auctioneer's clerk
Articled to Chartered Accountants
Clothier and Draper
Manufacturer's warehouseman
Wool sorter
Printer's Roller Coster
Railway Telegraphist
Shoddy manufacturer
Rag merchant, family firm
Technical Engineer, Cocoa works
Assistant in music shop
Sheep shears maker
Yeast merchant, health food agent; former Moulder
Chair maker for upholsterer/furnisher
Master baker with bakery and confectionery shop
Worsted pattern room worker
Spinning piecener
Superintendant, wool dept.
Foreman Woolsorter/Blender
Fabric Printer's labourer
Holloware buffer
Stationer; Health Foods agent
Shop assistant, boot retailer
Wood turner and general motor garage work
FAU volunteer
Lecturer, book-keeper for School
Potato and coal merchant
Engine Driver
School Housemaster
Ironmonger and seed merchant
Handle maker (Cutlery trade?)
Farmer/farm manager
Refreshment House Manager and Friendly Society branch Sec.
Textile manufacturer's agent/Clothier
Joint manager, family firm
Farm labourer/servant
Director of Rowntree & Co.
Manager, silk mill
Quaker Extension worker
Technical engineer
Works Manager, cabinet and bedding firm
Insurance Official, Alliance Assurance
Clerk/Woollen draper's assistant
Woollen fettler
Coffee house manager
Glass and china merchant
Tea salesman
Manager export department
Engineer, furnace and tool maker - employer
Artificial limb maker and Britannia metalsmith
TBox cutter
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
Circular sawyer and machinist
Foreign correspondent and invoice clerk
Cocoa and chocolate manufacturer
Coal merchant, own business
Agricultural organiser
Trackless car repairer
Small card wiredrawer
Apprentice blacksmith
Stationery bookbinder
Fish dealer
Weftman in a woollen mill/Planer
Textile Overlooker
Pit bank engineer
Coal Screener
Pocket knife finisher
Auctioneer and estate agent
Cocoa Works
Baptist Pastor
Working on step-father's farm
Supervisor boot repair dept., window dresser, salesman
Agent for Chocolate and confectionary
Agricultural merchant
Wool sorter
Scourer (Woollens)
Draper and general warehouseman
Boot maker
Wool dyer's labourer
Wool sorter
Laboratory assistant, Dyers and Bleachers
Farm servant
Cowman and shepherd/farmer's son
Machine tool painter
Carting contractor
Farm manager
Rasp cutter
Woollen cloth finisher
American Vice-Consul
Cocoa works
Mill Dealer
Cab driver
Building contractor
Farm labourer
Assistant in fried fish business
Head of Modelling
Whitesmith and Locksmith
Linen drill finisher/warehouseman
Organiser, Tramway and Vehicle Workers' union
Spring knife grinder
Worsted manufacturer, family firm
Warehouseman/porter - fruit trade
Bundlewood maker
Weaving overlooker
Wood wool presser
Stenographer and 'holding the certificate of a priest'
Wool sorter
Corn merchant's labourer
Senior Correspondent
Gas mantle maker
Wholesale warehouseman and salesman
Motor ambulance driver
Electrical coal cutter
Worsted spinning doffer
Labourer on Canal banks
Cutler - table knives
Silversmith - buffer and finisher
Cloth finisher
Boiler fireman
Wool sorter
Farm Labourer
Textile worker
Cotton piecer
Cotton dyer
Mohair weaver - at home
Millhand - Warper
Willeyer in woollen mill
Cutler - table knife cutter
Designer Manager
Sewage worker
Grocer/Wine and Spirit Merchant
Foreman cloth finisher
Store Manager
Colliery labourer, underground
Sweet manufacturer
Journalist - Yiddish and German
Metal broker
Boot repairer
Foreman Market Gardener
Nursery gardener
Colliery screens man
Organ builder/grocer
Cemetery curator and registrar
Sample room ...
Joiner and bookseller
Carpet weaver
Spanish correspondent
Serge dyerFarm hand
Dyehouse labourer
Drapery salesman and window dresser
Controller's assistant, Railway Co.,
Refuse destructor attendant and yardman
Manager, wholesale grocery warehouse
Motor lorry driver
Fitter and mechanic
Apprentice machine tool maker
Foreman wool sorter
Woollen cloth scourer
Auxiliary postman, travelling draper and packer
Woolcomber's drayman
Picker maker
Assistant master, Leeds University
Works manager and partner
Manager, worsted factory
Foreman in a woollen warehouse
Sewing machine mechanic
Machine tool maker and draughtsman
Assistant weftman in weaving shed
Electrical armature winder
Foreman woollen mule spinner
Printer's warehouseman and cutter
Assistant bakery manager, family business
Engineer's draughtsman
Blouse manufacturer, own business
Manager, hairdressers outfitters
Sculptor - wood and stone carver
Locomotive engine erector
Steel merchant and manufacturer
Maker and repairer of farm wagons etc.
Whitesmith and jobbing engineer
Saw maker
Butcher's assistant
Pianoforte dealer, repairer and tuner
Rag manager
Weaver's creeler
General dealer (Coal)
Foreman plush cropper
Black and white artist
Sorter - boot factory
Butcher's foreman
Wool and hair dealer
Provisions manager
Grocer - shop assistant
Foeign correspondent and commercial traveller
Farm labourer
Combing overlooker
Silver chaser
Wool sorterPoet, journalist, editor
Building contractor

Publisher's editor
Draper's manager and buyer
Telegraph wiremen, with Midland Railway
Estate agent's clerk and collector, former tailor's trimmer
Drawing overlooker, worsted manufacturer
Research journalist
Market gardener and labourer
Surgical boot maker
Clerk and insurance agent
Guillotine cutter
Shop assistant
Butcher's manager
Merchant for Feathers, bird skins and natural history specimens.
Boarding house proprietor
Fitter's mate
Potato merchant
Ship's joiner
Colliery Blacksmith
Cinema Violinist
Electric Wireman
Land surveyor and draughtsman
Shop assistant
Hinge maker
Hosier and Draper
Felt and straw hat worker
Sheet iron worker
Assistant Book-keeper
Pattern maker and cutter - boots and shoes
Wholesale fish salesman
Shop assistant, Chemist
Smith's labourer
Tobacco worker
Plush Weaver
Factory manager and corset cutter
Assistant traffic superintendent
Coal hewer
Tobacco and Snuff mfrs.
Granite cutter and fisherman(?)
Designer, fabrics, bookplates etc.
Music teacher and church organist
Mustard manufacturer
Despatch packer (?)
Factory worker
Employed by herring exporters
Farm worker (Dairying)
Builder's foreman
Builder and contractor
Boot and shoe salesman
Apprentice in Corn & Seed Trade*
Engineer's draughtsman
Manager, cabinet makers
Street porter
Trade union official - Painter and Decorator
Toffee manufacturer
Public house manager
Basketmaker/Woodworker, self employed
Provisions assistant
Minister of Gospel
Boot trade, home worker
Manager, clothing Dept.
Licensed street porter
Assistant Surveyor
Shoe trade
Colliery surfaceman
House and ship painter
Engine driver
Aerograph poster writer
Farm pupil (1914)
Goods checker
Newsagent and bookseller
Boot and shoe operative
Tool-maker and fitter
Costume cutter
Export Packer
Dental practitioner
Textile worker - spinner
Marble and stone carver
District office assurance agent
Shop assistant
Master Draper
Felt stiffener
Flour packer
Leather merchant
Disinfectant manufacturer
Rent collector
Chocolate worker
Insurance agent and estate agent
Land Agent, valuer
Grocer/Shop assistant/provisions clerk
Book repairer
Shop Assistant - cycle repairs
Office boy/journalist
Designer stencil cutting
Baker's roundsman
Milling machine operator
Public house manager
School Board Clerk and rate collector
Wholesale drapery/millinery salesman
Foreign Correspondent, Fireclay works
Road-stone quarry manager
Cloth Finisher
College servant
Tin worker
Plater's helper
Artist in stained glass
Agent and travelling salesman
Shop assistant
Manager and traveller
Colliery electrician
Musician, Violinist, and composer
Schoolmaster and organist
Van man
Ticket and poster writer
Farm manager
Wood feller
Printer's Warehouseman
Manager, secretary and publisher
Wesleyan Local Preacher
Felt hat finisher
Bricklayer and jobbing builder
Social worker and schoolteacher
Bookbinder/Warehouseman's cutter
Flour miller
Assistant buyer (Cotton)
Instructor in handicrafts
Stamper in bleach works
Coal Agent
Hat cane maker - self-employed
Antique Dealer
Grocer's warehouseman
Farmer and sheep shearer
Lithographic stone polisher
Manual training teacher, volunteer hospital worker
Factory manager
Market gardener and florist
Coal merchant
Farm labourer
Assistant engineer and stoker
Fruit salesman
Railway loader
Art dealer and stationer
Deputy foreman
Stationary Engine Driver
Independent means
Artist, designer and illustrator
Shop assistant
Memorial brass engraver
Furniture draughtsman
Greyman - Warehouseman
Journalist and political agent
Worsted coating manufacturer
Coalhill man
Bread salesman
Letterpress printer
Leather Tyer
Motor repairer, own business
Trade Union official
Grocery branch manager
Tea blender
Ladies Taylor
Apprentice draughtsman
Actor (?) Carpenter (?)
