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Much of the biographical information on this site has been gathered over many years. Some deposited in our archives decades ago, some given to us more recently, especially in the last few years when we have been actively searching for material for which we are very grateful. Some material has resulted from diligent research by volunteers and supporters an PPU staff in libraries and newspaper archives.
Most of the material here has been prepared and written by PPU staff and committee members in particular:
- Lucy Beck
- Ben Copsey
- Bill Hetherington
- Jan Melichar

We are particularly grateful to supporters and volunteers who helped with research and preparing some of the biographies in particular:
007 Ann O'Brien, Objecting to War Volunteer
008 Roger Marshall, Anna Sherwin
009 Ruth Dyer, U3A
011 Josepha Scotney
012 Dee Kushlick-Williams
013 Jennifer Bell
014 Margaret Gravelle
015 Maggie Gravelle
016 Joan Donaldson
017 Jill Cove
018 David Watkin

For the biographies we have invariably drawn on a number of external resources.
Privately published histories
Friends House Library, London
Catherine Marshall papers, Cumbria
The Liddle collection, Leeds University
Cyril Pearce’s database
Conscientious Objection in Lewisham
Conscientious Objectors in Cardiganshire During the First World War. Michael Freeman. CDN Cymru.2014.
Adventist WW1 resource
Not in Our Name - war dissidents in a Welsh town. | more
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