Boot finisher
Manager of Celluloid Works
Jig and tool draughtsman
GPO Telegraphist, Foreign Staff
Paper designer
Joiner, Draughtsman, Qualified Sanitary Inspector
Master signwriter and signmaker
Engineer's fitter
Civil engineer
Cable operator/Telegraphist
Cork Merchant
Ordnance worker, originally an agricultural worker
Junior draughtsman, tool maker
Railway machine fitter
Salesman and collector
Ticket writer
Graduate House Master
Apprentice engineer/turner
Packing case maker
Telephone inspector GPO
Professor of Music
Engineer's cutter, fitter, improver
Fancy draper, millinery, Evangelist
French polisher and cabinet maker
Costing department
Machine man
Credit Draper/Farm Labourer
Farmer in partnership with father
Cigarette machine operator
Glazier and glassworker
Time-keeper, munitions factory, former gardener
Boot warehouseman
Fish porter
Tool setter
Labourer in Spirit Trade
Deputy manager - cotton trade
Farrier and factor
China Restorer
Outfitter and dairyman
Carpenter and typewriter mechanic
Slipper finisher
Shop assistant
Architect and Lecturer
Engineering machine hand
Auxiliary rural postman, grocery provisions assistant
Manager and accountant
Photo etcher
Box maker
Shop assistant
Boot salesman
Manager CWS Depot
Dental technician
Pastor Evangelist
Shop and warehouse assistant
Tanner and Leather merchant
Traveller and salesman
Currier's apprentice
Advertising artist
Market salesman
Dock labourer
Market attendant
Shipping agent
Labourer - brewery
Cabinet maker and undertaker
Ornamental mounter
Hank Dyers
Journalist, joint editor
Farm worker, family farm
Labourer, box maker
Monumental mason
Coal merchant
Labourer - brewery
Book seller
Shop Assistant
Farm hand
Cotton piecer
Inspector of weights and measures
Hay and straw dealer and market gardener
Furniture fitter
Asst.Works Superintendent
Portrait painter and musician
Carpenter's assistant/Hospital porter
Coach painter's apprentice
GPO telegraph messenger
Owner of a dry-cleaning business
Cutlery and plates, own one-man business
Vanman and aerated water salesman
Evangelist and 'Minister of Religion'
Shirt cutter
Joiner (Foreman)
Drapery Manager
Hotel manager
Secretary (Student?)
Civil servant - Post Office engineer
Clothier and outfitter's manager
Sexton and cemetery keeper
Market gardener and greengrocer
Engineer's apprentice
Cowman and shepherd
Civil Engineer
Street lighter
Caretaker of properties, former ship's joiner
Potter's mouldmaker
Saddle bar maker
Foreman mason
Farm worker
Solderer, assistant in production dept.
Partner, builders
Asphalt plant worker
Auxiliary postman (1911)/Leather worker
Carpenter and wood-worker
Photographer and engraver
Farm and garden worker
Cutler and tool dealer
Printer and stationer's manager
Manager electrical department
Insurance Inspector
Manager wines and spirits business
Crane driver
Colliery shunter
Insurance agent and trade union secretary
Bread loader, previously a Carpet Weaver
Ovenman (?)
Bake-house labourer
Cowman and general farm worker
Assistant loom tuner
'Indoor' postman (?)
Tool fitter and gauge maker
Springhook and swivel maker
Last maker
Railway Engineer
Printer's machinist
Journalist; private secretary
Tin mill worker
Acting Secretary BSP, previously a tailor/outfitter
Music Manager
Warehouseman - athletic and general outfitters
Iron worker
General colliery labourer
Monumental mason/Clerk
Market gardener/Farm Labourer
Supervisor, despatch dept. watch company
Manual joiner in woodworks
Draper former saddler
Commercial traveller/Transfer printer
Apprentice dental mechanic
Underclothing manufacturer
Preaching and singing evangelist. Former carpenter/joiner
Master boot maker and repairer
Edge tool handler
Architect and town planner
Hotel Proprietor
Civil Engineer
Acting Chief Draughtsman
Boot and shoe trade
Builder's assistant also 'Author'
Architectural sculptor
Stonemason and letter cutter
Jeweller's assistant
Master tailor and costumier, own business
Commercial traveller, wholesale stationer and 'Peace lecturer'
Tool maker
Political Agent, Northumberland Miners
Roadman - miner for 9 years
Hall Porter
Foundry worker
Manager of a painting business
Jeweller's assistant
Assistant printer and warehouseman
French Polisher, piano-worker
Hotel secretary and accountant
Colliery bricklayer
Railwayman and Educational Lecturer
Printer's manager
Writer and war correspondent
Journalist and Peace advocate
Hardware business, own account
Bridle cutter
Fire-clay ware maker
Fruiterer and Fish merchant
Warehouseman, harness furniture
Painter and decorator and jobbing builder
Collier - surface worker
Dairyman, former wood sawyer
Builder and decorator
Journalist and Draper
Barrister, lecturer, writer
Newspaper manager
Machine hand
Foreman miller
Telephone operator
Junior works chemist
Tobacconist's manager
Steel and tinplate worker
Adjudicator on cycle and motor-cycle tyres
Forged chain maker, self-employed
Wholesale and retail grocer, own business
Paper pattern mfr.
Coal Merchant
Power Station Attendant
Packers' Foreman
Printer and typographer
School attendance officer
Carpenter and cycle repairer
Electric fitter
Metal turner
Railway car cleaner
Midland Railway fireman
WEA District Secretary, former miner
Walking stick maker
Consulting engineer
Director, Metal merchants, family firm
Tin smelter
Farmer's son working on farm
Butcher and chauffeur
Electrician and electric motor inspector
Draper's window dresser
Fur cutter
General labourer
Cowkeeper and milk retailer
Cycle and motor repairer
Post Office Telegraphist and counter clerk
Machine minder
Market gardener and fruit grower
House furnisher
Draper and outfitter
Band knife cutter
Goods despatcher and checker
Jeweller's manager
Furniture warehouseman
Printing machine minder
Coffee roaster
Minister of Religion
Assistant manager to export merchant
Steam lorryman, now market garden labourer
Fruit grower
Missionary worker
Co-operative Wholesale Society worker
Photo engraver
Student and journalist
Salesman, boot maker and repairer
Caterer, fruit and potato salesman, poultryman
Stoker in a confectionery factory
Carpenter's apprentice
Coal mine face worker/Steelworks
General smith
Cotton manufacturer
Viewer, motor cycle components
Ironstone miner, previously butcher/slaughterman
Ship's fireman
General labourer
Provision salesman
Handicraft instructor
Coal delivery assistant
Boot salesman
Life Insurance society inspector
Stocking cutter, fustian/clothing
Piecer, woollen mill
Head warehouseman
Manufacturer - machines
Lathe and bench hand
Yarn warehouseman
Packer and maker-up
Foreign missionary
Manager of Insurance Society
Draper's Agent
Musician, composer, organist and choirmaster
Boot, shoe and clog maker
Gardener at Royal Botanic Gardens
Marine store dealer/Market gardener (?)
Engineer and fitter
Packer and porter
Cemetery worker
Engine fitter and turner and Insurance agent
Wood box maker/store keeper
Shop assistant
Library Assistant
Bathroom Attendant
Ploughman and farm worker
French confectioner
Wholesale bookseller's assistant
Railway fireman
Motor bread van driver/Farmer
Textile warehouseman
French polisher, apprentice
Student (Later, poet, journalist, diplomat etc.)
Cotton Spinner (Employer)
Sanitary inspector
Insurance collector
Agricultural worker
Draughtsman and farm labourer
Messrs Cadbury
Chemist's warehouseman
Wholesale confectioner
Assistant Curator
Junior draughtsman
Accounts officer
Engineering apprentice
Khaki scourer
Hawker's Vanman
Cap maker
Fancy button maker
Export packer
Master printer, print works manager
Musician - piano player in cinema
Upholsterer working as mental nurse
House furnisher, own business
Printer's business manager
Stone carver, letter cutter
Draper, lay evangelist and colporteur
Outfitter's assistant
Foreman carriage builder
Picture frame maker and gilder
Machine tool maker
Factory worker/Evangelist
Soft goods salesman
Farm worker
Farm labourer
Library Cataloguer
Paint brush, colour and paints merchant and agent
Electrician (Foreman)
Theatre Company Manager
Partner in furnishing company
Mission worker
Coke oven leveller
Boot maker/ salesman in leather trade
Loomer and twister
House furnisher in partnership with his brother
Stationery stock-keeper
Illustrator and teacher
Certificated assistant master
Chocolate moulder
Farm worker
Cattleman and milker
Miller's Labourer
Works Manager/Market gardener and nurseryman
Export packer
Enamel ware dealer
Overlooker - cotton spinner
Electric engine driver in a coal mine
Boot and shoe shop manager
Iron ore miner
Engineer's fitter
Chocolate mould maker
Bran packer
Fishing Rod Manufacturer, brass turner
Fishing Rod Manufacturer
Spirit salesman
Black and White Artist
Consulting Engineer
Ship draughtsman
Assayer to Bullion Dealer and Refiners
Iron tube tester
Fisherman and crofter
Machine ruler
Wagon builder (Railways)
Post Office Telegraphist
Insurance agent, former coal miner
Boilermaker and repairer
Fruit salesman
Coal wagon loader
Shop assistant
Railway carpenter
Silver and metal worker
Grocer's porter
Jeweller's assistant
Rag sorter
Head of Dept.Commerce
Sec. Recreation Committee for the troops
Assistant Librarian
Warehouse assistant
Messrs Cadburys
Printer's packer
Fruit grower's assistant
Clerk and farm worker
Calico printer and coloured goods salesman
Van salesman
Boot repairer
Warehouse manager
Designer and draughtsman
Die sinker
Leather goods, family business
Chemist - Laboratory Assistant
Caretaker and solicitor's messenger
Tenant farmer
Solicitor and YMCA worker
Grocer - wholesale and retail
Joiner's machinist
YMCA worker
Branch manager - grocery and provision shop
Insurance Broker
Lithographic artist's apprentice
College employee
Friends Home Mission worker
Farm pupil
Agricultural engineer
Lace designer
Electrical Engineer & company director
Secretary/director Laundry firm
Locomotive fitter
Baking powder manufacturer
Apprentice Fitter
Apprentice Grocer
Superintendent for Met. Office
Musician, Market gardener, pig and poultry keeper
Chemist and coke oven manager
Sanitary and Electrical engineer
Colliery assistant weighman and despatch clerk
Farmer and confectioner
Student/cowman on farm
Sub post-master and grocer's assistant
Brass Worker
Manager and designer, button factory
Manager of a tea company
Bookseller and photographer
Draper's apprentice
House Porter
Commercial traveller, wholesale confectionery
Wallpaper and glass merchant, family firm
Colliery surface worker
Engineer's turner and fitter/motor mechanic
Manager, Adult School Hostel
Health Insurance Representative
Works manager
Ordained Minister and Preacher
Shop Assistant
Medical Officer of Health
Piano tuner and organ builder
Rabbit skin curers and traders
Nursery gardener former carpenter and joiner
Quarry stone getter
House furnisher and carrier
Bread delivery man
Iron merchant
Engineers designer
Electric motorman
Fish and meat porter
Lithographic machine minder
Provisions despatcher
Counter salesman
IBSA branch official
Cotton worker
Scientific instrument maker
Preserved provisions warehouseman
Cadburys rep.
Grocer's porter and storeman
Farmer/Farrier (?)
Dock Labourer
YMCA Camp Attendant
Master slater and plasterer, own business
Lace Weaver
Monumental sculptor
Farmer and country blacksmith
Head Master
Gardener's labourer
Iron moulder
Doctor and TB officer
Iron frame driller
Winder's overlooker
Laboratory assistant
Assisting in family boot repairs business
Apprentice clothier
Cutlery trade apprentice
Mining engineer
Foreman Motor Repair Shop
Vehicle builder/coach trimmer Tailor (?)
Sorting clerk and telegraphist
Farm hand
Assistant actuary, assurance company
Greenhouse gardener
Chocolate moulder/Gas meter tester/small tool maker
Farm Labourer
Master boot maker
Boot repairer
Post Office clerk, writer and poet
Shop assistant
Lay Preacher
Cloth scourer and dyer
Dept. Manager
Printer, publisher and Lay Preacher
Blacksmith and metal worker
Patternmaker, engineering
Works analytical chemist
Farmer and market gardener
Shop manager
Cotton Manufacturer
Apprentice Electrical Engineer
Apprentice watchmaker
Deputy Manager, Employment Exchange
Trainee engineer and motor mechanic
Builder's foreman
Apprentice motor engineer
Metal spinner - silver and gold
Inspector, National Health Commission
Draper and warehouseman
Coffee room proprietor
Engineer's buyer
Warehouseman - hosiery
Sign painter,, glass writer, embosser
Editorial and office work
Professional musician, teacher and 'reformer'
Typewriter representative
Manager of a boot shop
Shopman for builder's merchant
Formerly Shipping Co.
Apprentice to shirt and underwear maker
Clerk and French correspondent, lace importers
Hosiery salesman
Structural Engineer
Builder's apprentice
Manufacturer's agent
Insurance inspector
Proof reader's assistant and reviser
Pharmaceutical Chemist
Trimmer's legger, hosiery dyeworks
Outfitter's manager and Minister of the Gospel
Grocer and Prudential Insurance agent
Architect and assistant manager, joinery firm
London representative of woollen and cotton manufacturers
Publisher's salesman
Goldsmith and jeweller
Gas department
Spinner (Baker?)
Tea buyer
Monotype works
Friends' Mission worker
Coal tipper
Cotton operative
Operative cotton spinner
Cotton manufacturer, assistant mill manager
Industrial Chemist, aniline dyes
Analytical chemist
Cadburys employee
Insurance agent and labourer
Full time missioner
Chipping agency (?)
Cycle and motor agent
Window ticket printer
Grocer's provisions hand
House furnisher
Assistant in cotton warehouse
Farm Labourer
Boot repairer
Hosier's assistant
Electro plate worker
Engineer/ Driller machinist
Electrical operator and surveyor
Steel mill worker - Tinplate
Book-keeper, borough council
Engineer/Electric Welder
Pianoforte maker
Artificial silk bleacher
Nursery hand
Bournville chocolate works
Iron grinder
India rubber man
Boot and shoe merchant
Garment finisher
Electric spool winder
Electrical and motor engineer
Building Surveyor
Engineer and manager, Tramways
Analyst's office
Typist mechanic
Apprentice brass finisher
Sports depot (?)
Railway goods porter
Timber merchant
Hosiery trimmer
Bedstead mount trade, family firm
Civil Service clerk/ Insurance official
Gas meter inspector
Wholesale hardware and fancy goods salesman
Housing superintendent
Designer and draughtsman, furniture and interior decorations
Works Manager, steel industry
Assistant manager printing department
Commercial book-keeper
Sugar boiler
Nursery hand - tomatoes and cucumbers
Architect/clerk of works, School Board
Advertising writer
Cellar man
Catalogue illustrator
Blouse and underclothing manufacturer
Small-holder former professional footballer
Foreman bread maker
Owner, general manager, woollen mill
Joint manager, family firm
Farmer and fruit grower
Architect and Builder, self-employed
Cotton carder
Cabinet maker and upholsterer
Plater - wagon works
Apprentice in furnishing (1914)
Clothier's manager
'Gospel preacher'
Able seaman - formerly Royal Navy 5 years
Caterer and confectioner
Bank cashier and lay preacher
Market gardener/nurseryman
Foreman Granite Cutter
Designer, floorcloths and linoleum
Railway Engineer
Woollen yarn spinner/manufacturer
Works Chemist
Electrical tenter
Joiner and Trade Union Secretary
Mill worker
Boot maker and repairer, own business
Hardware Dealer
Baker and pastry cook
Grocer and small-holder
Weaver and joiner
Porter on the Tube
Baker, pastry cook and confectioner
Engine driver
Slipper worker
No 'trade or calling' in WO363
Engineering shop
Colliery horsekeeper
Paper ruler
Typograph composing operator
Tool maker and setter
Foreman tool-maker
Letter press printer
Flint glass cutter
Laundry vanman
Engineer's tool room fitter
Shop Porter
Baptist Minister
Head Gardener (Domestic)
Butcher's manager and slaughterman
Store keeper
Woollen spinner
Leather seller/bootmaker
Carbolic Acid Process worker
Chain Beamer
Overlooker and weaver
Poultry farmer/traveller
Poultry farmer
Motor driver, despatch clerk and master grocer
Herbal drug store dealer
Doffer - cotton spinning
Dramatic Author, Actor and Theatrical manager
Power Loom Overlooker
Assistant Carbonising Foreman
Manager, grocery and provisions shop
Capstan tool setter
Motor lorry driver
Pork butcher
Tool room foreman
Organ builder
Forage cutter
Masseur and medical electrician
Shoe hand
Tenant farmer and coal dealer
Airplane erector
Itinerant preacher
Works foreman
Unitarian Minister
Munitions worker
Poultry farmer, former Music Teacher
General farm hand, family farm
Bricklayer, canal maintenance
Boot salesman
Clerk and works foreman
Tailor's salesman
Leather merchant's manager
Van salesman - bread and groceries
Assistant manager, briar pipe factory
Contractor's assistant
Nurseryman, family business
Nurseryman, foreman, salesman, family business
Coal depot and wharf manager
Boot repairer
Cotton spinner
Aerated water assistant
Accountant and secretary
Durham Miners' Association
Stationer and fancy goods dealer
Boot shop manager
Pawnbroker's assistant
Engineer and toolsmith
Dyeworks manager
Fruit grower
Salmon fisher and farm labourer
Fish buyer and porter
Nurseryman, fruit farmer and missionary
Foreman, agricultural machinery mfrs.
Law agent
Apprentice stone cutter / Art Student (?)
Farm servant
Granite cutter
Foreman builder and granite worker
Photographer now doing farm work
Cycle mechanic
Boot and shoe salesman
Fireman and fitter
Independent means
Fish smoker and foreman
Tramway conductor, former carpenter
Coal filler and carrier
Parish Clerk and Gardener
Fish Merchant, smoker and curer
Cotton spinner
Cloth buyer
Bricklayer, builder and contractor
Brass turner and screwer
Fitter's labourer
Wholesale stationer and publisher
Foreman and works manager
Cotton warp dresser
Grocer and warehouseman
National Union of Clerks agent
Hotel waiter
Local government clerk/apprentice civil engineer
Insurance agent and member of Education Committee
Provisions salesman/assistant
Piano mfr. and music dealer
Post Office worker
Litho machine minder
Salesman - speaks 7 or 8 languages
Farmer, in partnership with his brother
Manager, provision shop
Cotton spinner
Railway Carriage cleaner
Designer's Assistant
Master brass founder
Gas-fitter and lamplighter
Press tool maker
Electroplate maker-up
Apprentice silversmith
Machine tool fitter
Pearl button worker
Motor body maker
Motor mechanic and tool maker
Builder and decorator
Trade Union organiser
Workhouse tailor
Farm Labourer
Publisher's assistant
Salesman, boot and shoe business
Body-making, trench ambulances
Draughtsman's apprentice
Lithographic draughtsman
Manager to export merchant
Master boot repairer, own business
Engineer and millwright
Millwright and engine driver
Municipal gas burner cleaner
Builder's Draughtsman
Shop fitter's sales manager
Market gardener's labourer
Cabinet maker and mill organiser
Electric assembler
Iron turner
Foreman toolmaker
Commercial traveller/manager, wholesale brush mfrs. Merchant
Sporting gun action maker
Tool maker
Market garden foreman
Master boot repairer
Fireman on motor lorry (steam?)
Apprentice fitter
Hairdresser, insurance agent, 'Hebrew Evangelist'
Motorman, tramways
Apprentice to Pharmaceutical chemist
Wood and metal pattern maker
Assistant Overseer
Cycle agent and repairer
Dyehouse labourer
Managing Director
Works manager
Manager for wholesale fruit and vegetable firm
Steam crane driver
Engineer's draughtsman
Driller and screwer, army horseshoes
Head cowman, family farm
Clerk and designer of beds for export
Carter, ploughman, shepherd, thatcher
Accountant, volunteer Youth Worker
Wholesale fruit merchant's salesman
Bookseller/Stationer's Agent
Unknown 'welfare work' (?)
Gear cutter
Farm labourer, former wages clerk
Colporteur and IBSA Minister
GPO mail porter
Jeweller's engraver
Printer's engraver
Commission agent
Scenic artist - theatres
Flax spinner
Partner in an outfitters' business
Boot and shoe worker
Decorative artist
General labourer
Jam manufacturer
Greengrocer, carter
Wholesale baker's carter and vanman
Cabinet maker and furniture dealer, own business
Photographer's manager
Export merchant's manager
Marker, Assay Office
Tool maker
Export Manager
Spinner and turner, bedstead trade
Screwcutting lathe worker
Farming and coal carting, family business
Brass turner and dresser
Works manager
Boot repairer
Foreman blacksmith
Grocer's manager and sub-postmaster
Cocoa worker
Warehouseman and packer
Assembler in Electrical Works
Head Gardener
Cutter also Gentleman's Outfitter
Wholesale fruit trade
Manager and book buyer
Bricklayer's labourer and Market gardener
Crown Labourer in wood
Secretary, agent, architect
Clothier's warehouseman
Carpet Designer
Shoemaker/boot salesman
Civil engineer
Shoeing and general blacksmithing, family firm
Grocer and fruit specialist
Newsagent and stationer
Overhead wireman, Tramways
Engineer to a brewery
Bricklayer and smallholder - fruit, veg., livestock
Hotel waiter, former Valet
Works manager
Registration agent
Leather dresser and machine shaver
Market garden labourer
Clerk and store-keeper
Investigator and supervisor
Stationery specialist
Under gardener
Draughtsman engineer and lecturer in engineering
Farm worker, former munitions worker
Master butcher with five shops
Ceramic transferrer
Commission agent, chemicals
Tile warehouseman and slabber
Director, Boot and Shoe factory
Master grocer, confectioner and café owner
Wholesale builder's supplies/ironmonger's assistant
Machine needle factory worker
Grocer and tea merchant
Grocer and general dealer
Picture frame maker
Fitter's mate, motor works
Plain and ornamental plasterer
Sanitary ware glazier
Foreman engineer
Builder and bricklayer
Hammer and edge tool maker
Turner and tool setter
Bank manager
Assistant chemist, works laboratory
Iron and brassfounder
Charge hand, Auto Machinery Co.
Laboratory assistant
Horse shoe clipper
Master tailor, former Rabbinical student
Trainee engineer in Gloucester
Capstan lathe operator
Machine tool maker
Glazing contractor and glass merchant
Fruit grower
Manual training master (?)
Tool hardener
Machine tool grinder
Gent's outfitter
Boot repairer
General fitter
Jeweller's manager
Shop assistant
Chief labour assistant (?)
Clothier and tailor's cutter
Grate fitter
Iron moulder
Laboratory assistant
Salesman, family glass and china business
Motor body maker
Foreman/manager toolmaker
Dairy farmer and retail milk seller
Corn miller
Charge hand, grocery packing dept.
Shop Assistant
Electro-plate manufacturer
Bank accountant
Insurance agent or 'Professor of Music'
Manager, window cleaning Co.
Die sinker and tool maker
Tool maker, motor trade, Austin motors
Button manufacturer
Storekeeper and driver, tramways
Dentist's mechanic
Brass dresser
Machinist and fitter
Assistant auditor GWR
Tool setter
Toolmaking turner
Stenographer, typist and telephonist
Draper and cloth 'expert'
Maltman (?)
Grocer and Commission agent
Clog iron maker
Hatter, hosier and military outfitter
Smallware merchant
Engine fitter
Cycle, newsagent, tobacconist and stationer
Cycle components viewer
Dealer in second-hand cars and accessories
Tool setter and maker
Book-keeper, laundry manager
Manager, English timber business
Tool fitter
Viewer and gauger, former silversmith
Clerk/Chartered Accountant
Leather cutter
Wholesale stationer, own business
Machinist, engineering
Bank cashier and School teacher
Flour packer/assistant in flour factor's business
Haberdasher's assistant and traveller
Silversmith and jeweller
French polisher and Caretaker
Clerk, Chemist's departmental manager
Colliery pump man
Glass blower
Butcher (self-employed, 1911); Coal miner (1901)
Painter/Munitions worker
Shop assistant
Confectioner's Manager
Electric haulage man
Master boot repairer, own business
Stone quarryman
Tailor's foreman cutter
Architect's assistant, former plasterer
Colliery timberman
Carpenter/joiner for ship repairer
Coal checker
Bread deliverer
Mine labourer, above ground
Picture frame maker
Former employee of Imperial Tobacco
Farm Labourer
Dentist/'Dental Operator'
Dairy manager
Woodcarver and chairmaker
Farm labourer
Lorry driver
Timber merchant
Pianist and organist
Waterworks employee
Printer - senior partner and manager
House and ship joiner
'No trade or calling'
Wallpaper and paint merchant
Hospital Operating Theatre Attendant
Monotype keyboard operator, print works
Carpenter and joiner's apprentice
Manager Sulphuric Acid plant
Architect/Evangelist, Missionary, colporteur
Road man
Boot trade
Farmer and carrier
Described as a 'Monk'
House and Insurance agent
Engineer/Finisher - boot trade
? Grinding knives?
Wheelright and car painter
Paper maker
YMCA Canteen worker
Boot operator
Shop assistant/tobacconist
Shop Manager
Land Agent
Carter, general haulier, family firm
Electrical mechanic
Stone polisher
Shop assistant - motor and cycle accessories
Book binder
Gold blocker
Carpenter and decorator
Telephone engineer
Jobbing mason and bricklayer
Sausage maker (?)
Architect's pupil
Insurance agent and miner
Tobacco factory worker
Labourer at Cocoa works
Cutter to export clothier
Boot and shoe examiner
Professional singer
Lavatory attendant
Foreman, Tobacco Leaf Dept
Assistant physics master
Van man, bread deliveries
Farmer and farm manager
Shop assistant
Manager, grocery and provisions store
Overseer, tobacco leaf dept.
Builder and carpenter, family firm
Stone cutter and dresser
Salesman for house furnishers etc.
Manager and valuer of financial firm
General packer
Cycle repairer and temporary postman
Pressman clicker, boot trade
Proprietor, boot and shoe shop
Market gardener and poultry keeper
Contractor, house repairs etc.
Manager, shoemaking company
Boot maker
Miner - horse driver below ground
Inspector for Waterworks
Assistant Insurance Officer, Board of Trade (Employment)
Chemical fertiliser and Sulphuric Acid manufacturer
Fry's Cocoa works
Carpenter and Manager furniture store
Furniture designer
Miner/colliery surface man
Manager, boot factory
Dental assistant
Health Food Store Proprietor
Manager, Skin Rug Factory
Farm worker
Head Prefect
Florist and market gardener
Stock keeper
Book and print dealer
Farm labourer
Mason and plasterer
Clerk/YMCA worker
Boot maker
Pit carpenter
Hotel Keeper
Journeyman baker
Grocer's representative
Master boot repairer, own business
Colliery engine driver
Farm worker
Foreman Stone Cutter
Motor tyre examiner
Boiler maker
Full time trade union official National Workers' Union
Salesman and collector, previously cabinet maker
Road foreman
Farmer/tractor driver
Formerly a mason, now a tyre repairer
Employed in tobacco factory
Rubber worker
Employed in Dairy
Independent means
Assistant to Leather Merchant
Farm pupil
Unemployed former Rubber worker
Employed by father
Outfitter's assistant working on dairy farm
Iron moulder
Pork butcher
Wireman's mate, formerly French polisher
Storeman/Issuer, carriage and wagon dept.
Bread maker and deliverer
Primitive Methodist minister
Grocer's manager
Draper and outfitter's assistant
Motor repair shop foreman
Fitter and trimmer, engineering works
Straw hat manufacturer
Silver stamper
Die sinker and toolmaker
Boiler cleaner
Clothing club agent
Hardware and general dealer, own business
Commercial traveller/warehouse manager
Cloth salesman
Hardware representative
Window blind maker
Passenger guard
Hand presser/dyer and finisher
Architect's clerk/draughtsman
Assurance agent, former Railway mechanic
Analyst's assistant, gold and silver smelter
Foreman dyer and bleacher
Jobbing gardener, own account
School caretaker
Sugar refiner
Export Lining Merchant
Temperance caterer, family business
Manufacturer's apprentice
Coal filler in a coal mine
Manufacturing stationer, bookbinder
Woollen feeder
Shop assistantTelegraph lineman
Baptist Minister
Foreman, golf club finisher
Apprentice lithographer

Chemist and Druggist
Reformatory School Officer
Missionary/Technical School Instructor
Builder, blacksmith and 'small farmer'
Retired Civil Servant
Machine minder
Manager, straw hat factory
Borough Engineer's office
Wholesale stationery assistant and traveller
Photographer and picture framer, own business
Proprietor, Motor Business
Tax collector
Upholsterer's assistant
Journeyman butcher
Inspector, Insurance Co.
Assistant analytical chemist
Professor of Music
Market gardener and Horsekeeper
Sawyer in GWR signal works
Theatrical Accountant
Signal Dept. fitter
Timber Merchant
Assistant Superintendant
Foreman packing case maker
Agent for Real Estate Company
Chemist's shop, and pharmacist, own business
Cow merchant
Instrument maker
Fish hawker
Office manager and director, cycle and motor engineers
Blacksmith/farrier, partnership with brother
Railway wagon repairer
Assistant brewer
Boot repairs manager
Brush turner
Engineer's and electrician, manager
Firewood dealer - partner in the firm
Decorator and grainer
Director and works manager - Building trade
Cycle maker and repairer
Medical practitioner, pathologist
Printer's apprentice
Bricklayer's labourer
Farm worker - family farm
Minister (Free Methodist)
Draughtsman and contractor's clerk
Corn and seed merchant's apprentice
Edge setter (Boots)
Monumental mason, letter cutter
Boot laster
Printing machine manager
Milkman and shepherd
Stock keeper and book keeper
Farm worker
ILP Midlands area organiser
Boot clicker and pattern cutter
Manager, boot manufacturer
Shoe hand
Medical student and then doctor
Coal merchant
Insurance agent, later Evangelist
Shoe trade
Boot edge trimmer
Shop assistant
Shoe packer
Miller's assistant
Shoe trade
Shoe hand/Bootmaker
Laboratory assistant
Shoe operative
Umbrella maker
District manager and sales agent
Foreman brick and tile maker
Ladies' skirt cutter
Engineer/Repairer of Commercial and Agricultural vehicles
Harness and boot maker
Glove cutter
Farm worker, family farm
Slipper hand
Commission Agent
Schoolmaster - later music critic and author
Divisional Sec. YMCA
Optician and watchmaker
Farm insurer
Journalist and translator
Shop assistant in optical business
Yeast merchant/agent
Furniture packer, Evangelist
Picture frame maker
Domestic servant, Boys College
Quantity surveyor and clerk of works
Managing foreman
Metal worker
Manager boot dept.
Leather clicker, boot trade
Fruit gardener
Carpenter and Painter
Water Colour Artist
Coach trimmer, coach and motor works
Slate splitter
Tin miner
Voluntary worker with FWVRS
Telegram messenger
Assists father in family drapery shop
Woollen drawer and pattern weaver
Representative for a firm of Electricians
Railway carriage cleaner
Labourer in Royal Navy victualling yard
Cotton yarn packer
Office worker
Miner's drawer
Manager, café, tea and coffee and bakery
Temperance and trade union organiser
Horse driver
Farm hand
Farm labourer - family farm
Manager and buyer
Coal loader
Shopkeeper - Hairdresser, Tobacconist etc.
Groom and gardener
Cabinet maker/Draper's porter
Naval outfitter
Fishmonger and gardener
Shining ore dresser
Quarry labourer
Stationer and book-binder's manager
Fruiterer and greengrocer, former baker
Shop assistant
Employee of Torquay Co-op
Boot salesman
Shop inspector
Picture framer and newsagent
Farmer's son
Poultry farmer
Co-op stores worker
Tyre repair Co., family firm
University "coach" - academic
Shop assistant - village shop
Senior Scholar, Biologist
Shopkeeper/furniture dealer
Research Chemist, Head of Science
Fellow, Kings College
Book keeper and correspondent
Prof. of Astronomy
Hosiery and outfitting buyer
Works Chemist
Agricultural worker
Draper's salesman
Manager of firm making small metal goods - buckles etc.
Store manager - Oil and Hardware merchant
House furnisher's manager
Grocer and draper
Hosiery warehouse assistant
Organiser of production at Bournville works
Scientific instrument maker
Observatory/workshop Assistant
Book seller etc.
Gardener and domestic worker/Warehouseman
Mechanic and tool fitter
Boot and shoe operative
Shop assistant
Timber merchant's assistant manager
Starch maker
Farmer and coachbuilder/Agriculturalist
Silk Weaver's Mechanic
Farmer and coachbuilder
Starch packer
Coalyard foreman
Fruit grower
Oil skin dresser* and Preacher/evangelist (?)
Flour miller
Friends' Home Mission
Farm worker
Apprentice bookseller and stationer
Platen machinist and printer, boot factory
Private means
Weighing tester
Boot finisher
Agricultural Labourer
Florist and seedsman
Boot repairer
Farm Labourer
Boatbuilder - self employed
Shop assistant
Stores manager
Grocer and farm worker
Rate collector and pig grazier
Foreman, boot and shoe trade
Wine merchant's manager
Waterproof garment maker
Metal worker
Apprentice Electrical Fitter
Boot and shoe dealer
Shoe trade
Farm labourer
General labourer in second hand furniture store
Assistant manager
Former grocer's assistant, now Evangelist
Stoker and fireman and his own milk business
Picture frame maker, family business
Starch worker
'Shoemaker' actually storekeeper for a shoe mfr.
Maltster's analyst
Boot and shoe operative
Fitter's mate, railway works
Hosiery assistant
Labourer, starch works
Tobacco stover and presser
Electricity Station assistant
Manager, furniture store
Farm work
Bricklayer and general builder
Builder's joiner
Textile manufacturer
Artist - eventually 'official' war artist
Botanist, fruit farmer, with Duncan Grant
Farm worker
Blacksmith's striker
Engineer's labourer
Farm labourer
Corn and cake merchant
Art master, designer and craftsman
Bakery outfitter
Credit draper's salesman
Fish buyer and porter
Fish merchant and curer
Manager of a hat shop
Manager, wholesale newsagent
Linoleum layer and carpet planner
Pattern cutter and cloth warehouseman
Outfitter and clothier
Shop assistant
Coal miner, horse driver
Factory manager
Umbrella maker
Viewer, BSA, Birmingham
Trainee Butcher
Grocer and Corn Merchant
Cotton piecer
Removal contractor
Frame work knitter
Colliery carting contractor and poultry farmer
Smallholder and milk roundsman
Pharmacist's apprentice
Draper and fruiterer
Cotton doubler
Dock Labourer
Clothier and Minister of religion
Railway wagon inspector
Draughtsman and clerk
Warehouseman and despatch clerk
Hosiery framework knitter/butcher (?)
Hosiery frame knitter
Captain in Salvation Army
Upholsterers manager
Yarn merchant
Machine band knife cutter
Miner, pony driver
Fruiterers Assistant
Nurseryman/Tomato grower - family firm
Lithographic artist and designer
CWS employee
Boot salesman/Shoe and leather merchant
Coal manager
Shoemaker/Shoe trade/Boot finisher
Car conductor
Boot manufacturer
Gardner at Sanatorium
Cycle Warehouseman
Tailor and coat machinist - home worker
Fancy silk band manufacturer - employer
Boot maker/dealer, self-employed
Grazier, own business
Shoe hand - slugger (heels)
Miner, road man
Brush trade
Hosiery counterman
Elastic web weaver
Colour printer/Letterpress machineman
Manager's assistant, Engineering works' office
Sole attacher, boots
Farmer and coal merchant, own business
Engineer's apprentice
General sales manager
Umbrella maker, own business
Book-keeper and baker
Artificial stone finisher
Corn buyer, former baker
Market gardener and boat (?) proprietor
Principal/Proprietor Business Training College
Engineer's pattern maker
Woollen yarn mule spinner
Foreman, hosiery factory
Stock room foreman, boot and shoe mfrs.
Leather warehouseman
Boot and shoe operative
Gas worker
Farm labourer (?)
Export manager, manufacturing chemist, Health Food store proprietor.
Dairyman and shoe hand
Chief clerk and surveyor, insurance company
Apprentice engineer's pattern/model maker
Corkwood Sawyer
Rivetter, boot trade
Manager/buyer, retail hosiery
Bookseller, own business
Spectacle lens jobber
Owner/manager, engineering works and iron foundry
Head sanitary and pipe burner
Pressroom foreman, shoe trade
Travelling jeweller
Head Waiter
Architect and Constructional draughtsman
Insurance sub-branch manager
Goods guard
Foreman, Lithographic printer
No occupation for five years due to illness
Woollen yarn spinner
Boot factory hand
Upholsterer's frame maker
Boot edge setter
Draper's manager
Baker and baker's vanman
Doctor - schools medical dept. TB officer
Wholesale wine merchant's manager
Analyst and manufacturing chemist
Engine fitter
Proprietor of printing and publishing business
'Working on a farm'
Boot repairer
Assistant engineer
Master boot repairer
Shopkeeper - confectioner and tobacconist
Chemist's porter/warehouseman
Workers Union organiser
Baker, pastry cook and motor driver
Printer and Carpenter
Draper and boot man
Conductor and driver/Painter and decorator
Corn miller
Cinema Exhibitor
Buyer and manager, retail clothier
Horseman and farm wagonner
Shop assistant
Iron moulder
Hosiery knitter/operative
Cycle fitter
Labourer, later rose grower and horticulturalist
Metal moulder and farm worker
Cycle dealer - own business
Shop manager, grocery
Jam manufacturer, family firm
District manager for clothing company
Hosiery machinist
Hosiery hand
Cotton's patent hand (?)
Shop inspector
Journalist/Tailor's cutter
Carter Salesman
Wine and spirit bottle/bootmaker
Puttee knitter
Foreman perambulator finisher and cane worker
Warehouseman in lace shipping house
Lace merchant and warehouseman
Tool maker
Dept.manager, cardboard box mfr.- family firm
Grocer's manager, health food store
Charge hand electro-plater
Wholesale yeast salesman
Builder, general foreman
Master hairdresser and tobacconist, own business
Embroidery designer/draughtsman
Window cleaner and contractor, family firm
Clerk and manager of family window cleaning firm
Hosiery framework knitter
Insurance Company, district manager
Turner's cutter
Coal merchant
Engineer's apprentice
Book finisher
Bootmaking and repairing
Textile worker
Shop assistant - pawn broker
Farm worker
Copper plate engraver
Textile worker
Textile worker - blowing room
Post Office Telephone Engineer
Butcher and slaughterman
Clerk/Land work
Improver Draughtsman
Machine roller
Sack merchant
Iron miner
Cable Jointer's assistant
Independent Gentleman
Journalist and publicist
Cotton Spinner
Export agent, wool trade
Photographer and traveller; YMCA worker
Christian Science Practitioner
Apprentice engineer
Apprentice motor mechanic
Health Food manufacturer and employer
Boiler and pipe fitter
Dock labourer
Shipyard Labourer
Gas engineer's pattern maker
Salesman, timber trade
Wholesale/Retail grocer - family firm
Buyer, salesman and clerk
Farm labourer
Dental surgeon
Coal porter
Labourer in bakery
Music pupil
Colliery Engine driver
Chemist's dispenser
Farm worker, family farm
Telegraph messenger
Boot shop manager
Pattern card maker
Pattern room manager
Mate of steamer in transport work
Furniture buyer
Cotton printer
Musician, former conductor on a liner
Hat leather cutter
Cotton operative
Cycle and motor dealer/repairer
Foreman shunter
Tobacco factory manager
Paper machinist
Boot and clog maker
Foreman silversmith and tobacco pipe maker
'Striker out', leather hat trade, professional footballer
Steelworks draughtsman
Correspondence clerk, student
Gentleman, former Wool felt manufacturer
Cotton manufacturer's assistant
Manager, wallpaper merchants
Salesman/clerk to waste silk merchant
Baker's motor van driver
Photo-engraver, etcher (Apprentice)
Contractor salesman
Coal bagger
Engineering apprentice
Apprentice Fitter
Manager and salesman
Ship's draughtsman/Naval architect
Freight manager
Hardware merchant
Slipper factory worker, warehouseman (?)
Cotton beamer
GPO Supervisor
Cop packer
Assistant sales manager
Clerk/Cowman (?)
Textile tester
Hosiery clerk/Draper's assistant
Marine Engine Draughtsman
Grocery branch manager
Charge attendant on epileptics
Draper and Minister
Iron moulder
Pattern Card Maker
Cotton spinner
Van man
Marine Insurance claims adjuster
Cloth presser, cotton factory
Cop Packer
Assistant to Botanical Brewer, former Weaver
Loom Overlooker
Cotton twister
French polisher for cabinet makers
Medical practitioner and 'Minister of the Gospel'
Manager/partner, drapery business
Author 'E. H. Visiak'
Political organiser
Sculptor, Monumental mason and letter cutter
Farm labourer
Reed maker
Poultry dealer
'Stone siever' or stone cutter
Assistant Engine Tenter, 'oiler'
Cotton waste mule spinner
Gold and silver engraver
Chain maker
Cotton weaving manager
Clothing agent
Master Draper
Drapery assistant
Weaver - Overlooker
Cotton spinner
Velvet shearer, stripper and grinder
Corn chandler's assistant
Union Secretary - Shoemaker
Laundry worker
Cotton spinner
Coal merchant's office worker
Cotton worker
Cycle wheel builder
Enquiry Agent
Pawnbroker and Labourer in cotton mill
Property repairer and owner
Grocer and draper
Assistant manager, Boys' home
Coal dealer
Linen draper
Warehouse manager
Railway ticket collector
Corporation labourer
Manager, Co-operative Store
Milk van man
Shop assistant
Iron moulder
Mule minder
Yarn salesman
Shipping merchant
Dairyman, stationer and town sub-postmaster
Railway goods depot worker
Farm worker, family farm
Civil Engineer
Foreman in trimming factory
Furnishing salesman
Mechanical and electrical engineer
Engine driver
Music teacher and assistant in hosiery business
Retail shop manager
Joiner in a flour mill
Partner firm of constructional ironworkers and general smiths
Engine fitter mechanic
Cotton operative
Engineer, tool maker
General Practitioner
Grocery counterman
Engineer but became farm labourer
Richmond Row Mission Rooms
Learning farming
YMCA worker among troops
Schoolmaster and playwright
Engineering fitter
Lay Reader - full-time professional
Architectural Assistant
Storekeeper, Foreman Labourer
Building trade
Engineering apprentice
Manager of a toy factory
Cargage contractor
Textile Printer
CloggerBread baker
Motor and cycle engineer
Secondhand book dealer
Calico printer's salesman
Silversmith, shop assistant
Stationery, wholesale and manufacturing
Woollen warehouseman, Insurance Agent
Woollen Piecener
Advertising manager, furnishing store
Bootmaker and repairer
Bricklayer, Canal Lock maintenance
Designer, wallpaper, cretonnes
Chemistry demonstrator
Fettler, wool textiles
Cloth Finisher - Tenter
Fish salesman
Accountant and auditor
Book keeper
Ordained Baptist Minister
Manager and Traveller
Self-act minder
Electric crane driver
Self-employed Peat Moss Litter Mfr.
Canvasser and traveller
Boot and shoe salesman
Spindle grinder
Cotton Spinner
Doctor's assistant and clerk
Foreman finisher and starch mixer
Bakery manager
Glass maker
Estate labourer
Clog and boot repairer
Cotton merchant, employer
Photographic dealer
Waterproof garment maker
Apprentice tool fitter
Slipper maker
Shop manager
Dental Mechanic's Apprentice
Machine operator
Manager of provisions depot
Horticulturist and Postman
Marine Engine Fitter
Clerk/Shop assistant
Armature winder/Accountant (?)
Winder/Minder (?)
Woollen spinner
Frame maker
Articled chartered accountant
Policeman, former blacksmith's striker
Cotton Spinner
(Joiner) Minder, Cotton
Professor, Royal College of Music
Clothier's buyer
Maker up, shipping warehouse
Chain maker (self-employed)
Reacher-in, cotton mill
Fish and poultry salesman
Warehouseman - wholesale confectioner
Cotton spinner
Church furniture designer
Wireworker, telephone company
Provisions shop assistant
Labourer - electric car company
Head barman in public house
Cotton Spinner
Market draper
Store keeper
Traveller, collector and carter
Boot and clog repairer
General dealer/Commercial traveller
Boot dealer and repairer
Colliery lamp man
Tea warehouseman and traveller
Warehouse assistant
Belting weaver
Manager, preserving works
Basket weaver
Farmer and slipper maker
Grocer, shop assistant
Match brander
Cotton piecer
Cotton salesman
General Labourer
Journeyman joiner
Cloth folder
Ship broker
Mill worker
Foreman picture framer
Assistant weaving manager
Colour mixer
Ship's steward
Draughtsman and designer
Butcher and farmer
Foreman in fancy goods works
Wire rope maker
Printer's reader
Provisions manager
Cotton spinner
Book binder and ruler
Carriage painter
General contractor
Cotton spinner
Photographer, Salesman and collector
Slipper operative
Instrument maker
Bookseller's assistant
Apprentice engraver
Pharmacist's assistant
Machine tool fitter
Drysalter, wholesale
Confectioner/baker and restaurant proprietor
Tool room fitter
Rippler in flannelette trade
Clerk in trade union office, former cotton weaver
Hand engraver - die cutting
Foreman in a cotton mill
Baker/confectioner, own business - former cotton weaver
Grey room man - dyeworks labourer
Foreman cotton loomer
Fire Brigade Blacksmith
Book-keeper and accountant
Fruit dealer and salesman, own business
Hard waste cotton weaver
Coal miner, former cotton weaver
Firebeater and special constable
Head cloth looker, cotton mill
Blast furnace worker
Tool fitter
Agricultural machinery mechanic
Boot and shoe maker
Passenger attendant, Steamship Co.
Business organiser
House furnisher and picture dealer
Fire beater
Not stated
Waterproof garment maker
Manager, biscuit works
Locomotive fireman
Shoe and slipper worker
Hydraulic presser, cloth warehouse, former porter
Machine sole sewer, shoe and slipper works
Boot repairer and shorthand teacher
Master French polisher
Wire drawer
Farm worker (?)
Slipper and shoe finisher
Cotton mill labourer
Journalist and photographer
Jacquard weaver, cotton
Iron moulder
Cotton warehouseman
Drawer-in, cotton mill
Cotton operative
Engineer fitter dyeworks
Sales manager, own business
Commercial traveller/works manager
Manager, firm of musical instrument dealers
Printing works manager
Engineer and company director
Shipping Clerk and Architecture student
Prof. Classical Archaeology
Ship repair
Drawer-in, cotton mill
Boot repairer
Assistant Superintendent, Insurance Co.
Assistant to Electrical Engineer
Drawer-in, cotton mill
Quilter and cutter
Fish and fruit salesman
Station carman, milk trade
Manager and buyer, Roe Green Co-op
Grocer, former cotton weaver
Printing works manager
Drapery salesman
Market salesman, Haberdashery (?), own business
Slipper worker
Weaver, cotton, medical herbalist and 'healer'
Manager and book-keeper, grocery business
Boot and shoe repairer
Boot and shoe warehouse foreman
Labourer for a calico printer
Apprentice merchant (?) engineering
Edge setter, shoe and slipper works
Mechanical draughtsman
Stretcher in finishing dept., calico printers
Overlooker, dry cleaners, former cotton overlooker
Cotton spinner
Cotton weaver and part-time poultry farmer
Yarn dyer and finisher
Fitter's apprentice
Sewing machine salesman
Accounts clerk, author and journalist
Herbalist and confectioner
Dyehouse labourer
Horse and motor van-man
Oil works superintendent
Salesman, wholesale rice and dried fruit warehouse
Clothier's salesman
Book-keeper in a cotton mill
Silk dresser
Chief booking clerk and parcels agent
Salesman for a cotton manufacturer
Apprentice tackler
Machinist, cardboard box factory
Office manager, slate quarry agents
Shoe and slipper worker
Manual teaching/chargehand (?)
Railway servant
Lasting machine operator
Iron planer
Manager, retail boot shop
Salvation Army Officer
Painter/decorator, technical teacher
Manager, Insurance broker and Trade Union official
Colliery carpenter
Rope splicer
Boot repairs
Sole painter, shoe and slipper works
Journalist and political organiser
Shop assistant
Tram car body builder
Foreman roller coverer
Wholesale stationer
Designer and craftsman/picture framer/illuminator
Foreman in mineral water factory
Boilermaker and plater
Glass sheet cutter
Political organiser, former weaver, cotton
Boot salesman
Coach body maker
Manager, steam laundry
Brass finisher
Salesman and clerk
Restaurant manager
Linen yarn agent
Carter and fruiterer
Foreman in tobacco factory
Labourer in a mill
Draughtsman, engineering
Trainee buyer and salesman
Moulder for a fire range maker
Cotton spinner
Author, editor, playwright, journalist
Joiner Wagon Works
Hotel Porter
Asst.Surveyor/Farm worker - cowman
Architect, joiner and builder etc.
Political agent
Mill manager
Apprentice engineer
House painter and glazier
Boot and shoe making, own business
Surgical dressing manufacturer
Illustrator and poster designer
Lithographic designer
Farmer's son
Seed and corn merchant, bacon curer
Millboard manufacturer
Art embroidery designer and tracer
Farm worker
Boot and shoe salesman
Shop assistant
Apprentice engineer
Miner and sick visitor
Farm worker
Shop Manager
Trade Union Official
Paper Merchant's Manager
Apprentice printer
Millwright sugar mill
Shipyard worker
Traveller and pork butcher
Marine engineer
Shipyard worker
Quaker Home Missionary
Company Director
Warehouse assistant
Fish and fruit shops, family business
Farm labourer
Pit head driver, coal mine
Miner - Coal Hewer
Boot shop manager
Roll turner
Farmer and collier
Grocer and general merchant
Picture frame joiner
Colliery Engineman
Boot and shoe repairer
China and Glass Business
Chicken farmers
Company director
Furniture designer/draughtsman
Manager, mineral water works
General dealer
Lead Ore Washer
Watchmaker's assistant
Water boat man
Draughtsman and Sanitary Engineer
Colliery General Manager
Instrument Maker
Bone cutter
Father - Agricultural Labourer
Porter and Stoker
Merchant Sailor
Rabbit catcher
Florist - Ex Police Constable
Catalogue Business
Paper merchant and stationer
Shop assistant
Master in a Boys' Rescue Home
Butcher, slaughterman and dairyman
Shop assistant - carpet salesman
Variety artists and professional skater
Teacher/ Fruit Grower(?)
Farm hand
Jobbing builder and house repairer
Mechanical draughtsman/Engineer
Furniture trade
Undertaker's manager
Coal yard caretaker
Labeller in varnish factory
Tea Importer and café proprietor
Shop assistant, athletic outfitters
Butcher, journeyman
Shop manager
Metal spinner
Market Gardening
Research Chemist
Outside luggage porter
Farm labourer
Ironwork fitter
Clerk or Minister of religion (Baptist)
Farm Labourer
General Labourer
Manager - timber business
Brick and Tile Company
Volunteer YMCA worker
Flour miller
Agricultural engineer
Monumental mason and builders' merchant
Stock keeper
Farm Labourer
Artist, professional
Notary public
Cellarman for wine merchant
Boot maker
Works manager, confectionery
Baker and part-time evangelist
Lithographic overseer
Farm hand
Farm labourer
Pressboy in Brickyard
Refreshment caterer
Manager, hosiery business
Fine etcher/photographic engraver
Bicycle maker
Brewer's labourer
Hay cutter
Carpenter and pattern maker
GPO Engineer
Platelayer - railway
Stationer's assistant
Canal wharf manager
Farm labourer
Dining room assistant
Boarding house keeper and gardener
Deputy receiver
Missionary canvasser
Articled clerk and Estate agent
Textile worker
Farm labourer
Transport worker
Farm stockman
Brickyard labourer
YMCA Military waiter (Had served with RAMC)
Loader (Provisions)
Warehouseman - shipping
Window cleaner and carpet beater
Boot maker/shoe operator
Shop foreman
Book binder
Chief of Motor Repairs Dept.
Book-keeper with firm of ship-owners/ship-brokers
Salesman - boot and shoe shop
Assistant salesman
Stone mason and contractor
Advertising agent
Dairy farmer's assistant
Collector, credit coal accounts
Local government officer
Tinsmith/ship repairer and gas meter repairer
Ironmonger and tinsmith
Salesman/shop assistant
Factory manager
Trade journalist
Basket warehouseman
Ready-made clothing, own business
Moulder, ironfoundry
Stock-keeper, asbestos factory
Working for Port of London Authority
Boot maker
Engineer's assistant
Jobbing gardener
Carpenter and house decorator
Price compiler, 'Financial News'
Education officer, after care
Artist, designer, celluloid plate printer
Shop assistant
Stenographer and Bible lecturer
Agricultural engineer
District manager, Insurance Co.
District manager, Friendly Society
Hairdresser's manager
Stock-keeper, motor driver
Tram inspector, motorman etc.
Foreman pattern cutter, boot trade
Canvasser for religious works
Opthalmic optician
Wholesale provisions merchant
Machine printer's manager
Grocery warehouseman
Leather good and general merchant
Coal merchant's wharf and depot manager
Boot finisher, self-employed, working at home
Manager, leather store
Draper's buyer
Lay brother
Lithographic transferrer, cheque work
Wallpaper stain and colour mixer
Chartered Accountant's pupil
Draper's warehouseman
Master fruiterer
Boot repairer
Farmhand, cowman, stockman on father's farm
Dynamo attendant, training ship
Fitter's mate, Port of London Authority
Financier and mortgage broker
Assistant, assay office
Head bacon stock keeper for butcher
Machine minder
Market gardener, previously a baker's van man
Laundry engineer
Book-keeper, Marine Insurance Brokers
Book binder
Former actor/vocalist, training as a preaching and singing evangelist
Operative printer's assistant
Sandal maker
Insurance agent/Picture framer
Exporter - paper file manufacturer
Engineer's assistant
Metal craftsman
Frame maker and artist's colour man
House furnishing salesman
Writer and lecturer
Agricultural Chemist
Chauffeur and 'Radiographer' (?)
Missionary printer
Works manager
Machinist, driller
Bookseller and publisher
Artist, engraver
Carpenter/joiner and building trade supervisor
Police Constable
Health Food Packer
Missionary printer's machinist
Factory Engineer and Electrician
Health food baker
Hardware dealer
Labourer - gasworks
GPO Inspector
Representative, printing firm
Farm labourer (?)
Assistant examiner, Patents Office
Audit Accountant, Railway Service
Printing works manager
Commercial correspondent/confidential clerk
Civil engineer/surveyor
Greengrocer and vegetable dealer
Hosiery manufacturer
Jobbing gardener and landworker
Dentist's apprentice
Engineering draughtsman
Commercial manager
Chartered Surveyor and auctioneer
Farm worker - foreman horsekeeper
Painter and joiner
Farm pupil
Garden labourer
Fruit grower and preserver/Working for Society of Friends
Café manager
Carpenter and ship's joiner
Scenery painter
Engineer - Hot water fitter
Gardener and fruit grower
Railway signal fitter
Apprentice to the piano trade
Broker's assistant
Transport worker
Hospital X-ray/Chemist and druggist assistant
Corn and seed merchant
Farming in Canada
Fruit grower
Works for Rowntrees
Engineer's fitter, railway company
Nut food maker
Manager of a coal depot
Farm worker
Buffet room attendant
Painting Contractor
Coach painter, liner and sign writer
Owner/Director, silk mill
Cambridge graduate
Instructor in handiwork
Labourer, Mustard Mills
Labourer - 'collector of accounts' - 'Tallyman'(?)
Shipyard Plater and Rivetter
Coal mine motorman and pumper
Coal mine motorman and bottomer
Boot repairer
Evangelist and Minister of Gospel
County Council roadman
Carpet cutter
Assistant manager, pottery manufacturer
Assistant civil engineer
Manager boot and shoe shop
Engine fitter
Assistant Colliery Manager
Manager, clothing factory
Apprentice fitter
Bath attendant
Cycle and motor cycle mechanic
Advertising manager
Wollen merchant
Cabledrum maker
Engineer's fitter
Engineer's pattern maker
Engine driver
Leather cutter for boot repair shop
Rural postman, manager of hardware/drapery store
Fitter, Woolwich Arsenal
Farm hand
Warehouseman, French correspondent, Continental export agent
Builder's clerk, former carpenter/joiner
Commission agent, provisions trade
Tractor driver's mate
Skilled labourer - brass finisher
Draper's assistant, shipping and despatch
Factory manager, medical glass measures
Hardware store manager
Manager of a photographic department
Auditor/Accountant/Bank clerk
Railway operator
Stock keeper
Nursery worker
Engraver to the printing trade
Architect, designer, craftsman - stained glass and illustrations
Engineer of food preparing machinery, family firm
Lift attendant
Commercial traveller, oil & colourman, self-employed
Cycle mechanic and Farm labourer
Laboratory Attendant, University College
Pharmacist and Clerk to Friends Service Committee.
Litho machine minder
Engineer - Driller; post-war writer/journalist
Bookseller and Stock-keeper
Shop assistant/salesman
Wholesale tea and coffee dealer, own business
Dentistry and Dental Anaesthetist
Railway Dining Car attendant
Poster Artist
Novelty designer, printer
Technical journalist
Shirt manufacturer
Friends Home Mission worker
Cashier, provision merchant. Later, professional photographer.
Foreman signwriter
Friends Home Mission worker
Articled Chartered Accountant
Clothier and general outfitter
Gas fitter and caretaker
Advertising designer and Colour Printer
Architect and designer
Van salesman
Shipping apprentice
Coal merchant
Salesman and Sub-Manager
Leather Merchant's Assistant
Proprietor of sawmill
Foreman tool maker
Leather worker and Bookbinder
Sign writer, grainer, decorator
Manufacturing Stationer
Electrician and clerk
Clerk and worker for 'Alliance of Honour'
Gas fitter's mate
GPO sorter/Assistant master
Sorter Music Roll Circulating Library
Prudential Assurance Agent
Gauge maker
Turner on gauge work
Tool maker
Gardener and florist
Head Pharmacist
Tailor's general manager
Retail Dairyman and shopkeeper
Traveller in leather and wood turner
Master boot and shoe dealer/repairer
Bank Messenger
Managing Director/Secretary
Teacher of Jewish Religion
Sugar confectioner
Chemist, shopkeeper, own business
Twiner minder
Colliery Worker
Prison visitor
Woollen warper
Apprentice Brass finisher
Photo process engraver and charge hand
Bookseller's assistant
Farm hand
Research assistant, Engineering
Book stall manager
Engraver's machinist
Clothing Salesman
Switchboard attendant
Architect and town planner
Tailor's cutter and Musician - Cellist
Artist - Etching
Lithographer's stone grinder
Cab driver
Metal trimmer
Hospital porter
Band knife cutter
Sanitary engineer
Chemical engineer
Publisher and printer's book-binder
Outfitter's salesman
Dental operator
Assistant Highway Surveyor
Shoemaker/repairer - boot and clog dealer
Commercial schoolmaster
Provision Merchant
Electrician and telephone mechanic
Shoe trade
Assistant removals contractor
Fruit salesman
Furniture remover
Temperance agent/lecturer, UK Alliance worker
Technical motor artist and draughtsman
Assistant factory manager
Meat market salesman
Printing machine minder
Maintenance Engineer in charge of a factory
Shop manager - artists' colourman's business
Switchboard attendant
Silk stover and warehouseman
Moulder, silver, aluminium, brass
Provision salesman
Tutor, Clark's College, book-keeping, accountancy
Clerk, cabinet maker and salesman
Monumental letter cutter
Manager, cinematograph theatre
Foreman process etcher
Seedsman and corn dealer
Manager Car Business
Pastry cook and confectioner
Fishmonger's manager
Salesman, hosiery warehouse
Sales manager, preserved food mfrs.
London manager for towel mfrs.
Salesman for bakery
Book binder and gold finisher
Assistant newsagent
Leather good worker
Farrier and blacksmith
Provisions salesman
Warehouseman, foreman, despatch clerk
Loco shunter
Insurance brokers' accountant
Typewriter company manager
Stock-keeper - former cotton weaver
Milk dealer, former coal miner
Illuminator of public addresses
Assistant in a furniture store
Cabinet maker/coach builder
Refreshments canteen proprietor
Master boot, shoe and clog maker/repairer
Wholesale fruit salesman - family business
Gas engine tenter, tool maker
Manager, clothing mfrs.
Assurance, district manager
Draughtsman with sanitary and heating engineer
Partner with brother Scientific Supply Stores
Draughtsman and wood engraver
Travelling tailor and fitter
Cloth worker
Overlooker, worsted spinning
Motorman, Leeds Tramways
Insurance agent, former book-keeper in textile firm
Treasurer, National Union of Woolsorters
Woollen piecer
Motor cycle tester and fitter
Woollen pattern weaver
Wool sorter
Tobacconist's manager and buyer
Auctioneer and valuer
Textile worker
Manager, worsted spinning dept.
Agent for flour millers
Stoker engineman
Book-binder's manager
Director, paper bag mfr.and printer
Cotton Spinner
Millinery warehouseman
Traffic superintendent
Machine tool draughtsman
Butcher and sausage casing maker
Egg and butter dealer
Electroplate and cutlery engraver
Foreman woollen spinner
Woollen spinner
Foreman joiner
Foreman draughtsman
Director and manager, oil distilling plant
Carpet packer
Tailor and cutter, military work; Hebrew teacher
Fish and potato salesman
Apprentice fitter
Assistant, millinery warehouse
Wholesale tea salesman
Die sinker and tool fitter
Iron moulder
Flat hammerer
Soap merchant etc.
Manager, ready-made clothing firm
Glass and sign writer
Book-keeper, wholesale clothier
Sanitary worker for local authority
Mechanic, gardener and warehouseman
Worsted mill worker, former boot maker
Fruit salesman
Chemical company's cashier/foreign correspondent
Warehouse foreman
Printer's proof reader
Manager, drapery store
Coal merchant
Steel works manager
Departmental Head in Tar Distillery
Corporation accountant
School Medical Officer
General farm worker
Farmer and tenant rights valuer
Engine driver
Science Research Scholar
Post office lineman